45 Awesome Cool Tattoos

Cool camera tattoo

Cool has become a hot fashion icon rather than a status of temperature in modern lives. It represents a kind of life style esp. in youth culture. To be cool is to be yourself, which is just the goal of getting cool tattoos.

The cool person stays close to real life without overwhelmed by it. Unlike dress, hair, decorate which are all means to make cool, tattoos make you special in both artistic style and symbolic meanings. There are countless tattoo ideas on the earth, such as flowers, animals, or fashionable subjects. However, different ones may represent different meanings. For example, roses in different colors speak different meanings. So it’s important to understand the background of the subject.

In this post, please enjoy a collection of 45 awesome cool tattoos, which almost include all tattoo ideas cuded has posted. So please scroll down the site if you like to know more about the meanings of the tattoo patterns, butterfly, cross, dragonfly, tree, anchor, etc. Do Pin It if you think any of them cool.

3D butterfly tattoo

Music notes and birds tattoo

fox tattoo

Cool Flowers Tattoo on Hand

cool tattoo

Watercolor tattoo

cool cross tattoo

cool heart tattoo

red bow tattoo

cool sleeve tattoo

cool compass and rose tattoo


cool dreamcatcher tattoo

cool full sleeve tattoo for men

Freitas steampunk clock tattoo by Todo

Cool small tree tattoo

Octopus tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

cool dragonfly tattoo for women

The tree of paradise

Polinesian tattoo

cool girl tattoo

Cool tattoo

Cool tattoo

Cool tattoo

Cool tattoo on back

Cool tattoo

Skull tattoo

Cool bird tattoo

3D roes tattoo

Steampunk tattoo

Cool compass tattoo

Cool lotus tattoo

Cool sleeve tattoo

Small Love Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo

cool tribal tattoo for men

Arabic mehndi design for hands

3D feather tattoo on back

A mantra of Peace and happiness tattoo

Cool Tattoo On The Back

Cool skull flowers tattoo

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