45 Awesome Portrait Tattoo Designs

It’s a good idea to have the portrait of your most admired or loved one tattooed on your body. Portrait tattoos are mostly rendered in a realistic style. If someone is a fan of certain celebrity, you may find his/her portrait on this person.

Despite of the complexity of a portrait, most portrait tattoos are inked on the arm, rather than on the parts with larger area, back or chest. It is a tattoo idea for both men and women.

In this post, please enjoy a collection 45+ awesome portrait tattoo designed. You will be surprised at the skill of the tattoo artists who created them. Check out the link to view more of their portfolios.

Stunning fullback portrait tattoo

Stunning fullback portrait tattoo

Kawasaki girl with changes

Portrait Tattoo

woman portrait with roses

Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo 2010

Portrait Tattoo

Tom Waits

Portrait Tattoo

healed Tobias Funke

pirate tattoo

Girl portrait tattoo

Portrait Tattoo

little girl 2

Rita Hayworth tattoo

day of the dead girl

Portrait Tattoo


sey riza

Portrait Tattoo



Gypsy Rose

Ladies galore! Lumberjack on Sorrell today…

watercolour woman



Amy Winehouse portrait tattoo

woman pilot tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker

Amélie Poulain

Nikola Tesla

Portrait Tattoo

Bob Dylan


River Phoenix

Hunter Thompson/Ralph Steadman sleeve

Portrait Tattoo

design done by alina inkognito tattoo gheisa black and grey

Nikko Hurtado Tattoo on Yall Quinones

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo

Lady with rose

Weathered Man sleeve Tattoo

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  1. Hello, my name is Courtney mckenzie and I’m currently looking for a tattoo artist to help me put together an idea that I would like starting just a little over my shoulder and coming round my shoulder blade. I hope to hear from you.

  2. Ive checked these portrait posts, some of them are reallyawesome, but if you want to see more stunning portraits and add those in this post, I recommend for you to check Dice Ceballos’ works, he specialize in realism and 3d portrait.

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