50+ Sister Tattoos Ideas

Tattoo is not only a great way to express individuals but also a nice way to show union of friends or sisters. Sisters can be fun and aggravating, but the bonds between siblings are unbreakable. Many sisters love to ink meaningful identical tattoos on their body. These tattoos will go with them for life, just like their sisterhood.

Sister tattoos are often cute matching tattoos to celebrate the relationship of love, kinship and eternal. A pair of matching words, flying birds or other meaningful symbols could be their eternal bonds between the two sisters. Sister tattoos are normally inked on the same or counter places of the two people. Let’s have a review of all the inspirational ideas of sister tattoos.

Quotes sister tattoos

You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground … And I will be the wing to keep your head in the clouds.

Perfect quotes tattoos for sisters! Words are always intuitionistic way to express meanings. If you use quote tattoos, try to balance sentences, pay attention to antithetic parallelism and antithesis. Using a nice tattoo font is always essential to enhance the style.

Infinity sister tattoos

“A perfect sister I am not … but thankful for the one I’ve got”
Quote tattoo is the best to express the bonds between two sisters. A lot of people may share the same perception of this quote. Sisters must be perfect in skills, ability, or even personality. The love of sisters is priceless, unique and irreplaceable.

What tattoos are the best for three sisters? Here is an excellent example. The same heart rate means their hearts will be together like the tattoos.

Sister Tattoos

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”. This is what everybody expects the world is.

I’ll be the wings that keep your head in the clouds.
I’ll be the anchor that keeps your feet on the ground.

These are another quote sister tattoos touching one’s heart. If there is a large age difference between them, the pair of quotes are perfect for the sisters. In the long run of life, sisters are always the reliable source to get encourage, help and direction.

The heart in infinity symbol represents the eternal love of the two sisters.

“To follow me. I will follow you.” Looks like pinners in pinterest.

Ribbons on the fingers of the Sisters

Ribbons of different colors have different meanings. Ribbons are cute and lovely and could represent very personal meanings for sisters. Notice the tattoos were inked on different fingers of the sisters.

“To infinity and beyond” – another stylish quote tattoo

knot of love tattoos for sisters

The knot is the best symbol to represent the bond of siblings. The Celtic inspired tattoo integrates a heart symbol into the Celtic Trinity Symbol.

Wrist sister Tattoos

When the tattoos are worn by two sisters, you know the meaning of of the double heart symbol.

Sister Tattoos with Chinese characters

The heart of the elder sister can only be turned off by the key of the younger sister, bonded with the bracelet on their wrists.

Sister Tattoos behind ears

The stylish sisters never have to worry about the outfits on their ears.

Anchors Sister Tattoos

To infinity and beyond

Quote sister Tattoos

There is no better friend than a sister… and there is no better sister than you.

Shoulder sister Tattoos

I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always.

Russian Nesting Dolls.

Infinity love with sisters

Sisterly Love

I’ve been afraid of changing. Cause I’ve built my life around you.

Sister Tattoos

Sisters Roses tattoos

anchors aweigh

Sister Tattoos

Sister Tattoos

Sister Tattoos

Together forever, never apart
Maybe in distance, but not in heart

Bird sister tattoo ideas

Sister foot tattoo

Love the ground
Keep the earth below my feet

Foot is the mechanics to support one’s body. So the foot is the perfect place for the quote tattoo.

Sisters forever

Simple words, simple meaning.

Head is an unusual place to get tattoo. It’s normally chosen by creative people to get their tattoo on. The identical sister tattoos here are representing their rich imagination and exception that they will think together.

Sister tattoos with pink and blue roses with Chinese words “sister flowers”. The beauty which will never change.

The sister tattoos are featured with half Mandala circle tattooed on one sister and half on another, representing radial balance between the two sisters, their equal importance to each other.

Another Celtic Trinity integrated with a heart symbol tattoo. Simple design, clear meanings.

infinity feather sister tattoos

The sister tattoo is featured with realistic feather and sister’s name bonded with infinity symbol. The shadow and deep color, excellent tattooing works.

Triquetra knot tattoos for sisters


Matching sister tattoos on foot

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  1. I really liked the sun and moon tattoo design modified into the Yin and Yang tattoo design. I have a sun and moon tattoo with my sister.

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