Hands Paintings by Svetlana Kolosova

Russian musician and painter Svetlana Kolosova uses her own hand as her canvas and painted whimsical pictures inspired by fairy tales. Svetlana’s work illustrates classic stories from Hans Christian Andersen tales like The Little Mermaid and The Little Match Girl to Russian folklore like The Snow Maiden.

Allegorical Paintings by Kevin Sloan

Inspired by the artists of 19th century Martin Johnson Heade, and John James Audubon, American artist Kevin Sloan has been creating allegorical art of magical realism for many years. Kevin’s art expressed deep concern and respect for our planet particularly its “silent inhabitants” – the animals and plants we share this world with. Through allegory […]

Fantasy Paintings by Tristan Elwell

Fantasy Paintings by NY based artist Tristan Elwell. Tristan’s oil paintings combine meticulous technique with a unique conceptual sense and often mordant wit. Tristan makes pictures for books, magazines, games, advertisements and himself. He teaches painting and illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

The Art Of Kim Xu

Born and raised in Suzhou, China, Kim Xu’s art very much reflects his personality and life experiences, fusing both traditional Chinese watercolour techniques – a skill he learned from his grandfather – and Western-style oil-based techniques.

Flower Paintings By Danhui Nai

Born and raised in mainland China, it is a small wonder that she showed an interest in art at a very early age as the child of a sculptor and a painter. She attended evening art classes after school, and then spent four years studying interior design at Wu Xi Light Industry College in China. […]