40 Hair Styles for Men

It’s never like today that men have paid so much attention to their look. A closet room is the dream of every woman. However now men start to take care of their wardrobe, and learn how to combine colors and fashion accessories. While they used to wear old fashioned short hairstyles, or long hair tied in a tail, nowadays hairdressers offer a large number of hair styles for men. So everyone chooses what he chooses, and what stands best to him. The ways of cutting hair and dressing vary from one to the other man, so we have both – completely shaven gentlemen and those with long dressed hair attached to the paw or tail.

The hairstyle that men prefer are black and full comb over hairstyle, curly, straight, gray hair, hairy to the side… Lately the most popular among men is the black comb over hairstyle. It’s a haircut in which both sides of the head are cut short and at the top of the head hair is long and grows forward. Often, the longer part is combed on the side. This hair goes well with the oval face, and for it, it is necessary to have short and thick hair. Men often combine this hairstyle with a well-shaved beard.

What’s also very popular for some time is gray hair. It is inevitable that we all getting old more and more every day. Men prefer natural color and many do not see the reason for coloring their hair.
Longer hair is also very popular among men. It can be easily styled in different ways. In addition to that, it looks very sexy. Beside it, shoulder to shoulder stands curly hair, which can also be very easily stylized.

When you choose a hairstyle for yourself, pay attention on the face shape. If you have a long face, do not choose the hair styles that go up because you will visually elongate it more. You really need a haircut that will diminish your face, and this may be a bit longer hair shaded backward. Also, avoid the split on the middle of the head.

If you have a round face, a good choice can be zulphs that can stretch your face. A classic men’s hairstyle is the best choice for you, but also a hairstyle with a slightly larger volume on the top of the head where the bangs will be finely raised up. You can also opt for irregular asymmetric hairstyles with raised bangs.

And if you have a square face, the hairstyle needs to soften the sharp lines of your face. Avoid short hair cuted correctly. It is best to opt for a hair that is slightly longer on both sides.

Some of the most interesting and definitely the most popular models of hairstyles that dominate in world of fashion, on runways and on the street, are presented to you in our gallery. Well, gentlemen, enjoy and choose the trend that mostly fit to you and your personality. Hairdressing is the easiest and cheapest way to change your image. Choose what stands best to your personality and what makes you feel comfortable, because it is the only right way to shine and win many women’s hearts, and better – one that you really love!

This is one of the most worn hairstyles in the past year. Men adore it, and it is equally good for evening outings and for job.

Comb over haircuts can look nice and when hairdressers play a little with colors like here with the hair of this city boy.


Comb over haircut with regular lines and a clear line that separates short and long hair.

Hair cuts mans

Brad Pitt somehow celebrated this bleach hair. It is a trend that has been fashionable since then almost constantly.

A hairdress with pronounced bangs combined with a bleach hair, the lines are as sharp as this guy’s face.


This hairstyle is very worn in 2017. Guys like it very much!


The hair on both sides of the head is very short cut, and it is almost shaven when it arrives around the ears.

If you have a round face, the raised bangs can visually stretch it.

At the same time when comb over haircut became popular it became modern and wearing a beard. With comb over haircut, men almost necessarily combine a long beard.

Buns have not been reserved only for ladies for a long time. Here’s a living proof for that!

Hair styles for men

The second name for doing patterns on the head by shaving certain parts of the head is also called tattoos on the head.

A city boy on who everything is clear and neat as a day – hairstyle, eyebrows, beard.

If you like wavy or curly hair, here’s how to combine it with comb over trend and change the look for a moment.

A slightly lighter strand in your hair can significantly change your overall appearance.

Small details like these two lines behind the ears show that the details are still the most important.

When choosing a hairdo, make sure to highlight the best on you and hide the imperfection.

If you want to change something on you, begin with your hair. It’s easy and inexpensive and can have a great effect.


It is best to have a medium length of hair. It can be easily shaped for different occasions, from exiting and relaxed variants to haircut for work and strict variants.

Always know that even a perfect hairstyle if it is not adapted to someone’s personality, the style and face shape may look very bad.

Longer hair can be easily shaped. One day wear it straight and the next one can be curly.

This is the most popular male hairstyle with longer hair on top of the head, and short on the side. It is very easy to trim and variously comb it (on one side, backwards, up, forward…).

This trend has been the main for several seasons.


For asymmetric hairstyles, it is best to have stepped hair. On that way you will make it as you want.

One of the trends is that the hair on both sides is faded, from a longer cut to a very short cut when we go to the ears.


Medium-length hair best suits men with diamond-shaped face with a narrow forehead and faces which narrow to the top of the beard.

Always keep in mind that you make decisions for yourself, do not care what other people will say, do how you think it is best.

Bangs on the upper will extend round face.


If you were born with a few lighter strands, know that it brings happiness.


This hairstyle is not recommended for people with a small round face. However, if you have a problem with the pimples at the head, this hairstyle could be a practical solution.


Today, hairdressers are so devoted to their work that there are real artists among them.

Hair styling can be done with the help of various preparations. It is up to you to decide whether you will use wax, gel, paste, clay, cream or spray.


If you have short hair, you can stylish it with a wax that you have pre-warmed between your palms. Wax will give your hair shine and moderate firmness. However, if you have long hair, wax is not recommended.


Clay is a thick preparation that will give texture to your hair.


When men wash off their hair, they usually do it quickly and because of that remain shampoo on it. That’s why there is no volume. Hair washing off should last for at least 30 seconds and you should rub it with palms.


The gel is excellent for forming extreme hairstyles. However, the gels provide the hair seem like it is wet, so if you have thin hair, avoid them.


Hair coloring is always allowed if it makes you happy.Here is a modern neon shade.


If you have a damaged hair with a hair dryer, and it is longer and thicker, use a cream that will make it shiny and carefree.


Use gel to form this hair. Gel will strengthen it and make it more shine.


A medium-length hairstyle combed on the back can be very good for work.

For the end, never forget to care your hair, because healthy hair has always been and will always be the most beautiful hair.

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