100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

Where ya will go

A compass is a navigational instrument to determine the direction of magnetic north, which is important for the mariners of early age to find their way of navigation. Compass tattoo, or its derived compass rose tattoo is such a maritime tattoo that used to be popular for sailors and now is loved by many people for its symbolic meaning – guidance in the right direction.

Most of compass tattoos are inked on the arms as sleeve tattoos in terms of placement. Some creative designs are on the foot or back. A lot of compass tattoos are rendered as small simple pieces. Here in this post, please enjoy the collection of 40 intricate designs of awesome compass tattoo by different tattoo artists. Pin it if you like any of them.

Compass sleeve Tattoo

Watercolor compass

Compass tattoo

3D Compass and rose

3D Compass with rose and candle tattoo

Amazing compass back tattoo for girl

Compass and anchor tattoo on sleeve

Compass and feather tattoo

Compass and map forearm

Compass and map tattoo

Compass wrist tattoo

Compss calf tattoo for man

Mandala with compss

Octopus with compass

Realistic compass and map tattoo

Realistic compass tattoo on half sleeve

Realistic compass with map tattoo on sleeve

Watercolo compass sleeve tattoo

Watercolor compass back tattoo for women

Watercolor compass back tattoo

Watercolor compass back tattoo

Watercolor compass full sleeve tattoo

Watercolor compass sleeve tattoo

Watercolor compass tattoo for women

Watercolor compass tattoo

Sundial Compass Tattoo


Realistic and wath tattoo on half sleeve


Compass and hourglass full sleeve tattoo for man


Compass tattoo


Compass with flower full sleeve tattoo


Compass with ship tattoo


Beautiful watercolor compass back tattoo


Compass forearm


Compass ink


Compass side tattoo


Compass tattoo


Compass and map tattoo


Compass calf tattoo for man


Compss and anchor tattoo


Compass and coin tattoo


Compass and feather forearm tattoo


Compass and flower tattoo



Watercolor compass on shoudle


Compass with skull sleeve tattoo


Pazzle compass tattoo

Ancient Compass Tattoo

black & grey Rose & Compass

Compass sleeve Tattoo

compass tattoo shoulder

Rose compass tattoo

compass tattoo

Compass and leaved tattoo by Matt Lentz

Compass Tattoo Shading

traditional compass tattoo

compass tattoo

spiral clock compass tattoo

hand compass tattoo

compass rose tattoo

compass sleeve tattoo

Compass and Roses Tattoo detailed

compass rose

koi fish and compass

guns and roses

Compass Tattoo hand

compass tattoo on foot

Compass tattoo for a girl

3D Compass tattoo

realistic Compass tattoo

Compass tattoo side

Compass tattoo by Guen Douglas

Compass Rose Tattoo done by Sean Ambrose

3D Compass Tattoo on shoulder

Compass Tattoo on foot

Compass Tattoo on shoulder

Compass Tattoo on arm

Compass tattoo on foot

Compass tattoo on should

Compass tattoo on arm

Compass flower tattoo

Tree and compass

Compass Rose Tattoo on Arm

forrest compass sleeve tattoo

compass forearm tattoo

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