40 Awesome Horse Tattoos

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Humans always view animals differently if there are echoes of common values and spirits discovered from the animals. Animals are the source of artistic creations not only for painters, illustrators, sculptors, but also for tattoo artists. We have showcased animal tattoos of tiger, lion, etc. on this blog. Here I will continue our exploration of animal themed tattoos by showcasing a list of horse tattoos.

Horses are good friends of human being and have accompanied the mankind for thousands of years. Horses had long been domesticated for their express running speed and mild temperament. Horses were developed as the main transportation method in ancient times. Cavalry were historically the most mobile combat forces, who were enabled to fight from the back of a horse. There’s no doubt horses had played important role in the history of human development.

The meaning of the horse varies depending on cultures or countries. Throughout the history, the horse is always associated with victory, honor and loyalty as it’s indispensable in the war. With war. In Celtic mythology, a mythic figure in the Mabinogion collection of legends, rides a “pale-white” horse, who’s linked to the Romano-Celtic fertility horse goddess Epona.

In Hindu, Hayagriva, a horse god is worshiped as the God of knowledge and wisdom, with a human body and a horse’s head, brilliant white in color, with white garments and seated on a white lotus.

In Chinese culture, horse is listed at the seventh among 12 Chinese zodiac signs. If looking from the hours of a day, horse sign represents 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, when the sun shines out the greatest rays of light. A horse which is capable of running 1000 miles is the metaphor of a talented person.

So what symbolic meanings we can we learn from horses? It’s definitely worthy to get a horse tattoo if you agree with the representations.

  • Nobility
  • victory
  • honor
  • loyalty
  • Fertility
  • Strength
  • Freedom

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3D horse tattoo for womenPin It

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3D horse thigh tattooPin It

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inkPin It

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watercolor horse tattoo on backPin It

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