30 Awesome Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragons used to be part of life in many cultures. In Chinese culture, people worship dragon for rain and better weather for good harvest. An Emperor has great power as he’s considered as the incarnation of dragon. In Japanese culture the dragon is also a symbol of supernatural powers. That’s why dragon tattoo is loved by most of oriental people. For them, dragon represents strength, courage, wisdom, protector of their loved ones.

In Western cultures, dragons tend to be portrayed as embodiments of evil that destroy villages and guard hoards of treasure. In modern fantasy literature, dragons are often depicted as friends of man and as highly intelligent and noble creatures.

Placement of a Dragon Tattoo

Due to its symbolic meanings, dragon tattoo is mostly inked on backs, side, arms. It’s also seen on legs, feet and hands.

Here I consolidated 30 awesome dragon tattoo designs. Let us know which one you like the best.

Chinese Tattoo

Dragon tattooon chest

Dragon with roses tattoo

Dragon tattoos

Dragon thigh tattoo

Red dragon

Red dragon

Tribal Dragon tattoo

Freehand dragon tattoo

Tribal dragon tattoo

Custom Dragon tattoo

Yet another fantasy dragon

Dragon tattoo design

Rib dragon tattoo

Fake Celestial Dragon Tattoo

Freehand dragon back tattoo

Japanese Dragon tattoo

Japanese dragon tattoo on foot

Asian Dragon tattoo

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  1. Hello,

    I was just looking for dragons for my boy and I have found your site. Congratulation, all tatoos are works of art even though I desagree with this practice on a so big skin area (postural tests have showed that tatoos create disorders of stability)

    Best regards.

  2. There is absolutely NO correlation between tattoos and stability. None, zero, nada, zip, squat, etc… No double blind studies have been enacted, no individual studies have shown more that a minimal connection and then in only 3 patients. 3 patients is not a measurable group and in NO way does it lead any scientist to believe in a connection.

    What a load.

  3. I’m looking for someone who can bring a very real dragon tattoo to life. I need someone who can do very detailed face features on them. I want a total of 5 Dragons. A emerald mother Dragon with wings spread with adolescent dragons colors vary by birthstones. But the dragony must look very realistic. I caneed not done anyone I feel cam bring toys to life :(

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