When Art becomes Cool Pictures

Reality is the truly reflection of personality. The evolution of photography found ways to allow artists to shoot and share cool pictures through revolutionary methods. As a result, artistic images are steadily enlarging the field of semantic communication related to photography which are descriptive, evocative, emotional and hyper-realistic.

Capture fleeting moment

These artists or photographers embodied the capability to catch the fleeting moment when something unique and unrepeatable falls within their sight. It is the beauty of eye-catching and particle of frozen time. Meanwhile, the availability of the right technology, hardware that has enabled them to take cool pictures and turned millions of people into artistic witnesses.

Soul of cool pictures

Cityscape cool pictures

Art is not all about forms and techniques but a matter of ability to unleash semantics: precisely, a concept. Discussions surrounding the place of photography among other major arts can then be classified, at least partially, as old memories, and click-artists can finally be welcomed as interpreters of all those tensions, anxieties that form the concept of present reality. Far from being a simple mirror of the world, good photography is an interpreter able to unveil its mechanisms while also carrying its voice: this is the soul concealed behind many cool pictures.

For many artistic images, try to use a cultural language in order to convey a concept and interpret its semantics, either through a poetic declaration or trough an interpretative key hidden within the image itself. Many young artists realize it in an autonomous and almost unaware fashion. This is the case of those who use the same form of art to create an autobiographic journey, which moves beyond the narration and becomes intimate, emotional. Inexorably, this represents further proof of the detachment between objectivity and images, which translate into a form of subjective language and meta-photographic data.

Often the angle chosen opens the door to an unusual perspective. Thanks to professional software, artists could be able to shape impossible dynamics and cool moments.

red umbrella

Every one of us has its beautiful boundaries.

Slow Magic

Curiosity can really bring you far away.

Jacob’s well. Texas, USA

Jumping into the abyss of the future, running towards the unknown, with all the curiosity of childhood.

Tea plantations in the province of Corrientes, Argentina

Circling like a snake, full of life, powerful. Call it nature.

Portrait mandrilla by Wolf Ademeit

Communication is a bridge that brings together distant worlds.

storm by Hoang Hiep Nguyen

A fixed moment, now, in the storm of forever: this is life.

Dew on the leaf

You don’t need much to create a masterpiece: just a few drops of life.

squirrels by Dalia

What if we changed our perspective? Could we find a way to change the purpose of our own materiality?

You can never hide a lie

Secrets always find a way to reveal themselves.

Abstract Casares

Home is a puzzling word made of shadows and lights: an ensemble of buildings and meanings.

Rice Terraces Yunnan China

Be happy and aware: beauty lives around you.

Slipstream of the strategic bomber Tu-95MS

Sometimes, you just have to make your own path.

cool bathroom-idea

The path towards comfort is often unexpected.

2pm by Martina Bicheri

A wall or a roof? Perspectives can change the world and turn it, quite literally, upside down.

Cool Cat Picture

Before accepting roles and rules, remember: everyone is different.

bunga tulip

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of patterns and stability.

Simone Sapienza

The beauty of simplicity, the symbols behind our life: simply, a great composition.

protect earth

There is no Earth without a green soul.

cute girl

A moment of solitude, a universe in a smile.

Cool Car Picture

What we own expresses much more than what we think.

perfectly timed shot

Look up, be ready: you can always find a way to escape.

perfectly timed photo by Tatiana Mikhina

Beauty and nature… pure harmony.

Oasis by Nam In Geun

Even the biggest deserts hide a green heart: if you are careful enough you’ll be able to see it.

The look by Rolf Skrypzak

It’s all a matter of focus.

Alice in WaterLand by Elena Kalis

Life is all about walking on a thin, fragile surface.

All I love to do is dreaming by Caras Ionut

Flight high with your dreams: the limit is beyond the sky.

Dew on Rose Paintings

The flower of life, bending, adapting, waiting patiently for the sun to come back again.

Wave Photography by Brad Styron

Wave after wave, sunset after sunset… the eternal dance of an unpredictable universe.

cool pic

You are the author of the world around you: draw it!

Sky Above Rattlesnake Lake by hisao mogi

Darkness is an illusion, precisely like stillness.

Your beautiful eyes by Suren-Manvelyan

The door to the infinite inside of us.

Tadpoles swamp Canada

Be silent and lose yourself in the hidden wilderness behind your presumptions.

Manhattan New York

The green heart of our civilization.

red pepper

A spicy, colourful triumph called life.

Live Love Laugh by Randy Monteith

You can’t take yourself too seriously: love and smile.

clouds in colors

The complexity of a planet mirrored in the sky.

free heart tornado tornado

Love is the most powerful of all things: its strength will take us away, forever.

cool picture idea

The first step out of the door of our fears is always the toughest.

frog whispering_by_Shikhei Goh

Joy doesn’t require words.

Macro photography Mark Johnson

Beauty is in the details.

cool camera tattoo picture

The line between reality and representation is thin, like our skin.

Ophelie Rupp in‘fascino & mistero’

Never look back.

Open Competition, Shortlist Nature & Wildlife

Your beliefs will keep you up, if they are deep enough.

Open Competition Shortlist, Architecture

Geometry and its mysteries.

planes show

Technology has brought us to cross the unthinkable: a real spectacle.

cool fashion idea by Solve Sundsbo

Between shadows and illusions you’ll fine yourself.

Cool stairs by Nils Eisfeld

Going up or down? Your choice.

Dancing Photography by Alexander Yakovlev

Freeze, think about it: our movement will always shape who we are.

cool cosplay

You are the costume you are wearing.

Cool Cityscapt by Tim-Jarosz

An old town, memories and silent…

Human Towers byDavid Oliete

An ocean called humanity: beneath us, around us, everywhere.

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