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Stiletto nails are audacious, fearless and elegant. And they surely add a layer of charm to the figure of the person who chooses them. They are also particularly fashionable. And the legion of curious and admirers who are interested in trying them is growing season after season.

The success of stiletto nails finds its roots in the countries of the Middle and Far East, as it often happens when fashions are particularly appreciated. It has already reached Europe and the United States. The reasons behind such an overwhelming success , in fact, are game changers able to turn the woman who wears them into a sensual, feline character.

How to do stiletto nails

Before choosing to try them, however, it is necessary to think carefully about a few things. First of all, stiletto nails extend the fingers, making them slim and slender. Therefore, they are perfect for those who have short fingers and small hands. Women who already have long, slim fingers, however, have to consider the fact that stiletto nails would probably produce a shocking effect. Furthermore, obviously, if your work requires you to use a computer, or any other technology you can’t access without using your fingers, this nail style is probably not the best choice, unless you are extremely careful. If it’s the first time you try them, choose the shortest kinds or you could end up breaking them. This said, generally speaking, stiletto nails are very resistant.

The name stiletto comes from the Latin stilus, a sharp weapon similar to a knife. The blade of the stilus was able to pass though the armour of the soldiers and hurt them very much. If you think about it, the femininity stiletto nails represent can truly hurt even the most “armoured” man.To make them, you can use acrylic gel, which allows you to let your artistic spirit run freely. If you are into nail art, you can truly push the boundaries with stiletto nails: elegant or extravagant, aggressive or decorative… it is your choice to make. If you are wearing high heels (also known as stilettos) this could be the nail style you were looking for, a perfect match.

There are different kinds of stiletto nails: short or long, more or less sharp, etc. The choice depends on your personality and on the occasion that pushed you to choose this style. You will find examples of elegant stiletto nail designs, not too long and coloured with natural tones, but you can also meet women who choose to add crystals and press on their stiletto nails. If your purpose is to surprise and shock others, forget the red and burgundy of the traditional manicure and go with long, sharp stiletto nails, maybe using different colours and materials for each one of your fingers: they will be an ode to empowerment and femininity.

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