70 Lovely Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos have been loved and practiced by more and more people. From gender perspective, there are increasing women who get their first tattoos in the last years, including girls. Here girls refer to young and unmarried women who have motion to make their bodies more appealing. A lot of reasons drive girls to get tattoos. A tattoo for girl has become a mark to fashion, attraction and the ideal feminine beauty.

It’s always aspiring to have a very satisfactory tattoo design. To make the design unique and absolutely attractive, make sure you have enough good tattoos ideas for option. These ideas should be those feminine styles that fit to the subject. Think about who you are trying to attract and what meaning the tattoo will express. The second is you got to find a REALLY good artist. If it is the first time for you to get tattoo, it’s the best to start with cute small tattoos, which looks cute and have chance to change.

Tattoos of different designs and the symbols in the design are mostly meaningful. If your choice is to have a tattoo with pure script, that is font or script tattoo, you decide the meaning. Otherwise, for many of graphics tattoos, it’s the best we understand its symbolic meanings before getting the tattoo. This post will showcase 55 beautiful tattoos for girls. The style is perfect for them to feel a little more special and lovely. Hope you could find inspirations for your design. Do Pin it if you love any of the ones.
9 small cross tattoo for girl

Small cross tattoo for girl

2 Dreamcatcher tattoo for girl

Dreamcatcher tattoo for girl

Dreamcatcher is a symbol originated from the Native American dream catcher. It’s a perfect concept for young girls at the dreaming age. The lovely tattoo is hopefully able to “filter” bad dreams and let the good dreams enter the dreams of the girl.

46 tattoo for girl

54 birds tattoo for girl


Flying bird tattoo

I love this sweet and simple updo on the wrist. It’s the small details that make it special.

5 Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbons are tiny ornamental ribands for cloth but rich in symbolic meanings. Awareness ribbons of different colors and patterns may represent different meanings. Cute ribbon tattoos are perfect for girls and women.

8 Heart under foot Tattoo

Heart under foot Tattoo

At the seat of the emotions, the red heart tattoo embellished with green leaves signifies joyful love of the young girl.

3 feather tattoo for girl

feather tattoo for girl

4 Phoenix Tattoo for woman

Phoenix Tattoo for woman

40 thigh tattoo for girl

6 half sleeve tattoo for girl

half sleeve tattoo for girl

The realistic portrait is a snapshot of a fictitious move for a wonder girl. How much love can restart again?

7 love Heart Tattoo on Neck

love Heart Tattoo on Neck

10 tree tattoo for girl

tree tattoo for girl

11 quote tattoo for girl

quote tattoo for girl

12 cute 3D butterfly tattoos for girl

cute 3D butterfly tattoos for girl

13 Heart sleeve Tattoo for girl

Heart sleeve Tattoo for girl

14 music tattoo on ankle

music tattoo on ankle

15 tattoo machine lace tattoo

tattoo machine lace tattoo

16 small bird tattoos for girl1

small bird tattoos for girl

17 small anchor tattoo on wrist

small anchor tattoo on wrist

18 red Ribbon Tattoo

red Ribbon Tattoo

19 script tattoo for girl

19 script tattoo for girl

20 japanese kanji tattoo for girl

japanese kanji tattoo for girl

21 star tattoo for girl

star tattoo for girl

22 cherry tattoo for girl

cherry tattoo for girl

23 scripts tattoo

23 scripts tattoo

24 two hearts

two hearts

25 Pistol lace tattoo

25 Pistol lace tattoo

26 small tree tattoo on neck

small tree tattoo on neck

27 lace tattoo

lace tattoo

28 lily flower on side

lily flower on side

29 Some biology book

Some biology book

30 tree tattoo on black

tree tattoo on black

31 tattoo for girl

tattoo for girl

32 tattoo for girl

tattoo for girl

And I know these dreams will be death of me.

33 Wing Tattoos For Girls

Wing Tattoos For Girls

34 love tattoo For Girls

love tattoo For Girls

35 back tattoos anchors ancora bows tattoo for girls

back tattoos anchors ancora bows tattoo for girls

1 kio fish tattoo for women

kio fish tattoo for women

36 lily and skull tattoo for girl

39 3D tattoo for girl

38 watercolor tattoo for girl

37 Cherry blossoms tattoo for girl1

In Japan, cherry blossoms are called sakura, a flower representing the transience of life because of its short life. The Cherry blossoms tattoo is depicted in obscure and dreamy style, evoking memory of the past time.

41 leg tattoo for girl

49 tattoo for girl

The poppy flower of different colors is often the symbol of remembrance for those lost their lives in the war. The special representation of black and white watercolor with the flying doves over the flowers creates the mood of recalling the past and praying for peace.

48 tattoo girl

47 back tattoo for girl

45 heart tattoo for girl

44 tattoo for girl

43 fox watercolor tattoo for girl

42 halfsleeve tattoo for girl

55 watercolor back tattoo for girl

53 fish tattoo for girl

52 small tattoo for girl

51 tattoo for girl


Nautical compass tattoo

Hopefully to guide the voyage of life for the girl.

50 lily tattoo for girl


Red lily tattoo on the back

The vibrant color and tribal adapted leaves accentuates the beauty of the figure.

Dandelion tattoo behind ear

Dandelion tattoo behind ear

The dropping dandelion, a metaphor or simile of dreams for the girl. The wonder tattoo represents the hope and dreams that come true.

water color music tattoo

Mandala thigh tattoo

Mandala back tattoo for women

Small mandala shoulder tattoo

3D butterfly tattoo

small tree tattoo on wrist

cute anchor wrist tattoo design

butterfly neck tattoo for girls

cute heart tattoo for girls

elephant tattoo for women

palm tree tattoo for girls

tiny birds tattoo for girl

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