55 Abstract Nail Art Ideas

There are no boundaries when it comes to the creativity that you can have when you are painting your very own nail art design. It’s great to cook up unique designs for your nails in an effort to stand out and express yourself. You can find plenty of ideas out there to help you recreate your very own one of a kind and beautiful nail art designs.

One of the best ways to go would be to paint abstract nail art designs. This is because you’re not restricted on what design to make. You can add as much details as you can or you can make the design as minimalist as it can depending on the look that you want to go for in the design.

All you need to do to create the perfect nail art design is to choose the right colors and theme for your nails. It doesn’t matter what or how many colors you choose, what’s important is that they go along together and that they complement the design of your nail art.

Painting your very own abstract design

Before anything else you need to clean your nails and prepare your nail polishes beforehand. You would not want to stop painting and wander around and wasting time looking for the right color of nail polish to use. So make sure that you have your things intact before you actually begin to sit down and do your thing.

    What to prepare:

  • Base color
  • Acrylic colors of your choice (it depends on how many you will need)
  • Nail polish brush
  • Glitter polish
  • Clear top coat
  • Cotton buds or tissues for cleaning
  • Embellishments for the top of the nails, crystals or beads will do
  • Toothpick for more details

Starting off

Begin with painting your nails with the base coat of your choice. You can go with clear or any nail polish color that will go with the design that you have picked or thought about. What’s important is that the base coat protects the nails from the layers of polish that will go right on top of it. Make sure that the base coat sticks by coating it two times.

Creating the design

You can begin by creating a long French tip design that starts from the base of the nails and extends to the tip forming a v-shape. This leaves a small v-shape in the middle of your nails that has yet to be colored. You can give your own twist to the French tip such as adding curves on the sides representing a floral design. Whatever works for you should be good.

Using the thin brush create outlines similar to veins on top of the design. Start at the edges of the white polish and fill the sides where the colored polishes are with the extending veins. You can use black or darker color for this, just make sure that the veins are prominent and can be seen or contrasting with the earlier colors.

To make things more interesting dab small amounts of glitter polish on top. This helps accentuate the design. Remember to not overdo or the design beneath will be consumed.

For the finishing use the clear polish with the help of the toothpick to glue the embellishments on top. Make use of the extra space near the cuticle area to put your beads or crystals on. When this is done you now have your very first abstract nail art design!

Abstract nail art 20

Orange inspired abstract nail art design. Black and orange themes always g well with each other, don’t forget to play with shapes and shades to make the design very interesting to look at.

Abstract nail art-36

A wonderful combination of light colors against a white base color. The prevalent violet hues on the colors helps make everything look warm and playful.

Abstract nail art-10

Watercolor inspired nail art. Beautiful swabs of different colors on top of a plain white base coat.

Abstract nail art-21

Very cute and minimalist abstract nail art design. Using only two colors, pink and yellow, a simple yet eye catching design is painted.

Abstract nail art-42

Nude and black abstract nail art design. Add patches of black shapes on top of the nude polish and accentuate the design with patches of gold glitter polish as well to fill up the other side of the nails.

Abstract nail art-45

Simple and pretty looking abstract nail art design. Using nude, white and black polish, you can make your nails your very own canvas and create works of art.

Abstract nail art-46

Paint splatter inspired abstract nail art design. If you can’t decide just which color to use, then why not use the classic paint splatter technique and combine all your favorite colors into one design.

Abstract nail art-47

Strong and bold abstract nail art design. The strong black lines contrast perfectly with the neon sky blue polish making your nails simply pop out especially when under the sun.

Abstract nail art-48

Wonderful looking abstract nail art design. The design uses light and pleasant colors or paint out various shapes and designs on the nails.


Abstract nail art-49

Another paintbrush inspired abstract nail art. In these types of nail art the color combination is important. Use complementary colors that easily boost each other’s shade when put together.


Abstract nail art-50

If you’re a fan of pastel colors, then this abstract nail art design is perfect for you. Painted in a uniform colored pattern divided by thick lines of white nail polish.


Abstract nail art-51

Turtle shell inspired nail abstract art design. Using pretty shades or green and pink makes this nail art look fascinating and cute at the same time.

Abstract nail art-52

Another pretty paint splatter abstract nail art design. This works best with a white base coat as you can simply add any color on top for the paint splatter effect.

Abstract nail art-53

A pink, gray and black inspired abstract nail art design. The bold black lines are arranged into a pattern with an accent of beads on top.

Abstract nail art-54

Candy colored nail art design. Using matte and gradient effects. Patterns are drawn on top of the gradient colored nails using black polish to complete the abstract effect.


Gradient inspired abstract nail art design. The bold black lines are drawn in a spiraling motion into the nails to create a puzzle looking effect.

Abstract black nail art-3

A black, white and sheer themed abstract nail art design. The black polish is wonderfully designed on the nails making it look like a huge canvas with hints of French tips on some of the nails.

Abstract nail art-1

Colorful abstract inspired nail art design. There is a wonderful explosion of colors everywhere making each nail look as interesting and unique as the other.

Abstract nail art-2

A combination of melon and sky blue polishes to form an abstract design. To make the nails stand out even more embellishments have been added on top.

Abstract nail art-4

Creative black and white abstract nail art design. The thin black lines creating abstract patterns look neat and clean against the plain white base coat.

Abstract nail art-5

Beautiful black, pink and sheer colored abstract nail art design. The playful lines drawn in bold black polish contrasts with the light pink tips of the nails.

Abstract nail art-6

Pink and yellow themed abstract nail art design. The sheer polish added to the design also makes the design look so interesting. The abstract patterns are drawn by a thin line of black polish.

Abstract nail art-7

Pretty abstract nail art design in pastels. This combination of light colors with the black lining that separates the shapes makes the design look even more interesting.

Abstract nail art-8

Classy looking abstract nail art design. The black and salmon color combination looks perfect to create that elegant theme with the addition of the gold glitter polish.

Abstract nail art-9

A very cute and patterned abstract nail art design. The colors are cool and complement each other. Perfect for just about any occasion.

Abstract nail art-11

A pink and blue patterned abstract nail art designs. The patterns are divided by thick bold lines of black polish showing how fun and easy going the design is.

Abstract nail art-12

Multi colored glitter abstract nail art design. Give a twist to your plain blue glitter nails by adding random and colorful patterns on top.

Abstract nail art-13

Nude and white abstract nail art design. Coat your nails in matte nude base while adding linear patterns on top using white polish. To give more attitude to your nails, add colorful and pretty embellishments to top it as well.

Abstract nail art-14

Sky blue and black abstract nail art design. In order for nails to stand out the colors should be in strike contrast with other such as this design.

Abstract nail art-15

A laid back but unique looking abstract nail art design. With shades of green, yellow and blue that complement each other, the patterns are then separated by a thick bold white line.

Abstract nail art-16

Tribal inspired abstract nail art design. The patterns are painted over a gradient themed base color which makes the design pop out even more from afar.

Abstract nail art-17

More tribal design inspired abstract nail art. The black patterns drawn on top of the baby blue and yellow gradient contrasts beautifully and makes the design stand out even more.

Abstract nail art-18

Rainbow inspired abstract nail art design. The key to making various patterns for an abstract nail art design is incorporating as much color as you can. The rainbow colors give perfect touch to the design.

Abstract nail art-19

Blue and red violet abstract nail art design. The design is also highlighted with the use of white polish for lines that separate the colors and silver glitter polish for accent.

Abstract nail art-22

Are you a fan of polka dots and patterns? This abstract nail art design makes good use of interesting patterns combined with pretty pastel polishes in contrast with black and white colors.

Abstract nail art-23

Bold and strong colored abstract nail art design. The patterns are separated by gold polish lines on top of a clear base coat that blends in perfectly with the design.

Abstract nail art-24

Pretty paint splattered paint splatter design. Unlike the conventional white base color for paint splatter themes; this design uses the various color splashes as background while highlighting the black splatters on top.

Abstract nail art-25

An adorable looking tribal inspired abstract nail art. Using a green, white and yellow color combination, the nail art design looks very cute and laid back.

Abstract nail art-26

Artsy abstract nail art design. Looking for something out of the blue? This design is simply perfect with its light colors and simple design with a touch of gold glitter polish on top.

Abstract nail art-27

Colorful abstract nail art design. Using sheer polish as base coat. The design looks very fun and there’s an explosion of patterns and colors in one go.

Abstract nail art-28

In contrast with the usual white base coat of abstract nail art designs, this one uses black as base. It works just as well in bringing out the colors of the patterns.

Abstract nail art-29

Elegant looking abstract nail art design. The beautiful melon polish is designed with white polish patterns lined with gold.

Abstract nail art-30

Mosaic styled abstract nail art design. The bold and striking colors separated by thick black lines help convey the illusion of mosaic glass on your nails.

Abstract nail art-31

A simple yet unique looking abstract nail art design. The bright colors help make the design look more fun and easy to recreate.

Abstract nail art-32

Colorful linear patterned abstract design. A rather simple design but fun to look at and easy to paint by yourself.

Abstract nail art-33

Make the colors of your abstract nail art design pop out by using black polish to highlight the sides of the patterns. Clear polish is used as the base color to make the design stand out even more.

Abstract nail art-34

Quirky and fun abstract nail art design. Unleash your creativity on your nails by experimenting on various colors and patterns to bring out each nail.

Abstract nail art-35

More pattern explosions on your nails. Pretty abstract nail art design with various colors and patterns combined on each nail making them unique from each other.

Abstract nail art-37

Black and clear polish abstract nail art combination. You can deviate away from the usual colorful abstract nail art and go with a simpler and classier one. Add embellishments on top for effect.

Abstract nail art-38

A simple and classy abstract nail art design. The matte white base color suits the theme as thin black lines are drawn in pattern on top.

Abstract nail art-39

Black and white nail art with added colorful patterns. The colors on top are artistically placed on the black and white design and it helps make the nails look more interesting and unique.


Abstract nail art-40

Blue and pink gradient inspired abstract nail art design. On top of the gradient style are patterns drawn in black polish. Additional embellishments are placed on top as well.

Abstract nail art-41

Gray, black and white abstract nail art design. The patterns are well drawn and perfect with the thin black polish. The silver beads on top make it look even classier.

Abstract nail art-43

Black and white oval tip abstract nail art design. The clear polish base coat helps make the design even more noticeable and unique.

Abstract nail art-44

Watercolor inspired abstract nail art design. The watercolor brush them is painted on the nails to look like French tips on top of a white base cover.

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