55 Beautiful Floral Arrangement Ideas

Japanese ikebana inspired cherry blossom centerpiece from Dandelion Ranch

Today they are the most trained bouquets of flowers that look relaxed and have plenty of greenery.

You will agree with me that a warm home without any flower or plant can hardly be called a warm home. Plants fill our space and, compare with other decorations, are the most beautiful detail of each space. They demand care, but they give beautiful flowers and leaves. Floral arrangement on a table or shelf are also a frequent detail at most of homes but also at every celebration. There is no celebration on which tables are not decorated with luxurious floral arrangements and bouquets. Flowers refresh the rooms and make it more comfortable to stay, whether it’s a home or business space.

The choice of flowers is huge. Arrangers just need to choose the one that best suits their needs and which fits best in the whole picture space. Roses are the most sought after flowers, but there are also orchids, tulips, lentils, lilies… You have a handful of vases, sticks, greens, berry trees and you just have to use your imagination and make your own floral arrangement that will adorn your space. Or buy it, if you prefer so.

How to arrange flowers depends on what flowers you choose, where you will put your arrangement and for what occasion you need it. When talking about the place where you will put your flowers, you will agree that in a rare place in the house it will not stand well. Two basic styles in making these bouquets are a vertical floral arrangement that is usually tall and narrow, and horizontal to decorate the middle of the table. Also, the floral arrangement may also be oval, round, small, in the form of letters S or young Moon. It’s up to you to choose.

Three categories of flowers are used in arranging. Linen flowers that are long and give height, balance and width. The second category is the flowers that fill the empty space and it’s about stems with lots of tiny blooms. And the third category is the main flowers, which give volume tp arrangements and attract the most attention. The central flowers in most arrangements should be higher than the rest of the flowers. You need to cut the central flowers so that they are as high as the two heights of the vase or container in which you place it.

If the containers are wide, it would be good for you to put a mesh on them that will keep the flowers and prevent it from moving. How important it is to choose the right flowers it is important to choose an adequate vase. The choice of the vases is enormous. The choice of a vase determines whether the decoration will have modern or rustic note. You can use old jars or bottles for this occasion. Color them as you like, you can achieve rustic look if peel off the paint at some places. This is a very creative solution for the use of old bottles and jars. You can compare several bottles or jars with flowers to one another and thereby enhance the overall impression.

There are a lot of ideas, it’s enough to know what you need for a flower arrangement and make it yourself. Only a little imagination, will and creativity are necessary. And a few favorite flowers. Enjoy the gallery!

Floral Arrangement 1

In addition to flowers for making flower bouquets you need a lot of twigs with lots of tiny flowers, leaves, branches, vases, gloss. All that will complete the flower arrangement and give it a form.


Floral Arrangement 50

Roses are the most wanted flowers for making floral arrangements.


Floral Arrangement 49

Unusual containers for a flower arrangement or vase can greatly contribute to the appearance of the bouquet.


Floral Arrangement 43

You can congratulate birth of a son to your sister or friend, and this way. You will not leave her indifferent.


Floral Arrangement 20

The biggest stamp to this arrangement did not give flowers but the bark of a tree as a detail that made a compact unity from small bottles with a flowers.

Floral Arrangement 21

The main flowers in this bouquet are roses, and purple flowers and greenery are there to complete the bouquet. Flowers do not mind to stand in the water even its good for it. Vases made of glass with flowers easily fit into every interior.

Floral Arrangement 22

In this arrangement, orchids are more important than rose. Flowers that are a symbol of love and beauty – orchids, is extremely popular and is required for all occasions.

Floral Arrangement 23

Flower arrangement is an excellent gift but also excellent decoration for every occasion.

Floral Arrangement 24

Red and pink colors are the most beautiful colors of flowers. No woman can be indifferent to the flowers in these colors.

Floral Arrangement 25

White flowers are symbol of simple beauty, innocence, respect. When choosing a flower arrangement, keep in mind that the color of flowers is as important as the type of flowers.

Floral Arrangement 26

Rose is a queen of flowers. It was still in Persia known as a beautiful, fragrant garden flower.


Floral Arrangement 27

The wooden container in which the arrangement is placed gives a special note to the whole look.


Floral Arrangement 28

A lot of greenery will make your bouquet look like you have now picked it up in the garden, naturally and ecstatic, and that’s what is being sought today.


Floral Arrangement 29

For office space or your living room this somewhat unusual arrangement will look very modern.


Floral Arrangement 30

Plants are what gives the room the warmth whatever kind of variety it is.


Floral Arrangement 31

Bunches in bouquets are a very important detail that changes the impression of the whole bouquet. This interesting branch made a simple bouquet very trendy.


Floral Arrangement 32

Zantedeschia aethioipica is a flower known for thousands of years, and through its history its symbolism has changed. What is sure, the Zantedeschia aethioipica does not leave people indifferent for thousands of years. This is a flower that reflects elegance.


Floral Arrangement 33

Hydrangea are a perennial flower that does not require special care and gives beautiful flowers. It exist in a lot of colors. Hydrangea will be beautiful decorations of your garden but and room when you put a few flowers in the vase.


Floral Arrangement 34

This white arrangement made up of hydrangea, zinnias and calla will be a beautiful decoration of every table.


Floral Arrangement 35

This extravagant floral arrangement is for the temperamental ladies of refined taste.


Floral Arrangement 36

Tulips are the most beautiful decoration of many gardens, homes, and celebrations in the spring.


Floral Arrangement 37

Peony are very luxuriant flower. It will decorate your space and everyone and surly will be noticed. This flower combines perfectly with roses and chrysanthemums.


Floral Arrangement 38

If you have a garden where you often hang out with friends, decorate it with one such arrangement. Very original.


Floral Arrangement 39

Put in a bouquet and a couple of high flowers. The effect will delight you.


Floral Arrangement 40

Flower arrangement in lovely delicate colors of pink and orange, fill with twigs with tiny white flowers.


Floral Arrangement 41

The English style in the arrangement is characterized by a circular form of bouquets with many seasonal flowers and greenery.


Floral Arrangement 42

Plaster containers and earthen vases are an excellent choice if you plan to put flowers outdoor.


Floral Arrangement 44

Red bouquets will make all your joyful and tender moments in life even more gentle and joyful.


Floral Arrangement 45

For most people in the world, roses are flowers that mark love and romance.


Floral Arrangement 46

When the flowers are concerned a lot of colors is always allowed. Flower bouquets in various colors are playful and happy and bring smile on face of person who see it.


Floral Arrangement 47

Ikebana originates from Japan, it is Japanese art of flower arrangement. For making ikebanas obligatory is used fresh flowers. It was gifts to Buddhist temples in beginning.


Floral Arrangement 48

The spiritual background from which the layering of flowers arises is the basic difference between the arrangement and the ikebana. Ikebana primarily has a religious goal that is some kind of way to knowing.


Floral Arrangement 51

Flowers in an ordinary glass vase is enough decoration for each space, but be free to play with fruit, feathers and candles also.


Floral Arrangement 52

Decorative vases will especially highlight the beauty of your flowers and give the whole arrangement a special dimension of aesthetic experience.


Floral Arrangement 53

Vases made of wood, glass, metal or ceramics of various colors combined with decoration materials will make your arrangement perfectly harmonious.


Floral Arrangement 54

Orange roses have different shades of this color. From light orange through the coral color to the color of apricot. These roses quickly captured the hearts of flower lovers, and its fire color is associated with passionate thoughts, sunsets and sweetness of citrus.


Floral Arrangement 55

Sunflower is a flower of happiness, a symbol of loyalty to humanity. It can be wonderful gift for a dear person.


Floral Arrangement 57

A very interesting container in which the flowers are located, actually a small crate. Huge bouquet with two high flowers in the middle to reach the height of the bouquet.

Floral Arrangement 2

If you get for gift a bouquet of gerberas and roses be proud because someone wants to tell you that you are graceful and irresistible.


Floral Arrangement 3

Low rose arrangement complemented by small twigs with tiny flowers and berries. Place moss on the surface of this arrangement – it will look wonderful.


Floral Arrangement 4


Floral Arrangement 5

Seven flowers are given on the day of engagement. When you want someone to say that you are grateful for long friendship you give eleven flowers, 15 when you want to express your respect for some for good gesture.


Floral Arrangement 6

Thirteen flowers you do not really have to give someone. In Russia believe that you want to send so message of hate and that despise someone.


Floral Arrangement 7

There are not many flowers, but you have to admit that the flower arrangement is very effective.


Floral Arrangement 8

What apart from flowers can give a special note to your arrangement is a form, try with such an unusual vase with a hole on the side.


Floral Arrangement 9

Metal containers can give the arrangement a rustic note if they are properly connected to the selected flowers and other details.


Floral Arrangement 10

Carnation is very beautiful and often in floral arrangements. Among ladies it is one of most popular flowers.


Floral Arrangement 11

Miniature flower arrangements will be a good choice for decorating your table for guests.


Floral Arrangement 12

You can cultivate these flowers in your garden and here’s how to easily arrange it to become a beautiful decoration of interior of your home. Simple but nice.


Floral Arrangement 13

Who says that branches of evergreen trees can not enrich the bouquet of flowers. It can, here’s the evidence for that.


Floral Arrangement 14

Yellow rose can mean that someone wants to be only your friend, but also mean jealousy.


Floral Arrangement 15

Use scotch tape glued as a chessboard to fix flowers if your flower pot is wide.


Floral Arrangement 16

When you carry a bouquet, flowers need to go up so it won’t be damaged. The bouquet needs to be worn in the left hand so that the right hand is free to handle.


Floral Arrangement 17

Not just boxes, crates and vases need to be used for flowers here is another creative idea.


Floral Arrangement 18

A high floral arrangement will be great for the decorations of a round table.


Floral Arrangement 19

Another high arrangement with not so frequent selection of flowers. It looks very relaxed and spontaneous and therefore modern. It will greatly fit in some minimalist apartment.


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  1. I guess the main ingredient of being a good florist is being creative. I love your works, very unique and classy. Thanks for sharing these ideas, I really need it to improve my knowledge.

  2. I didn’t know that flowers could be broken up into three different groups. It’s so useful in making a good arrangement if you use the large flowers, the small ones to fill up space, and the main flowers. I’m going to use this information to make a bouquet for my mom.

  3. My sister told me that she wants some fresh flowers in her home, but she doesn’t know what goes well with her home’s decor. Thanks for saying that she just needs to look for the ones that will fit best with her whole picture space so she’ll have a beautiful bouquet to display inside her house. I think it would be best for her to consult a florist for this so she can get a professional opinion on what would go best for her living room.

  4. I like how the orange roses blend with the leaves, it seems like it gives a fruity, lively feel towards the table. I like how you blend complementary and analogous colors as well in your floral arrangement. You always combine them subtly. I am so tempted to buy a decorative colorful glass vase along with it.

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