Kelowna House by David Tyrell

The impressive Kelowna House, designed by Canadian architect David Tyrell, is a unique residential building displaying a contemporary architecture enhanced by its position. Nestled between natural landscape elements like the mountain that led to its shape and size and the forested land surrounding it, the modern home is a fortress-like construction offering a comfortable lifestyle despite the harsh conditions.

Located near Kelowna, BC, Canada, the residence that received its name from the neighboring city displays a massive brick wall supporting the interior spaces. Overlooking Okanagan Lake, the modern and imposing residence gathers views from many vantage points, both interior and exterior. Wood columns on the upper terrace support large overhangs and add an interesting character to the upper floor pavilion containing the social and entertaining areas, as well as the master bedroom. An infinity pool completes the luxurious features of this home.












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