Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

The Japanese Ghost Halloween Costume Idea

For those who never know how to dress up for Halloween, and for those who receive a last-minute invitation to a Halloween party, there are some simple DIY costumes ideas that will make you scary, witty and funny.

Do you want to look like the terrible Pontianak? It’s not difficult. Put on a white, long dress and wear a long black wig (you can use hairspray to make some irregular hair clumps, you’ll look creepier). For the makeup, use green and gray, and add a touch of black lipstick. The wig should cover your face almost completely, just make sure you are able to see.


You’ll need a black dress (make sure it has buttons in the front) and a pair of black boots. Before wearing the black dress, put on a big backpack, which will become the frame of “your” new shoulders. Now, put on the dress, open a few buttons and stick your head through the hole that opens up. Ask a friend to help you stuff the sleeves. Once you’ve done that, attach a pair of gloves to the sleeves and attach the gloves to the the dress, right by your face. If you do so, it’ll look like the gloves are holding your head. If you want, you can use some makeup to make your “dead” head look more realistic. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

The Killer Doll

You can use any kind of dress you want, as long as it looks romantic. Also, use all the accessories you have around the house: you’ll have to look like a doll, quite literally. Now, the make up is important: you’ll need a doll-face. Ask your friend to help you, it’ll be fun and you’ll look so creepy…

Make up

Remember that the Halloween makeup is very important when it comes to costumes. As a matter of fact, if your makeup well done, even the simplest costume will look fabulous. Try to trace, for instance, a few fake wrinkles on your face. Look in the mirror and find your natural wrinkles. Now, use pencils and foundation to underline them. Add a few stains using a dark lipstick, this will make your skin look older. And… what about a fake wart? Use a peppercorn, a drop of eyelash glue… and maybe add a few bristles, it will look amazing. Let your imagination run, and have fun.


Another key element when it comes to Halloween costumes is the number of accessories. Here is a tip: the more the better! Go for the quality, choose something funny and easy to wear: rings, earrings… If you choose wisely, you’ll look pretty and terrifying!












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