35 Unique Nail Designs

Nail design has recently become an unstoppable trend, but it clearly remains a form of art with its unique rules and guidelines that offer an almost infinite space for personal creativity. In the same way in which technologies have turned each and everyone of us in potential witnesses and journalists, modern innovations allow people to work their nails as if they were canvas. Add a touch of acrylic gel… and even those who don’t have beautiful nails can create something extraordinary.

Just remember, however, that unique nail design requires knowledge and skills, and, sometimes, seeking professional advice could be a wise thing to do. Following the guidelines given by an expert, you can create beautiful 3D compositions, using the most different materials. Still, it will take some time to learn the basics of nail design.

Keen Eye unique nail design

Talking about fashion, water marble nail is particularly appreciated nowadays. It is a technique that almost resembles pop art. This is how it works. You put a few drops of nail polish in a small mixing bowl containing hot water (choose different colors). Now, considering the chemical composition of nail polish, you just have to dip your nails into the water and let the colors do the rest. Theoretically. It takes some practice, it is not as simple as it sounds.

Plus, many women apply a sort of sticky canvass to the nails, combined with plastic, a surface that allows them to then choose different kinds of materials. To complete the process, professional artists use UV lamps and ultraviolet light. If you are looking for a simple kind of nail design, however, you can always apply a white base, add a few drops of colors just before the nail polish dries and use solvent to blur boundaries and shapes: this will create the most wonderful effects of unique nail design.

gorgeous unique nail design

You can also find ready-to-go kits that help you with a particular composition. The most important thing, however, is to follow your ideas and imagination: don’t worry if what you want to do seems too complicated, there is certainly a way to do it. You will need some patience to learn this beautiful art, but the world of nail design will pay you back giving you the chance to express who you really are. In a globalized world, where trends and fashions are easily picked up and dismissed, learning how to create your own masterpiece opens the door to a world made of uniqueness.






























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