40 Bastet Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Venture into the enigmatic realm of Bastet, the feline deity who once roamed the pantheon of ancient Egyptian mythology and now finds a new abode in the world of body art. Bastet, the goddess adorned with the head of a lioness or domestic cat, stands as a timeless symbol of protection, fertility, and the serene joys of domestic life. As the world spins ever forward, the fascination with Bastet tattoos burgeons, not just as aesthetic adornments but as profound personal emblems and nods to an age-old civilization.

Historical Significance of Bastet

Bastet reigns supreme in the hearts of those who admire ancient Egyptian culture. She was the deity of home, the harbinger of fertility, and the guardian angel of childbirth. To the pharaohs, she was a shield, a divine protector whose grace was as essential as her might. Originally, Bastet shared her identity with Sekhmet, the lioness warrior goddess. Yet, as time unfurled the scrolls of history, Sekhmet’s fierce image softened into the gentle, nurturing visage of Bastet. Her legacy continued to flourish, with her association with music, dance, and jubilation adding a layer of joy and celebration to her worship.

Symbolism of Bastet in Tattoos

When ink meets skin in the form of Bastet, it transcends mere fashion. The tattoos bearing her image are replete with symbolism: they serve as amulets of safety, icons of maternal care, and talismans of abundance. Bastet’s link to the moon, manifested in tattoos, underscores her role as the illuminator of the night and the guardian of cycles, both celestial and personal. She stands as the epitome of feminine power and independence, a guiding spirit for those who seek to embody her resilience and grace.

Popular Bastet Tattoo Designs

Bastet tattoos are as varied as the stories whispered in the sands of her ancient homeland. These designs often intertwine with the sacred Egyptian hieroglyphs, weaving a narrative of ancient wisdom and life’s continuity. They may also incorporate symbols like ankh or l Eye of Horus, adding layers of meaning to the design. The versatility of these tattoos is evident in the myriad of styles and ideas.

Neo-Traditional Bastet Tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos bring a splash of the contemporary to the time-honored. These designs fuse bold lines and vivid colors with traditional motifs, creating a fresh take on the ancient goddess. It’s a style that stands out, perfect for the individual who appreciates the past but lives vibrantly in the now.

Neo taditional Bastet and Egypian lotus tattoo on back

Neo taditional Bastet tattoo on calf

Bastet and Ankh Tattoo

Welcome to the crossroads where ancient symbolism meets contemporary skin art. The Ankh, known as the key of life, entwined with Bastet, the graceful protector, makes for a tattoo design steeped in historical allure. This combo is a powerhouse of eternity and divinity, a design choice that echoes the sentiments of life everlasting and the safeguarding nature of Bastet. It’s a tattoo for those who see themselves as guardians of their own destiny, forever seeking the eternal truths of life.

Bastet and Ankh tattoo

Bastet with Ankh tattoo

Bastet and Anubis Tattoos

Imagine the union of two potent Egyptian deities—Bastet and Anubis—on your skin. Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the afterlife, alongside Bastet, creates a tattoo narrative that’s about balance—protection in life and guidance in death. This design is a bold statement, one that resonates with individuals who respect the duality of existence and the balance between life’s opposing forces.

Anubis and Bastet tattoo dotwork

Anubis and Bastet tattoo traditional

Bastet and Hieroglyphics Tattoo

Hieroglyphics are more than just writing; they are the whispers of an ancient civilization. Pair them with Bastet, and you have a tattoo that tells a story as old as the pyramids. A Bastet and hieroglyphics tattoo is a dialogue between the wearer and the past, a script that speaks volumes about heritage and mystery. It’s a popular choice for history buffs or anyone drawn to the enigmatic beauty of Egypt’s golden era.

Bastet with Hieroglyphics tattoo

Bastet and Hieroglyphics tattoo on thigh

Bastet and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Bastet and Scarab Beetle Tattoo

Bastet, when depicted with the scarab beetle—a symbol of rebirth and the rising sun—brings forth a tattoo that’s all about transformation and new beginnings. The scarab’s significance as a talisman of ancient Egypt melds with Bastet’s protective aura, creating a design that’s both grounding and inspiring. For those undergoing a significant change or celebrating a new chapter, this tattoo is a fitting tribute to their personal growth.

Scarab beetle and Bastet tattoo

Scarab beetle and Bastet with moon and stars tattoo

Bastet and Sekhmet Tattoo

Pairing Bastet with Sekhmet, her lioness counterpart, known for her warrior spirit, yields a tattoo that harnesses feminine power in its purest forms. This design embodies the duality of female divinity—Bastet’s nurturing calm and Sekhmet’s fierce intensity. It’s a dual tribute to the wearer’s multifaceted nature, celebrating the soft and the strong within.

Bastet and Sekhmet tattoo on calf

Bastet and Sekhmet tattoo on forearm

Traditional Bastet and Sekhmet tattoo on hands

Bastet Holding Sistrum Tattoo

Bastet holding a sistrum, an ancient musical instrument, is a design that resonates with rhythm and ritual. This tattoo encapsulates Bastet’s role in music and dance, her image with the sistrum symbolizing joy and celebration. For the musically inclined or those who find a deep connection to the musical arts, this tattoo is a symphony on the skin.

Bastet holding sistrum half sleeve tattoo

Bastet holding sistrum thigh tattoo

Traditional Bastet holding sistrum with Scarab Beetle tattoo

Bastet holding sistrum calf tattoo

Bastet Outline Tattoos

Simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication, and Bastet outline tattoos are a testament to that. These designs distill Bastet’s essence into a sleek, minimalist form. They’re perfect for the modern minimalist who appreciates elegance without excess, a subtle nod to the goddess that is both trendy and timeless.

Dainty Bastet outline with eye of Horus tattoo

Egyptian Cat outline tattoo above ankle

Fine line Bastet upper arm tattoo

Bastet lin work tattoo

Bastet outline tattoo on upper arm

Bastet with Eye of Horus Tattoo

The Eye of Horus stands as a symbol of protection, health, and restoration. Pair it with Bastet, and you have a tattoo that serves as a vigilant guardian. A Bastet with Eye of Horus tattoo is more than mere body art; it’s a personal amulet, a sacred sentry that watchers over the wearer’s well-being and spiritual health.

Bastet with star and Eye of horus tattoo

Egyptian cat and Eye of Horus tattoo

Bastet with Eye of Horus tattoo on forearm

Bastet with Wings Tattoo

Bastet adorned with wings offers a visual spectacle that speaks to freedom and guardianship. This tattoo design elevates the concept of protection, suggesting not just earthly care but also a celestial watchfulness. For those who find a sense of belonging among the clouds and the endless blue, this design speaks volumes. It is a tattoo that encapsulates the exhilarating freedom found in flight, a boundless journey across the sky. Simultaneously, it wraps the wearer in the serene comfort of a guardian angel’s embrace, offering both protection and peace.

Bastet with wings tattoo traditional

Egyptian Cat with wings back tattoo

Bastet line work tattoo

Bastet line work tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, sometimes less is more, and that’s precisely the case with Bastet line work tattoos. Imagine the elegance of minimalist art combined with a touch of ancient mystery. These tattoos use clean, uncluttered lines to shape the design, often resulting in a delicate and sophisticated portrayal. Picture her sleek, feline form outlined with precision on your skin—a whisper of the past that makes a bold statement in the present.

Bastet and sun tattoo

Bastet and sun tattoo

The sun has always been a potent symbol in Egyptian mythology, creating an emblem of radiant power. A Bastet and sun tattoo captures this luminous energy, with rays of light fanning out from her poised figure. It’s a design that speaks of vitality, of the dawn after darkness, and of the protective force that the sun represents. Whether it’s a rising sun cradling Bastet or a full solar disk behind her, this tattoo is for those who carry the warmth of life within them.

Bastet and crescent moon tattoo

Bastet and crescent moon tattoo

The crescent moon’s gentle arc is a perfect complement to Bastet’s serene grace. Bastet and crescent moon tattoos are for the dreamers, the night owls, and the ones attuned to the ebb and flow of life’s tides. The design typically features Bastet in repose or in a protective stance, with the moon cradling her. It’s a symbol of femininity and intuition, a nod to the night skies under which Bastet prowls.

Bastet and Eye of Ra tattoo

Bastet and Eye of Ra tattoo

Merging Bastet with the Eye of Ra—a symbol of protection and health—results in a potent design. The Eye, believed to ward off evil, adds a layer of safeguarding to Bastet’s nurturing presence. A Bastet and Eye of Ra tattoo often features an intricate eye, with Bastet poised above or below, her gaze as steadfast as the eye itself. It’s a design for those who seek a guardian, a watchful eye on their journey through life.

Bastet with sun and star tattoo

Bastet with sun and star tattoo

Bastet with sun and star tattoos are a celestial celebration on your skin. This design often depicts Bastet basking in the glow of a sun, with stars twinkling around her—a tableau of the night sky’s wonders. It’s a tattoo that captures the universe’s boundless beauty, with Bastet at its center, a deity among the heavens. For stargazers and daydreamers alike, this design is a piece of the cosmos to carry every day.

Bastet with rose tattoo traditional

Bastet with rose tattoo traditional

Combining traditional elements, a Bastet with rose tattoo is a nod to both the ancient world and classic tattoo artistry. Roses are symbols of passion and beauty, while Bastet embodies protection and femininity—put together, they create a design that’s both striking and symbolic. Opt for vibrant colors or a more subdued palette; either way, this tattoo is a celebration of heritage and the timelessness of nature’s gifts.

Bastet holding small cats tattoo black and grey

Bastet holding small cats tattoo black and grey

For the animal lovers, a Bastet holding small cats tattoo is a heartwarming choice. It portrays Bastet, the caretaker, nurturing her offspring—a scene that resonates with themes of motherhood and compassion. This design takes on a classic, timeless look, the fine details and shades bringing the tender moment to life. It’s a tattoo for those who cherish the bond between caretaker and kin, a reflection of their own nurturing nature.

Baste and snake tattoo

Baste and snake tattoo

The snake is a creature of transformation and rebirth, making a Bastet and snake tattoo a dynamic symbol of change and protection. This design often showcases Bastet in a powerful stance, with a snake coiled at her feet or intertwined with her form. This tattoo embodies the life cycle, symbolizing the casting off of former selves and embracing renewal. It serves as a depiction of the guiding force that offers protection through life’s many changes and transitions. It’s an artistic representation that narrates the story of evolution and guardianship in our lives. For those embracing change or seeking protection as they navigate new paths, this tattoo is a potent emblem.

Placement Ideas

When it involves a design as rich as Bastet, the placement becomes crucial. It’s not just about finding space. It’s about choosing a location that resonates with you, that feels right when you glimpse your reflection. Let’s dive into examples of placement ideas and find that sweet spot for your ink.


The thigh is a treasure trove for tattoo enthusiasts, offering ample room to play with intricate designs or bold statements. Picture Bastet in all her glory sprawled across the thigh, a personal piece of art that’s yours to display or conceal as you fancy. It’s a spot that’s as private or as public as you make it, perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of a hidden gem.

Bastet head thigh tattoo

Bastet thigh tattoo

Upper Arm

The upper arm is a classic. It’s a place that says, “I’m here, and I’m proud.” Bastet perched on your bicep or shoulder makes a statement of confidence, of strength found in the quiet corners of your soul. It’s for the wearer who wants to share their admiration for this Egyptian deity with the world.

Small Bastet upper arm tattoo


Your back is the ultimate backdrop for a masterpiece. It’s a vast blank space just ready to be filled with your own story. Bastet etched across your back is like a protective cloak, a constant companion on your journey through life. It’s ideal for those who dream big, who want a tattoo that’s as expansive and boundless as their aspirations.

Bastet with wings upper back tattoo


There’s something about forearm tattoos. They’re always part of the conversation, a piece of art that lives and breathes with your every gesture. Bastet on the forearm is for the expressive soul, for someone who finds power in visibility. It’s a daily reminder of the journey you’ve embarked on, a testament to the goddess who guides your path.

Blackwork Bastet forearm tattoo


The calf is an often-overlooked canvas, but it’s one with potential that begs to be explored. A Bastet tattoo here is a traveler’s talisman, moving with you, a story unfolding with every step. It suits the adventurer, the one who sees life as a series of discoveries, each more thrilling than the last.

Bastet with wings calf tattoo


Bastet tattoos are more than just skin-deep. They are spiritual connections to an ancient world, manifesting in the modern era as emblems of personal significance and cultural reverence. As you contemplate integrating the image of this divine feline into your tattoo collection, let the rich history and profound symbolism guide your intentions. In choosing to bear the likeness of Bastet, you honor a legacy that has withstood the test of time, and you carry a piece of history etched into the very fabric of your being.

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