30 Awesome Tattoos about Hand

One of the differences between humans and animals is that humans can stand and walk upright. As a result, their hands were evolved to be able to do more sophisticated work. Human hands can also be used as ways of communication, such as conveying message or emotion. Hands are also found in some of tattoo designs, of which the motifs are about human hand. Why do people love tattoos about hand?

It may be related to their spiritual beliefs and practice. Palms-together in ‘prayer’ position appears in many religions and cultures. The intention of closing eyes during prayer is to quiet the mind. In the mean time, placing two hands together is to quiet the physical body. When the mind and hands are silenced the spirit is more focused.

In this post, I consolidated 30 awesome tattoo designs about hand, which I hope you will find inspirations about your tattoo ideas.

All Seeing Hand

Hands for Anthony

hands and heart 2nd sitting


James Danger Cross Praying Hands Tattoo

praying hands

Rosary beads and praying hands Tattoo

hands tattoo

Praying hands tattoo

Praying Hands with Wings

Hand & Genesis Cloud

hand tattoo

Praying Hand Lettering Tattoo

Tattoo By Bear

hand and cross

praying hands tattoo

Pushead Hand of Doom

Hand and Lotus

Hand tattoo

Hand tattoo

Religious Tattoo-praying Hand Tattoo

Memorial piece by Norbert Halasz

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