45 Purple Background Images

Purple Haven

Purple is one of rare colors in life, which may evoke mysterious feeling and one’s imaginations. Lavender, lilac, violet and gladiolas are flowers to admire. so are the graphics designed in purple background. The purple color is often associated with royalty, nobility, power.

Purple and nobility is a gorgeous combination in various designs. Purple dresses or wedding are considered as royal and classy. Purple is a great color if you are looking to add a romantic and luxurious feel in your bedroom. Purple backgrounds and wallpapers could also serve these purposes in graphics and web design. Here I will show you 50+ examples of the cool purple background images I came across for your work.

Premade Background 29


Berlin flowers


Purple haze


Purple sky background


Purple Background


Cloud Gazing


Colorful Curves


when colour fades


Purple Background


Purple Background


Light Purple Background


Purple carnation in a vase Wallpaper


Mac Os X Mountain Lion wallpaper


Mystery Crash Free Texture


Macro, Drops


Purple Background


purple rain


Purple Space Background


Purple Background


Purple Background


Purple Flower Background


Premade Backround Purple Delight


Purple Dream

Flowers with droplets


premade Background hR6


3D Background Purple HD Pictures


Purple Pattern Background


Purple Typography Background


Purple and Yellow Forest


Purple strips




Purple Background


Twilight Purple Background HD

Purple Background


Purple Background


Purple Background




Purple Background

Purple Background

iPhone & iPad Wallpaper – Purple


Purple Background


Purple Background

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