Surreal Paintings by Tanya Shatseva

Tanya Shatseva is an artist from Russia and currently resides in Saint Petersburg. In the wonderland of the artist, she created acrylic and mixed media paintings in the genre of surreal and psychedelic style. Her work mostly comes from her inspirations of personal esoteric experiences elaborating themes of absurd and tricky human perception.

Black and White Pencil Art by Silvio Giannini

Silvio Giannini is an Italian contemporary artist who was born in Rome in 1998. Despite of his passion on various artistic techniques, he finds no best way to express his imagination as drawing. The graphite, pastel and charcoal has great potential for the artist to create his black and white visual illusions.

Amazing Digital Paintings by Kirk Quilaquil

Kirk Quilaquil, aka Ninjatic in deviantart created series of amazing digital paintings. Here are a few of selected pieces of character designs and concept artworks. Kirk works mainly on 2D digital art, great use of lights and shadow

Realistic Tattoos by Greg Nicholson

Greg Nicholson is an artist dedicated to tattooing for people who are willing to display his artworks. Here is the showcase of his realistic tattoo works. He’s now working under his studio Evil Kolors based British Columbia, Canada.

Gorgeous Hairstyles by Nina Starck

Nina Starckļ¼Œa hairstylist from Denmark, produced a series of step by step tutorials and videos about creating different kinds of braids and hairstyles on her instagram and youtube platforms. All the braids look absolutely amazing and gorgeous. If you are fan of hairestyles, you must not miss the opportunity to enjoy her designs. It’s really […]

Illustrations by Edgar_artis

EdgaR_ArtiS is an Armenian artist who created unique style of fashion illustrations featuring dresses made of various foods. His work is mostly the collage of drawings by colorful pencils and photos of various daily foods, which reminds people how close these everyday stuff to the beautiful artworks. EdgaR_ArtiS studied in IFA Paris, an international fashion […]