30+ Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas


The ocean is wild and mystery. When a ship voyages in the ocean and encounters danger, the dim light from a lamp on the rock will send hope to the crew members. The Lighthouse that is built on the coasts, islands is to assist the sailors while sailing. The lighthouse tattoos symbolize hope and strength.

Tattoos became some kind of fashion that people happily accept . There were and those tattoos which have thrilled me. But whether your tattoo thrilled me or not isn’t important, it is essential that their owners like them, that it illustrate their nature, and that they mean something to those people – to remind them to a certain date, on any person, on some event, which was worth to perpetuate on the skin. I think it is important to tattoo have a symbolism. This is something that we are working with the intention that the whole life be on our skin, a part of us, I believe that as such it should not be a simple image but to symbolize something more. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m now a great connoisseur of a tattoo or an accredited critic.But to me is very important emotional moment in everything in my life so it’s same case when it comes to this form of body decoration.

I have to admit, there are plenty of people who do not support tattooing, they find it as way of ruining people’s natural beauty, natural-looking skin. However, I believe that the man is free only if he do what pleases his soul. Only in this case is truly happy. Do what feeds your soul and you’ll be free, I do not care what the environment will say because they are almost always there to condemn, for all they will find bad critics. Do not doubt it.
I just wish that you my dear, when make a decision to do the tattoo, even more carefully decide which professional salon will give confidence. Because you put your health in the hands of another person who can endanger with their carelessness. Although I might sound like aunt, visit a few tattoo studios the, unless you have proven tattoo salon where you already have done tattoos.

Pay attention to hygiene in those salons, ask them if they have a sterilizer and ask them to show you it, you have the right to do so, ask them if they always use a new needle for each client, because it is very important (a used needle is a source of bacteria and viruses and can make you a serious health problem), pay attention if after the client goes tattoo masters don’t throw away tube with color but use it again on someone else, does the top of the bottles nicely cleaned after use and that no trace of color, and of course, remember that tattoo artist must wear gloves.


The lighthouse on the peninsula Faros in Alexandria built between 300. and 280. BC. It is one of the seven world wonders.



Tattooing the names into tattoo in the form of images has long been popular. Most often these are the names of the person or verses that mean something to person, dates, initials …


Lighthouse reminds on security. This building thousands of years was helping sailors to find their way home.



Very clear tattoo with clean lines and in one color for true lovers of the open sea.



Interesting black tattoo that is refreshed with parts of lighthouse painted in red. Compass, lighthouse, chains – all you need a navigator.


This tattoo is very nice complete with a dolphin head above the lighthouse. Dolphins symbolize happiness. As lighthouses, and they help a lot navigators in crossing the rocky areas, warn of sharks … They are very friendly to people …



Faros in Alexandria is the highest lighthouse until today, that existed around 1500 years ago. Resisted the times, waves, storms long time, and as such is the wonder which was destroyed last.



Another tattoo refreshed with popular marine symbol – tiller. Blue is also present to further remind of the endless blue sea.



Storm in the open sea has always been a huge temptation for seafarers. This fan immortalized it on his shoulder.



Very beautiful colors of dusk, dark blue, reddish last rays of the sun interfere with the darkening day. Right art.


Whether you decide to go to on one of the side of world, make sure that that is the path to your dreams. Isn’t lucky one only who realizes his dreams, but also the one who walks towards them.


History of tattooing can be linked to one nation, actually, many nations have applied this technique of decorating the body because aesthetic, customary, religious reasons …



Another tattoo depicting a storm at sea. As storm and this tattoo is dark except the color red on details on the lighthouse.



That bad weather and storms do not have to be the only associations on the open sea proves this tattoo. On the open sea you can enjoy in the endless blue and the beauty of the moon and the stars shining in the night …



Needle for tattooing during the process of making tattoos buses the skin from 50 to 3000 times per minute.



After tattoo has been done very important is to follow advice for caring of tattoo artists in order to avoid infection.



Place of tattooing tattooist cover with gauze. After at least two hours is necessary to remove the gauze, and wash the place with warm water and soap. Patting towel dry skin. Then put a thin layer of cream on tattooed place that is recommended by your tattoo artist.



Tattoos are an form of art for me, because for them is needed really a lot of creativity and skill of tattoo artists.



Black and white tattoo what belongs to true lover of the sea and the open sea. There is also a seagull – often symbol of the sea. Seagulls live in places where land and sea merge, but also around the lakes. They easily adapt and are present in almost all parts of the world.



This tattoo shows the lighthouse as a big, important and powerful structure that makes it so. Lighthouse here is displayed in all its glory as a shelter and as a place of hope that home is nearby.



Very nice, positive tattoo of someone who really enjoys the open sea with all its soul.



Magic light in the night that emits a lighthouse for centuries has been a joy for sailors because announces that home is close.



I believe that the tattoo has to have its own symbolism and that means something to its owner therefore carefully think about what you are tattooing. Make it something that caresses your soul.


And in this case we can see how a little red can refresh a black tattoo and give an interesting note to look of tattoo.



There are rules that must be met before doing tattoo, ask your tattoo masters. This rules are related to the prohibition of alcohol 24 hours prior to tattooing, aspirin is prohibited 24 hours before tattooing also, if you suffer from diabetes, epilepsy or similar diseases consult a doctor first …


This masterpiece is hard to draw with a pencil on paper and think of how many skills are needed to do it on the skin.



Incorrect but clear lines are what makes this tattoo interesting and inviting. Here we can see how simple image can look very nice, without superfluous colors and details.



Little but very effective tattoo. You can do this kind of tattoo on any part of the body, on the forearm, just above article, the part of hand just behind the palm …


Dotted tattoo, where we see waves bathed lighthouse and the light emitted by a lighthouse.


Another tattoo without superfluous details. I extremely like tattoos on the part of the body below the elbow on the inner part of the hand, for me are very strong tattoos on this body part.



Blue dominates on this tattoo and it can not be wrong if you decide to tattoo a symbol of the sea like a lighthouse.



This is one big tattoo that almost dentures throughout the all hand, very complex but I have to admit that with this tattoo is impossible to go unnoticed.



If you ever find on the open sea looking for the way home, just follow the magical brightness of lighthouse in the night, and you’ll find the way as the people for centuries with the help of these buildings are.


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