Cute nails 101

Cute nails are a key player in the realm of beauty. As a matter of fact, they can easily become the decisive element, the detail that defines your look. The reason is related to the fact that, whether you like or not, you really can’t hide your hands. Think about it for a minute or two.

What is the first action you do when you meet someone? You probably shake the other person’s hand, or maybe you hug him/her or you wave your hand to say hi. As you can see, no matter the level of intimacy you share with the person you meet, you will use your hands to either introduce yourself or communicate something. And communication is precisely the galaxy where hands are quite indispensable.

Cute nails talk, quite literally. They say who you are, how was your week and what plans you have for the evening. They reveal your mood, your personality and your audacity. The first thing you should do, then, is taking care of them, unless you don’t care at all about what your body says to the people around you… but psychology teaches us everyone cares when it comes to presenting ourselves to others.

If your nails are healthy and good-looking, you can focus on colours and designs. Choose something sweet and simple and your nails will scream “I am cute and sociable”. You can also follow the seasons, opting for the brightest colours during the summer and choosing something softer for spring, fall and winter.

Remember: you have the right to be cute on your own terms! Follow your imagination and your taste. If you have a favourite colour, use it. If you like elegant outfits, explore the realm of the best french manicure and try the cutest styles. If you are a rebel, choose something funny and colourful. In other words… be your-cute-self!

fairy tale nail art 600

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