10 Video Tutorials on Summer Nails

Summer Nail Art Tutorial! Neon Sunburst Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial by URBANOGcom

Want good looking summer nails that aren’t that hard to do? In this tutorial, you’re taught to make this fairly easy yet complicated looking sunburst water marble nail art design. You don’t even have to use any special equipment as you can do the design with simple stuff you can find at home!

Getting ready for summer? Of course it’s all about beaches, parties and simply chilling out with your family, friends or loved ones. Summer is the one time where one can truly enjoy the weather. This is also the season for showing off your beach bod or better yet your amazing Summer nails!

In this post are some awesome Summer Nail Video tutorials from Youtube that you might want to check out and try yourself before heading out to meet the wonderful weather that awaits you!

Marble your nails for Summer! (Tie dye inspired tutorial) by Bethany Mota

Ever wondered how those Tie Dye nails were done? If you thought that everyone goes to the nail salon to have their nails done then you’re in for a surprise. You can make Tie Dye nails yourself and this tutorial shows you how to do Summer marble nails simply and effectively.

Neon Rainbow Ombre Nails for Summer – Palm Tree Nails – Nail Tutorial by Beautiful Nails

Summer is all about the Palm trees! Make your nails speak their heart with help from this tutorial which teaches you not only how to paint palm trees unto your nails, but also gives you useful tips on how you can create Ombre nails. It’s a very eye catching nail art design that you’d love to flaunt around the summer season.

Simple Summer Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial by Julie Ventura

Paint yummy looking watermelons unto your nails with this fun and creative tutorial! Having cute and aye catching nails is literally on the tip of your fingers! This tutorial gives you an idea on how you can make your nails resemble that of a watermelon. The nail design is pretty easy and simple to achieve that you’ll be able to do it in no time.

Easy Summer Pineapple Nails by elleandish // Janelle

Another cute fruit nail tutorial that’s great for celebrating the summer season. Learn how to create adorable pineapple inspired nails that you’d not only enjoy wearing on your nails, but you’ll also enjoy the process of painting them on your nails.

TUTORIAL: Beauty and the Beach Summer Nail Art by Chalkboard Nails

Paint the beach waters at the tips of your fingers with this summer nail art tutorial. You can choose from beaches too water waves and even to a starfish that you could paint on your nails! If you’re thinking of what “do” your nails should rock then don’t miss out on this great tutorial.

Summer Nail Art!!! Matte Black Floral Design!|MissJENFABULOUS by MissJENFABULOUS

A perfect nail art for spring and summer seasons. It plays a lot with the black nail polish which emphasizes the flowers and leaves that top the nails. It’s a fun and very creative way of expressing yourself in the summer season. The tutorial is very easy and simple to follow. After a few tries you’ll be able to get it down on your own.

Sunset Ombre Dolphin nail Art by cutepolish

Dolphins are just the cutest things ever! If you want an amazing dolphin design backed with a gorgeous tropical sunset. It may look complicated at first but this design is real easy and can be done under 3 minutes. It’s all about the right color combination and a bit of patience and of course tons of creativity. You can play along with the shades and the dolphin design when you simply want to be different.

Fun Cactus Nail Art | Easy Summer Nails

A surely adorable nail art design perfect for that hot summer weather you’ve always been waiting to have! This is a very quick and easy tutorial that will have you painting all your nails in bright green shades. A few simple strokes here and there and you can already see the cactus designs. You might also want to create your own cactus designs after trying out the tutorial a few times.

Easy edgy cute nail art tutorial by Megami Tsubasa

Want a nail art design which is simple but edgy? This nail art tutorial gives you an idea on how you can create a fine looking nail art design that’s very simple an easy to do. You can’t only wear this nail art during summer but at most any other season throughout the year. What’s great about it is the almost natural yet hip design which you can wear no matter what clothes you are donning on.

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