70+ Amazing 3D Tattoo Designs

When it comes popularity, we have seen many innovative 3D tattoos keeping emerging and catching one’s eye. Unlike the sculpture, installations, the artwork can be touched and viewed from all sides. Despite 2D in dimension, the tattoo can be made real in terms of style. For example, the lace ribbon tattoo above, if you don’t walk closely and have a touch, it’s hard to tell it’s a tattoo.

What is 3D tattoo

From abstract to surrealism, the tattooing can encompass a great variety of art styles. 3D art itself is the term used for computer art, which means the work is produced by special software through precise calculation. 3D tattoo is actually 2-dimensional tattoo that gives optical illusion of 3-dimensional. It is the representation of photorealistic art form in tattooing. It is through the realistic art form that we can express to the world our feelings and creativity in the straightforward manner.

3D graphic artwork could be easily created by using 3D computer techniques while the tattoo design mostly relies on the skill of the tattoo artist. It is precise work to make a realistic tattoo on human canvas. On the other hand, there’s only one chance to have a trial for one person. So it’s best to start from 3D drawings if you don’t have real reference available.

It’s always appealing, incredible when you see tattoos rendered in 3D effect. A lot of 3D tattoos are small pieces which are meaningful and look cute, e.g., 3D butterfly, lace, ribbon, lock, etc. Some of them are large pieces, e.g., skulls, animal portraits, which look stunning and realistic. People who get 3D tattoos expect to build a strong visual presentation of their tattoos.

In today’s post, I’d like to show you 70+ of the really amazing 3d tattoo designs that I’ve came across and I think you’ll like them too.

black lace bow in 3D style

Black lace bow in 3D style

There is often a little bow tie on women’s lingerie or cloth. Women love the accessory as it’s cute and feminine. Even someone inks the bow tattoo on the back, which is absolutely amazing. The 3D black hue evokes feeling of innocence and makes one wonder the story behind.

Vintage pocket watch with hanging chain 3D tattoo

Vintage pocket watch with hanging chain

How often do we regret for wasted time? How often do we need to record those moments of win or failure? Although there is no way to make up for the lost time, the vintage watch tattoo is to remind us of the lost memory. And there is always chance to do better in the future.

Realistic 3D moth tattoo on back

Realistic 3D moth tattoo on the back

The moth prefers the moon and detests the sun, while the butterfly loves the sun and hides from the moon. Every living creature responds to light. But depending on the amount of light you have inside, determines which lamp in the sky your heart will swoon

Carved Star tattoo on arm

Carved Star tattoo on arm

Scenes of the past in the mind

Realistic Portrait tattoo on arm

Carved heart shape

Spreing and Winter

3D Robot

Skull with Roses in realistic style

Roses in the rain

Giant skull tattoo on arm

Colored 3D chameleon tattoo

3D Barber tools tattoo

Realistic Barber tools

Bear head tattoo

Bear head

Cat portrait tattoo on arm

Realistic portrait painting

Flowers along spine on the back

3Hand and watch

Fish memory

Portrait sleeve tattoo

Zombie girl

Girl with Masquerade mask tattooin black and white style

Girl with Masquerade mask tattoo in black and white style

Realistic woman face tattoo on arm

Skull and microphone on half of sleeve

3D Zombie

Fall foliage – maple leaf

3D Rose and lace rose tattoo

Rose and lace rose

The butterfly tattoo looks real on the neck

3D lace tattoo

Celtic cross and rose

Lovable Spider

Tattoo with open spine

Eye with tear in greyscale

Angry gorila

3D tattoo by den yakovlev

Carved leg tattoo

Carved leg tattoo

3D lace and ribbon

Robot arm tattoo

Robot arm

A butterfly on chest

3D ribbon and key

bible verse on cross

Giant mural painting

Single Red Rose with thorn

Geometric jigsaw puzzle

Realistic bow ribbon tattoo

Vibrant flower and dragonfly tattoo

Realistic pine

Broken skin

dragon tattoo

Steampunk calf

Broken skin, sky and birds

Realistic American Indians tattoo

Black and white Bats 3D tattoo on the back

Machine skull in leg

Realistic Elephant face

Elephant on back

Compass, Rope and map

Aztec sculpture

Awesome Tattoo On Shoulders

Fairy tale tattoo on back

3D watch

3D Portrait

Paper Rose

Underwater dream

Realistic birds

Hummingbird and poppy

Quill pen, compass and monocular on the map

Rose lip and face

Rose in greyscale

Heart Tree 3D Tattoo

White lily

Flower and Cat Head

Head phones

London in the olden days

3D Portrait tattoo

Skull, Raven and lily

Greek philosophers

Butterfly pollinating flower

3D Coccinella or ladybug

Torn map

3D moth on hand

Realistic tiger head 3D tattoo

Pink rose with one water droplet

Steampunk inspired 3D tattoo

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  1. I can’t find anyone in my area who does 3 D tattoos. Syracuse ny…. any help


  3. Who in mobile,Alabama can do 3d tattoos,would love to have one done,but reasonable not to expensive ,I think they are awesome

  4. These tats are first class, where can I find an artist in San Diego that does that style of tat?

  5. I’m looking for 3D tattoo of a cardinal. Anyone seen any?

  6. This one is “Moth with Lace Detail by Esther @ Butterfat Studio, Chicago” really breathtaking. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Gianina, for you to ask for an artist to give you a 3-D tat that’s “not too expensive,” is somewhat of an insult and a joke. Do you realize all the hard work and talent that goes into these? Asking for a bargain on ink will get you a poor quality tattoo, but maybe you don’t care so best wishes!

  8. Un freaking believable! I’m looking for photograph 3d printing for transformation of genatlia and whole body into a woman. An unbelievably hot girl with extras!
    Ha! Ha! Then I’ll have my own tits.
    So if my wife ever leaves me, she can take her tits, and I won’t care,
    Because, I’ll have my own tits.!!
    They’re my tits, and she can’t take them, because they’re my tits!!!
    Ha! Ha!

  9. I saw a cool cardinal tattoo at urban elements tattoo in Denver.

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