50 Awesome Foot Tattoo Designs

Feather and birds foot tattoo

Feather and birds

The dream feather foot tattoo reminds us of the culture of native American indians.

Foot tattoo is getting more and more popular with showing off of celebrities and maybe surrounding friends. Despite the small area, there are the same plenty of ideas for tattooing on foot and most of them are rendered in cute and lovely style.

Somebody may experience extremely painful process to get foot tattoo on the body and longer time to heal. It’s very important to do a good homework and elevate your foot before getting the tattoo inked. And also lock your favorite foot tattoo idea. In this post, please enjoy the collection of 50 awesome foot tattoo designs. Get inspired by these unique tattoo designs.

Tribal foot tattoo

Tribal foot tattoo

Most of tribal tattoos are inked on sleeve, back or shoulders. This one foot looks cute and beautiful.


Black rose foot tattoo

Black rose foot tattoo

henna foot tattoo

henna Lace

rose tattoo on foot

Melting rose

Font Foot Tattoo


Pink magnolia foot tattoo

Pink magnolia

Flower tattoos are favorite choices for women. For example, this flower tattoo features a piece of realistic magnolia with great shades on the foot. White magnolia is generally associated with purity and nobility while pink magnolias symbolizes love, innocence, and joy.

feather to birds tattoo

Feather to birds

A piece of feather was drawn on the foot with flock of birds flying out. On the top, the inked words speak the meaning of the tattoo. “You may say I’m a dreamer”.

Sakura foot tattoo

Pretty Sakura

If someone is obsessed with Japanese culture, this cute cherry blossom tattoo may be a good choice. Sakura is the national flower for Japan, which is timeless metaphor for human existence.

bird tattoo on foot


dragon tattoo on foot

Stars foot tattoo

Lily flower

Compass and Anchor Matching Tattoo

Compass and Anchor Matching Tattoo

skull Rose Stars

Black ribbon foot tattoo

Black ribbon

butterfly and lily tattoo on foot

Music notes tattoo on foot


butterfly tattoo on foot

Skull and lily tattoo on foot

font tattoo on foot

key tattoo on foot

foot tattoo

Feather tattoo on foot

letter tattoo on foot

fish tattoo on foot

red rose tattoo on foot

words tattoo on foot

lotus tattoo on foot

Fish tattoo on foot

frog tattoo on foot

anchor tattoo on foot

key tattoo on foot

feet tattoo

heart tattoo on foot

Crazy tape

black flower on foot

peacock tattoo on tattoo

Cherry tattoo on foot

rose tattoo on foot

tree tattoo on foot

Script tattoo on foot

ribbon tattoo on foot

birds tattoo on foot

portrait tattoo on foot

foot tattoo

Cross tattoo on foot


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