70 Ideas of French Manicure Nail Designs

French or Paris is always a term related to front-line of fashion revolution. Similarly, French nail designs represent some of the most classy nail art styles in beauty industry. Therefore, the Manicure has become one of popular nail styles among fashionable women. You can see a lot of women walking out from nail salons to flaunt their French nail tips.

French manicure can go along with anything you wear. It is so versatile which is why ladies find it convenient to don without even having to change their nail styles in two weeks. Among the most popular hues of French manicure are the nude, cream, pink and beige which then go with pure white polish. The design looks simple, beautiful, elegant and effortless even from afar.

Even though it may look very easy to do from the outside, coating on French manicure needs precision as well as a good and steady hand. You can’t simply do the French manicure in one go, but with continued practice, you will be able to master the art of French manicure. The most important part is the tip of the nails which needs to look perfect.

Helpful French nail design tips

  • Don’t put on the polish sloppily
  • If you aren’t sure you can do the French manicure don’t do it yourself at first
  • When trying out the French manicure at home, take your time
  • Practice makes perfect

How to Apply French nail design

You will need some simple stuff for your French manicure if you decide to do it at home.

  • cotton balls
  • hand moisturizer
  • nail file
  • nail polish remover
  • pusher
  • clear nail polish
  • white polish
  • any opaque nail polish from the colors mentioned above.

The first step is always to clean your nails before applying any nail polish on top, if you have a previous nail polish, make sure to use the nail polish remover to clean it off. After you’re done with this, start with a clear coat on your nails to protect it. You can then proceed to adding the colors you prefer as the base color for your French tips. Make three even strokes from the center and down to the sides; one coat is more than enough. As the polish dries, the streaks will gradually disappear.

The hard part is applying the white streak on the tips of your nails. As a beginner your strokes might look rugged and not smooth at all. Some suggest that you can use tape as a guide in making defined and curvy strokes. Just make sure that your base coat is completely dry before attempting this to avoid destroying the color. Then top it off with a clear coat!

French nail design ideas

And there you have it! You now have your elegant nails great for your summer escapades. If you are looking for more creative French nail art ideas, go through the wonderful designs below.

Fall French nail design

midnight blue themed French manicure nail designs

Flaunt your nails wit the classy designs. The base color is coated in beige and tipped with midnight blue polish, lined with a pure white color. The other nails are coated in reverse, matte midnight blue with white streaks with a clear bead at the intersection.

Glowing floral French nail design

Glowing floral French nail design

Have glowing looking nails with this elegant French tips. Using light pink as base, the nails are thinly tipped in white. The other nails are accented with white and black floral designs, which is pleasing to the eye.

Simple floral French nail design

Simple floral French nail design

Look at this cheery little French tip! Based with pink polish and tipped thickly in cream, the nails are also accented with a sweet and simple floral design in black and sea green combination.

Bows French nail design

Bows on light pink base coating

Decorate your nails with bows French nail design. This little ensemble uses light pink base coating and tipped with white polish. The nails are then topped with cute little white bows for a cuter effect.

73 French Manicure

Sparkly glitters French nail design

Glitter galore! Make a statement with this sparkly French French nail design that uses a clear polish as base and topped with silver glitters to complete the star studded effect. The other nails are also coated in full silver glitter for the overall summer superstar aura.

Black polka dots French nail design

Black polka dots with nude coating

Stand out with this nude and black French nail design combination. Based with nude colors, the nails are then tipped with black polish. Additional black polka dot accents are coated on top of the other nails in matte nude.

floral and butterfly French Manicure nail design for Spring

Artistic floral and butterfly design with pink nail polish

Enjoy this lush floral ensemble on your nails. The French manicure nail design is with a light pink colored base and tipped with a thick salmon polish. The rest of the nails are artistically tipped in floral and butterfly design with pink, white and sea green hues.

Lace French nail design

Polka dots with lace tip

Check out this lace themed French tip! Looking very cute and artsy, the nails are coated with a nude base and tipped with white and black polish with inverted polka dots on top. The inner edges of the French tips are also accented with lace like designs to add more “attitude” to the nail tip.

1 French Manicure

V-shaped nail tips

Simple and elegant. This French tip ensemble consists of a nude base polish and finished off with interesting dark blue V-shaped tips.

2 French Manicure

Silver glitter nail tips

Set the trends with this crazy glittery French manicure. Based with clear nail polish, the tips are heavily accented with silver glitter and lined with white polish. A very eye catching nail art design.

3 French Manicure

Metallic nail polish

Talk about metallic nails. This futuristic French tipped nails looks awesome is it uses a matte silver coat as based and tipped with shiny and metallic silver polish. A total eye catcher and trendy nail art design.

4 French Manicure

A very relaxing French manicure that plays with white, sea green and black combinations. The nails are coated with sea green as the base, using white as the tip; designed in zigzag shapes. Additional black diamond shapes are then painted on top.

5 French Manicure

A very quirky French tip including a white and black combination. The nails are coated with clear nail polish as base and tipped with a combination of white and black overlapping each other. The black parts are also accented with glitters for effect.

6 French Manicure

Go royal with the pink and gold

Get to feel like royalty with this light pink and gold combination. The French tip starts off with a matte light pink base and finishes off with thin gold tips. Very classy and perfect for formal occasions.

7 French Manicure

Trendy tips! This French manicure has a clear nail polish used as base and played around with shaping the French tip instead of filling it in. the black polish shaping the tips of the nails looks perfectly on point.

8 French Manicure

Lovely looking white and silver French tips

Coated in matte black as base, the silver glitter on the nail tips that simply stand out from the plain black background, the matte silver nails with glitter also adds excitement to the eye catching ensemble.

9 French Manicure

Nude nail polish with white tips

One of your classic French tip nails using nude nail polish as base coat and think white polish for the tip. It looks warm and fuzzy, perfect for just about your everyday look.

12 French Manicure

Refreshing outdoor Chevron Nails with French tips

The bright colors combined with the bold shapes are simply perfect for summer! Using a blue violet polish as base, the nails then incorporate reverse v-shapes Chevron in dark green, pink and lemon shades of polish, leaving the base color as the tip color as well.

13 Flag French Manicure

American flag French manicure

The American flag just couldn’t get any better. Using the regular colors of the flag which are royal blue, red and white, add the accent by glitters. Clear nail polish is used as base while the red polish with the glitters are artistically used as the tips.

14 Purple French Manicure

Pretty looking French tips in violet glitter

The nails use clear nail polish as the base coat while coloring the tips in violet nail polish, glitters are also added as a wonderful accent while some of the nails are overall in violet glitter.

15 French Manicure

Take a look at this sweet looking v-shaped French tips in 3 layers. Great for short nails, the French manicure starts out with a clear coat as base and added with three layers of various red shades from light to dark.

16 Eye French Manicure

What would nails look with eyes? This is what you’ll get. Coated with clear polish as base, white polish is then painted in the inner edge of the nails covering the cuticle. On top of the white polish small drops of blue and green coat is added with a hint of black at the middle to emphasize the “eye”.

17 French Manicure

reative and cute ensemble for square shaped nails

This French manicure includes a nude, white and sea green ensemble. The nails are coated with clear white polish as base coating. Atop the clear coating are two horizontal strokes of white and sea green polish alongside each other. Additional gold beads are added for accents as well as a few glitters.

18 Bow French Manicure

Simple and classic thick French tip with a cute bow

The nails are coated with clear polish as base and tipped with thick white coating. Accenting the nail ensemble is a cute black bow pinned down with a silver bead.

20 French Manicure

Lavish and vicious looking French manicure

Don this stunning ensemble with a bloody red base coloring and tipped with silver polish with glitters. A very classy and eye catching nail art design.

21 French Manicure

Perfectly shaped white French tips

The nails are coated with clear polish as base and tipped with perfectly white polish and lined with a sleek black acrylic.

22 Black French Manicure

Nude and black polish

This amazing looking French manicure plays with nude and black polish combinations. The nails use a nude colored polish as base and plain black polish for the tips of the fingers completing the French tips.

23 French Manicure for Spring

This cute looking and elegant French manicure starts off with a cream colored base and tipped with white polish. Very classy, simple and adorable looking French tip.

24 Heart French Manicure

This is a very funky and playful French manicure that you should definitely try out. The nails are coated with light pink polish and tipped with thick sea green coating. The area between the tip and the base is then lined with silver glitters, plus a heart shaped accent of silver glitters.

25 French Manicure

Sensational looking snowflake French manicure

The nails are coated with clear polish as base and tipped with midnight blue coat. Atop the midnight blue French tips are thin snowflake shapes that look like they are slowly falling onto your finger. The French tips are also lined with white nail polish for accent.

26 Bow French Manicure

Another wonderful version of the classy bow inspired French tips. The nails are coated in clear nail polish as tipped with white polish, simple but cute bow accents are also added on top to complete the look as they are pinned in place by small silver beads.

27 French Manicure

Play around with metallic polish with this stunning French tip! The nails are coated with matte white polish as base and tipped with metallic silver polish. A stunning and eye catching color combination.

28 French Manicure

Enjoy looking at this French manicure in rainbow hues. The nails use a plain nude color as base and thinly tipped with multi colored nail polish for a grand effect. You can combine neon colors such as magenta, sky blue, yellow, light blue and pink.

29 French Manicure

Make a statement with this French nail tip! Coated with nude polish as base, the nails are then perfectly tipped with black nail polish making the French tip more visible than ever.

30 French manicure flower design

Set the flowers abloom on your nails with this pretty French manicure. Colored with cream as base, the nails are then adorned with flowers in fresh white, salmon and green hues. The nails are then tipped with classic white coating.

31 Zebra French zebra

French manicure with Zebra stripes

The nails are initially coated in light pink base and tipped with thick white coat. Thin Zebra stripes are then drawn over the white tips; for the finishing touch the nails are coated in clear polish to preserve the design.

32 French Manicure with red snowflake nail

classic French tip with a twist

Although the rest of the nails look like your average French tip; light pink base and white tip, the other nail tip is coated in blazing red nail polish. To accent it better glitters have been added and a beautiful white snowflake is then drawn over the red nail tip.

34 Fantastic French Manicure

Lavish looking French manicure ensemble

The nails are coated in deep purple polish as base and tipped elegantly with golden colored polish. It’s visually stunning and a truly eye catching color combination.

35 gold bling french manicure

Golden glitter French tipnail tips

Can’t get enough of gold? Check this amazing gold and glitter nails. The nails start with a clear polish as the based and later on tipped with a gold coat and accented with glitters.

36 Colored French Manicure

The seemingly color overlapping and inverse color combinations on this French manicure is absolutely stunning! The nails are coated in various base colors such as midnight blue, red, medium violet red, clear, dark purple and gold. The tips are then coated with the inverse colors with an additional of white.

37 nude and black animal print nails

Leopard inspired French tips all the way! The nails are coated with clear polish as base and tipped with an almost cream to clear polish. Atop are silver glitters for accent and small swabs of dark fur like accents are formed to create the leopard prints.

38 Black & Nude French Mani

Simplistic French manicure never gets old. Here the nails are coated in matte nude for the base color. The tips are then thinly coated with black polish to finish up the French tip.

39 Christmas time French tips

Delightful looking French manicure in clear and white color combination. The nails are based with clear polish and tipped thickly with white polish. In between the tip and the base is a line of silver polish for accent, additional green and blue beads are also used for lining accent.

40 French Manicure

Beautiful silver bead studded French tip nails. The nails start off with the natural clear polish base and finished with a thin white polish tip shaping the square nails. Additional silver beads are also added on the inner edge of the nails.

41 A Heart French Manicure

An adorable and heart inspired French nail design you will surely love. Clear polish is used as the nails base color then tipped with thick and v-shaped white polish. Additional pink heart shapes are then drawn over the intersecting white lines.

42 French Manicure

Dreamy looking French manicure adorned with glitters

The manicure starts off with a clear nail polish as base and tipped with thick and shapely white polish. A wonderful array of glitters is also sprinkled on top for a more dreamlike effect.

43 Flower French Manicure

Let fresh and beautiful flowers adorn your French manicure with this carnation inspired French tip. The nails are coated with matte nude as the base color. For the tips, carnation pink colored roses are drawn over with leaves to complete that summer and spring perfect look.

44 Lucky Clover French Manicure

A clover, may it be four or three leaf still looks good! Fill your nails with this adorable clover inspired French manicure. Playful green clover leaves are drawn over the white and clear polish French tip ensemble. Little white, gold and green polka dots are also drawn over the tips for accent. You can also see gold with glitter tips as well.

45 French Manicure

Simplistic yet out of the box looking French tips. The nails are coated with plain white polish as base and tipped with thin black polish in a reverse v shape.

46 Wedding French Manicure

Fill your nails with this wonderful ensemble of glitters and beads! This French manicure starts off with a clear base coat and lined with thick white coating and silver glitter for the tips. Beads are added to further accentuate the nail design.

47 Generous French Manicure

Metallic French nail ideas

Play around with more metallic colors with your French tip manicure. Start off with a plain white polish as your base. Then thinly tip your nails with metallic gold polish to complete the elegant look of the French nail design.

48 French Manicure

A cute looking French nail design ensemble, the nails use a clear polish as base then on top is a thick layer of white polish for the French tips. An additional cute heart shaped polish is also coated in between the v-shaped French tips.

49 French Manicure

Deep purple nails

50 Bow French Manicure

Give life to your French tips with this unique looking French nail design. The base color is a natural or clear polish. The base is the midnight blue polish with additional sparkles on top. Think white polish is also lined up between the French tips and the base.

51 French Manicure

Cool looking blue gray and cream French nail design

The nails use a matte blue gray polish as the base color and with cream colored polish on the tips. It looks absolutely beautiful and elegant on the nails.

52 French Manicure

A simple yet pretty French nail design for short square nails. Start off with a light pink base color for this ensemble, then coat a thin layer of white polish on to the tips carefully following the line of the tip of the nails and eventually shaping out a smile shape.

53 French Manicure

Innocent and pure looking French tips

Clear and white coats are used simultaneously as the base for this French manicure. Medium sized white tips are then lined over the clear based nails. In addition, add small silver beads to the white colored nails for accent.

55 French Manicure

Black is beautiful in this eye catching and definitely one of a kind French manicure. The nails use a matte black and white base then lined with a glossy black polish as French tips over the black matte base. On the other hand, the thin v-lines over the white matte base create big contrast to black nails.

56 Christmas French Manicure

Snow French nail design

Tip your nails in thin black lines over a clear base coating. On top of it add white dots of different sizes as if to represent the falling snow on a winter’s day.

57 French Manicure

Make your nails come alive with this bright and floral French nail design ensemble! Coat your nails in clear white polish and follow the regular French tip pattern by coating on white polish and slowly tracing the line of your mail tips. To add drama into your nails, paint on magenta colored hibiscus flowers and catch everyone’s attention with your awesome looking nails.

58 Bow French Manicure

Delightful looking French tips with a thin black bow accent

Coat the nails in baby blue and yellow polish alternatively. Coat the tips as the inverse colors of the nails and simply trace the line between the French tips and the base coat to draw your black ribbon.

59 Purple Flower French Manicure

Dreamy violet French nail design

Use matte violet as the nails base color and plain white for the French tip. Line the tip with a medium size violet polish and top it off with a coating of a white hibiscus. It’s a French tip you wont regret in having.

61 French Manicure

A fresh and jumpy French manicure best for the summer

Begin with a clear nail polish on your nails and tip it helpfully with a light green coating. To add a more cutesy effect, you can paint white petal flowers in between the French nail tip and the base color.

62 French-Manicure

Cool looking inverse French tips

Play around with midnight blue and blue green matte colors on your nails. Use the opposite colors as the tip for each nail and have an awesome color combination emerging from the ensemble.

63 French Manicure

Wondering what French manicure could fit your nicely ova shaped nails? Try this floral and gold glitter ensemble. The nails are coated with clear polish as the base then tipped with thick white polish. On top of the French tips are cute little blue and yellow flowers with a thin line of gold glitter across the inner French tip lining.

64 Panda French Manicure

Cute panda inspired French manicure

Use clear nail polish as the base of the French tip and white for the tips themselves. Bring in the panda theme by painting on tiny black panda paws over the white polish. For accent make a panda out of a single and thick white tip and complete the theme.

65 French Manicure

Baby blue French nail design with glitters

The nails use a clear polish as the base coat and a baby blue polish for the tips. To add more into the design slight sprinkles of glitter are added to the tips.

66 French Manicure

Elegant looking white and nude French manicure theme. The nails combine nude matte and a thin line of white slowly as if lining an invisible French tip is drawn across the nail forming a smile. It gives the illusion that there is an invisible French tip on the nails.

67 French Manicure

Glamorous French nail tips with silver sparkle

Be glamorous with this silver sparkle inspired French nail tip. Matte white polish is used as the base color of the nails as well as full silver sparkled nail polish. The tips go with silver sparkles that can be perfectly seen even in the dark and from afar.

70 pink french nails

The perfect outdoorsy cute French manicure for you! Adorable pink hues are dominant on this ensemble. Use clear and white polish as the base color while tipping then nails in baby pink. Additional carnation colored roses are drawn over the tips and the nails to exude that summer feeling.

71 3D Flower French Manicure

Amazing almost 3D floral French tips

The nails are coated in clear polish for the base and with plain white polish on the tip. A seemingly huge white rose is on top as if to look like it’s growing right out of your nails.

72 Flag French Manicure

Glitter French nail tips

Coat your nails in matte cream color while tipping them with silver green sparkles and the American flag with sparkles on the blue polish.

Pink and Eiffel Tower - romantic French maricure - 600

Pink and Eiffel Tower – romantic French nail design

White French nails with silver stripes

White French nails with silver stripe tips

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