Wall Art Ideas for Decoration

Walls are usually seen as confinements, obstacles, but the reality is we all live within some kind of walls. Even those who prefer the outside are compelled to spend certain amount of time inside.

Since people have been striving to live in a shelter for thousands of years, they saw their walls for what they are – grim barriers to the outside world. Decoration therefore, came naturally, and people have been using wall art since ever. Remember ancient Roman frescoes of Pompeii, or Renaissance and Baroque ceilings – it’s clear the need for beautiful inner space has always been there.

It’s a common notion that walls are a place for art. Pictures are placed on them making the space alive and more beautiful, but modern times have made big distinctions between the very few people who can afford fine art and the great majority who cannot. Luckily, we live in an era of design and decoration, so the most people are enabled to decal their walls artistic and beautiful.

Recently, craft and Do-It-Yourself techniques have been experiencing a revival, and besides numerous posters and ready-made wall art, there are thousands of wall art ideas anyone can employ in their home.

Wall art ideas can be divided in two very large groups :
– wall art placed directly on wall that cannot be removed easily and
– wall art that is hung on a wall, which can be removed anytime.

The first group includes some of the most common wall art solutions, such as paint, wallpaper and combination of the two. There are many new kinds and designs of wallpaper on the market every day, along with endless hues of wall paint. To start with wall art, it’s good to paint the wall the desired color, and perhaps add wallpaper later. Leave fragments of a wall uncovered with wallpaper, to make a special effect.

Another way to decorate the wall with only paint are stencils. Street artists have been using them for decades, and the results can be pretty amazing. You can make stencils of anything, cute silhouettes, portraits of your idols or loved ones, pop-art objects or turn the whole surface into an interior mural.

The second group of wall art that is hung on a wall is much larger. The truth is – anything can be made into wall art. Today, designers have started to frame everything, from photographs, to design images, to sheer patterns, or even boxes with favorite objects and memories! The idea behind this action is – if it’s framed, it’s art. And if a frame is especially beautiful, it can even go on the wall by itself. Making a special arrangement of several picture frames alone can look quite fetching.

Contemporary interior design is continuously re-inventing existing objects turning them into wall art. For example, bookshelves are now not only for books, but they represent decoration in itself. Mirrors are often made into imaginative mosaics, while blackboards can be as decorative as they are useful. Many use old signs from stores or similar interpretations, or even old, expired licence plates as wall pieces. One of the removable decorations excellent for brief periods is a wall sticker. It can be changed frequently and it’s a great solution for kids’ walls.

Finally, what you decide to put on your wall is entirely up to you. Think – your hobby, your home, your favorite things – and the perfect wall art idea will come in no time!












wooden wall with inspiring abstract portrait

wooden wall with inspiring abstract portrait

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