140 Outline Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

Imagine the world of art stripped to its bare essentials—the raw, unadorned skeleton that holds everything together. That’s the realm of outline tattoos, a style where the flourish of colors and the complication of shades take a step back, revealing the pure form and contour. This minimalist tattoo trend is not just a passing fad but a statement of enduring appeal, captivating the hearts of ink enthusiasts across the globe. It’s art in its most primal form, resonating with the modern soul’s craving for simplicity.

The Essence of Outline Tattoos

What exactly are outline tattoos? At their core, they are the blueprints of the tattoo world—a single, continuous line that defines a shape or image without shading, gradients, or color fill-ins. Their minimalist nature isn’t just visually striking; it’s also symbolic of a deeper, more introspective narrative. An outline tattoo offers a sleek, uncluttered look that’s as versatile as it is timeless. It crosses gender boundaries, embracing a unisex appeal that makes it a universal choice for anyone looking to make a statement that is both subtle and potent.

Historical Significance

The lineage of outline tattoos can be traced back to the ancient civilizations that first marked their skin. From the tribal bands of indigenous cultures to the intricate geometries of ancient Egypt, outline tattoos have long been a method of conveying identity, status, and stories. As we shifted into an era of modern minimalism, these tattoos evolved, becoming a canvas for personal expression and a nod to the enduring human connection with simplicity and form.

Popular Designs and Their Meanings

The beauty of outline tattoos lies in their versatility. They can capture the essence of almost any subject in a clean, distilled form. Let’s delve into some popular designs and their underlying meanings:

Animal Outline Tattoos

From the majestic roar of a lion to the steady gait of a turtle, animal tattoos are a tribute to the characteristics we admire in our wild counterparts. They are symbols of strength, freedom, and spirituality.

A woman hugging a leopard

A woman huging a leopard outline tattoo

Imagine an outline of a woman in a serene embrace with a majestic leopard. This design is a powerful symbol of harmony between humans and nature, the unity of strength and grace. It’s a statement of respect for the wild and a reminder of the untamed spirit that resides within us all. The simplicity of the outline artfully captures the intricate spots of the leopard, creating a sense of intimacy and protection.

Grizzly bear outline tattoo

Grizzly bear outline tattoo

koi fish

koi fish outline tattoo

Koi fish are not just ornamental creatures; they’re laden with symbolism—courage, perseverance, and good fortune. An outline koi fish tattoo, with its smooth and curving lines, suggests movement and grace. It’s a design that flows with your body’s contours, a constant stream of inspiration to navigate the waters of life with resilience and poise.

Scorpion and lily

Scorpion and lily outline tattoo

Combine the dangerous allure of a scorpion with the delicate beauty of a lily, and you’ve got a tattoo that’s both striking and symbolic. The scorpion, with its deadly grace, is often associated with protection and strength, while the lily is a symbol of purity and renewal. This juxtaposition in an outline form creates a compelling narrative—a balance of power and finesse, of danger and elegance.

Abstract chameleon

Abstract chameleon outline tattoo on green watercolor backdrop

Chameleons are nature’s masters of disguise, and an abstract chameleon outline tattoo pays homage to this enigmatic creature. Set against a lush green watercolor backdrop, the chameleon’s outline emerges, a symbol of adaptability and transformation. The watercolor adds a dynamic element, suggesting the chameleon’s ability to change, while the outline keeps it sharp and focused. This tattoo idea is for those who thrive on change and embrace their many shades.

Abstract spider

Abstract spider outline tattoo

Spiders might send shivers down some spines, but they’re also symbols of creativity and intricate craftsmanship. An abstract spider outline tattoo is a nod to those who appreciate the spider’s skill and patience. It’s minimalist, it’s edgy, and it’s a little bit gothic—a bold choice for anyone who respects the spider’s tenacity and the delicate art of weaving dreams into reality.

Anime Character Outline Tattoos

A single line can bring an anime character to life, encapsulating the vibrant stories and emotional journeys of our favorite series. These tattoos often represent a personal connection to the character’s traits or story.

Chameleon outline hand tattoo

Chameleon outline hand tattoo

A chameleon doesn’t just change its color; it captures the essence of transformation. A chameleon outline tattoo on your hand is not just an ode to this adaptive creature but can also represent your love for the ever-evolving nature of anime characters. It’s a subtle nod to growth and change, two elements that are often central to anime storylines.

Ghost outline tattoo

Ghost outline tattoo

Embrace the ethereal side of anime with a ghost outline tattoo. This minimalist design can embody the spirits found in numerous anime, representing the unseen forces and the mysteries that often drive the plots. Whether it’s a friendly apparition or a symbol of the lingering past, a ghost outline tattoo is a conversation starter—spooky, spirited, and special.

Kaonashi outline back of arm tattoo

Kaonashi outline back of arm tattoo

“Kaonashi,” also known as No Face from the acclaimed film “Spirited Away,” is a character that’s as mysterious as it is iconic. An outline tattoo of No Face on the back of your arm serves as a haunting reminder of the depths of character development in anime. It’s minimalist, yes, but it’s also incredibly expressive—a silent character that speaks volumes.

No Face outline tattoo

No Face outline tattoo

There’s no character that says “comfort” quite like Totoro. A Totoro with an umbrella outline tattoo is the perfect choice for those who want to carry a piece of this gentle giant with them. It’s a heartwarming design that encapsulates the innocence and adventure of childhood—a protective spirit watching over you, come rain or shine.

Totoro with umbrella outline tattoo

Totoro with umbrella outline tattoo

Calcifer, the fiery little demon from “Howl’s Moving Castle,” may be small, but he’s got a big personality. An outline tattoo of a hand holding Calcifer can symbolize the fire within your soul. It’s a playful design that pays tribute to the sass and resilience of one of anime’s most memorable sidekicks.

A hand holding Calcifer outline tattoo

A hand holding Calcifer outline tattoo

Alice outline tattoo with the quote Curiouser and Curiouser

Alice outline tattoo with the quote Curiouser and Curiouser

Anime often takes us on surreal journeys, similar to Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. An Alice outline tattoo, accompanied by the quote “Curiouser and curiouser,” captures the sense of wonder and the quest for understanding that many anime narratives invoke. It’s a design that’s both nostalgic and inspiring, encouraging you to keep exploring uncharted territories.

Bart Simpson outline tattoo

Bart Simpson outline tattoo

While not traditionally anime, Bart Simpson has become a global icon, including in the anime fan community. A Bart Simpson outline tattoo showcases the rebellious, fun-loving spirit that many anime characters embody. It’s a playful tribute to the rule-breakers and the free spirits, and let’s face it, it’s just plain cool.

Capybara and bird bold outline tattoo on thigh

Capybara and bird bold outline tattoo on thigh

The capybara, known for its calm demeanor, alongside a small bird, makes for a striking tattoo design. This pairing can symbolize harmony and friendship, themes often explored in anime. A bold outline tattoo of a capybara and bird on your thigh is a statement piece that’s as meaningful as it is visually arresting.

Bird Outline Tattoos

Birds in flight are a metaphor for aspiration and the human spirit’s unyielding desire for freedom. The simplicity of a bird’s outline tattoo can be a powerful reminder of one’s own dreams and ambitions.

Geometric Flamingo outline tattoo

Hummingbird outline ankle tattoo

Three birds perched on branch outline tattoo

Bold eagle line work back tattoo

Falcon outline tattoo on side

Geometric Dove outline tattoo

Butterfly Outline Tattoos

The transformative journey of a butterfly from a caterpillar is a fitting symbol for change and beauty. An outline of this delicate creature can signify personal growth or a metamorphosis.

Caterpillar to butterfly outline tattoo

Fine line red butterfly wrist tattoo

Red skull butterfly outline tattoo

Simple semicolon butterfly outline tattoo

Snowflake and butterfly outline tattoo

Butterfly bold outline tattoo

Butterfly outline tattoo on both hands

Butterfly white ink outline tattoo

Cat Outline Tattoos

Cats, with their nine lives, are often associated with mystery and independence. An outline cat tattoo can be a nod to one’s own stealthy and self-sufficient nature.

Love cats line work tattoo

Loving cats outline tattoo

Three cat outline ankle tattoo

Two cats outline tattoo

Yin Yang Cat silhouette and outline tattoo

Cat outline tattoo on shoulder blade

Cat outline upper arm tattoo

Cat playing acrobatics outline tattoo

Floral cat and paw print outline tattoo

Cherub Outline Tattoos

These celestial beings represent innocence and God’s presence. A cherub outline can be a subtle expression of faith or a reminder of lost innocence.

Cherub sleeping on cloud outline tattoo

Sleeping cherub outline tattoo above elbow

Cherub Angels Kissing outline tattoo

Cherub outline matching tattoos

Chrysanthemum Outline Tattoos

In many cultures, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of rebirth and longevity. An outline of this flower can encapsulate the beauty of life and the cycles of the natural world.

Crescent moon and Chrysanthemum outline tattoo above elbow

Two chrysanthemums outline tattoo on each leg

chrysanthemum elbow outline tattoo

Outline Dog Tattoos

A dog is a symbol of unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. An outline of man’s best friend can be a tribute to a beloved pet or the qualities of loyalty and companionship.

Cat and dog with halo and heart outline bicep tattoo

Heat with dog outline tattoo

Paw print outline tattoo

Sleeping dog with wing outline tattoo

Dog outline with heart and butterfly tattoo

Love dog and paw print outline tattoo behind ear

Cat and dog with par prints outline

Dog and grass outline tattoo

Dolphin Outline Tattoos

Dolphins are often associated with playfulness and intelligence. An outline tattoo of this joyful creature can express a love for the ocean or a playful spirit.

Abstract dolphin outline with shooting star tattoo

Dolphin and wave outline tattoo

Dragon Outline Tattoos

Dragons are mythical creatures that signify strength, wisdom, and power. An outline of a dragon can be a statement of courage and an indomitable will.

Outline red dragon tattoo pon full back

simple dragon outline tattoo

Geisha and dragon outline tattoo

Floral Outline Tattoos

Floral tattoos are a timeless choice, but when stripped down to their bare lines, they become intriguingly modern. Imagine a single rose, outlined with such precision that you can almost smell its sweet fragrance. Or consider a daisy chain, wrapping around your wrist in a delicate embrace. Floral outline tattoos can represent growth, a love for nature, or simply the joy of life itself.

Outline Jasmine tattoo

Outline Jasmine tattoo

The jasmine flower is more than just a pretty face; it’s a symbol of love, beauty, and sensuality. An outline jasmine tattoo, with its delicate petals and intoxicating fragrance captured in ink, can be a subtle yet striking nod to the softer side of nature. It’s perfect for those who carry the scent of mystery and the allure of the night where jasmine blooms best.

Black and white flower bud outline tattoo

Black and white flower bud outline tattoo

Imagine a single flower bud, captured just before it blooms—this is the essence of a black and white flower bud outline tattoo. It’s a symbol of potential, of things yet to come. This design resonates with those on the brink of a new chapter, a personal spring waiting to unfurl. Plus, the stark contrast of black ink on skin highlights the intricate form of a bud’s promise.

Flower and leaves Libra outline sternum tattoo

Flower and leaves Libra outline sternum tattoo

For those enchanted by the stars and the stories they tell, a flower and leaves Libra outline tattoo on the sternum marries celestial wonder with earthly beauty. This design is more than just a tattoo; it’s a seamless blend of symbolism where the balance of Libra meets the organic growth of flora. It’s an inked equilibrium, a centerpiece that can ground you and guide you.

Calla lily arm tattoo

Outline geometric calla lily arm tattoo

The calla lily is a flower that embodies both grace and style, and when rendered in a geometric outline, it becomes a modern masterpiece. An outline geometric calla lily tattoo on the arm is for those who appreciate the intersection of nature and design. It’s the perfect blend of organic meets architectural, a statement piece that’s as bold as it is beautiful.

hydrangea tattoo

Outline hydrangea tattoo

A hydrangea isn’t just another garden variety; it’s a lush cluster of flowers that symbolizes gratitude, grace, and abundance. An outline hydrangea tattoo is like a whispered thank-you to the skin—a testament to the fullness of life and the intricate connections between us. It’s a design that can sprawl across a shoulder or nestle discreetly on an ankle, versatile in its expression.

Leaping with Style

A frog outline tattoo is not only unique but also rich with meaning. Frogs are often symbols of transformation and adaptability, thanks to their lifecycle and ability to live both in water and on land. An outline of a frog can be a quirky yet profound reminder to embrace change with grace.

Frog outline tattoo with quote I Love You and There is nothing YOu can do about it

Frog outline tattoo with quote The eyes chico They never lie

Frog on lotus leaf outline tattoo

Fruit Outline Tattoos

Fruit outline tattoos are for those who carry a zest for life. A simple apple outline can symbolize knowledge; a bunch of grapes might represent abundance. These tattoos are often chosen for their cute and playful appearance, but they can also hold a deeper personal significance.

pomegranate outline tattoo

Pumpkin line work tattoo

Lemon outline tattoo

Outline strawberry tattoo

Expressive Gestures

There’s something deeply personal about a hand outline tattoo. It could be your own hand, reaching out for dreams, or the hand of a loved one, symbolizing support and connection. These tattoos can be a subtle way to express your innermost feelings without saying a word.

Hands outline tattoo with phrase YOUR JUDGMENT

Little finger connecting line matching tattoos

Hand gun outline tattoo

Heart Outline Tattoos

The heart is the universal symbol of love, and an outline heart tattoo is an undiluted expression of passion. But beyond love, heart outline tattoos can also signify life’s heartbeat, a reminder to live fully and love fiercely.

Pumpkin web leaves heart outline tattoo

Three love heart symbols outline tattoo with date

Dolphin and heart outline tattoo above elbow

Love hearts with rose outline tattoo with date

Iris Outline Tattoo

An iris outline tattoo is a nod to royalty and eloquence. The iris, named after the Greek goddess who connected the gods to humanity, can be a symbol of communication and messages. This design whispers of wisdom, and when inked onto skin, it can serve as an emblem of your own personal story.

Iris outline back of arm tattoo

Outline iris tattoo

Marine Mystery

Jellyfish are ethereal creatures, and their outline tattoos capture this otherworldly beauty. They can represent calmness, grace under pressure, and even immortality. A jellyfish tattoo is perfect for those who find peace in the ebb and flow of life’s currents.

Simple jellyfish outline tattoo

Stylized jellyfish outline tattoo

Lily of the Valley Outline Tattoos

Lilies of the valley are delicate to the eye, but these flowers are tough at heart. An outline tattoo of this bloom is a testament to the idea that strength often lies beneath a gentle appearance. It’s a choice for those who appreciate the balance of resilience and grace.

Lily of the valley outline arm tattoo

Simple lily of the valley in bottle outline tattoo

Lily of the valley line work ankle tattoo

Medusa Outline Tattoos

Medusa tattoos are bold, striking, and filled with ancient stories. As an outline tattoo, Medusa can symbolize transformation and female power. This design dares the observer to look beyond the surface, to find the depth in simplicity.

Simple Medusa outline tattoo

Minimalist medusa outline tattoo below inner elbow

Phoenix Outline Tattoos

The phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from its ashes, symbolizes rebirth, resilience, and the cyclical nature of life. An outline tattoo of a phoenix is not just a beautiful piece of art; it’s a powerful personal emblem of overcoming adversity. With each line, it tells a story of fiery spirit and renewal, a narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever faced and risen above challenges.

Phoenix outline tattoo with feathers

Simple abstract phoenix outline tattoo

Puzzle Outline Tattoo

Life is a puzzle, and we’re all searching for the piece that completes the picture. A puzzle outline tattoo is a metaphor for finding where you fit in the grand scheme of things. It can also symbolize the interconnectedness of life’s elements or celebrate the unique bond between loved ones. It’s a design that’s both playful and profound, just like the puzzles that captivate us.

Puzzle outline tattoo behind ear

Two puzzle pieces outline tattoo

Rose Outline Tattoos

Roses are classic symbols of love and beauty, but as outline tattoos, they’re transformed into something more versatile. An outline rose can be delicate or bold, a single stem or a bouquet, and each variation speaks to a different aspect of the wearer’s personality. Whether it’s a symbol of passion, a tribute to a loved one, or simply a statement of appreciation for nature’s perfection, a rose outline tattoo is perennially chic.

Rose and dagger outline tattoo

Rose and female face outline tattoo

Rose outline palm tattoo

Rose outline tattoo on middle finger

Rose outline tattoo with words along spine

Rose outline with infinity stem

Rose outline with swirling stem tattoo on side of middle finger

Tiny rose outline tattoo behind ear

A hand holding a rose outline tattoo

Outline rose tattoo in index finger

Red rose outline neck tattoo

Skull Outline Tattoos

Skull tattoos might sound morbid to the uninitiated, but in the ink world, they’re anything but. A skull outline tattoo serves as a memento mori—a reminder of our own mortality and the importance of living life to the fullest. It’s a celebration of life as much as it is an acknowledgment of death, and it’s as bold as it is philosophical.

Skull outline tattoo above elbow

Small Skull outline with flowers tattoo

Skull outline arm tattoo

Snake Outline Tattoos

Snakes are creatures shrouded in symbolism, representing everything from temptation and danger to healing and transformation. An outline tattoo of a snake is a sinuous, winding story that wraps around the skin, alluding to the wearer’s potent personal mythology. It’s mysterious, it’s edgy, and it’s undeniably cool.

Outline rose and snake tattoo on the back

Outline snake and apple tattoo

Pink rose and snake outline tattoo

Red cobra outline tattoo on the side of hip

Snake outline tattoo

Cobra outline lower leg tattoo

Double snake outline tattoo

Outline cobra and flower back tattoo

Sun and Moon Outline Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos bring together two opposing forces in a harmonious design that speaks of balance and unity. Outlined, these celestial bodies become even more striking, their iconic shapes a dance of light and dark, day and night. It’s a design that captures the yin and yang of the cosmos, mirrored in the duality of human nature.

Half sun solar system outline tattoo

Moon sun stars with love symbols outline tattoo

Solar system outline forearm tattoo

Abstract sun face outline tattoo

Half Sun half moon face outline tattoo

Tulip Outline Tattoo

Tulips may not carry the dramatic weight of roses or lilies, but as outline tattoos, they are symbols of elegance and understated charm. Originating from the Ottoman Empire and made famous by the Dutch, tulips can signify deep love, indulgence, or even just a penchant for the finer things in life. An outline tulip tattoo is perfect for those who carry a quiet strength and a love for simplicity.

Tulip outline tattoo

Tulip outline wrist tattoo

Outline tulip tattoo on forehand

Tulip outline forearm tattoo

Simple tulip outline tattoo

Tulip and butterfly outline tattoo

Tulip outline shoulder tattoo

Water Lily Outline Tattoos

Water lilies are the flowers of serene ponds, floating effortlessly on the water’s surface. As an outline tattoo, a water lily is a poetic nod to peace, purity, and the beauty of nature. It’s a favorite among those who seek a design that captures the tranquil side of life, those who find their calm among the gentle waves.

Water lily outline tattoo above elbow

Water lily outline tattoo on the wrist

Simple water lily outline back tattoo

Woman Outline Tattoo

A woman’s outline tattoo is a celebration of the female form in all its diverse beauty. It can be a powerful feminist statement, a tribute to the divine feminine, or a personal reflection of one’s own identity. This design is all about empowerment, capturing the essence of womanhood in a single, flowing contour.

Female face with rose and her fingers outline tattoo

Mother and daughter outline back tattoo

Sisters outline tattoos

A woman outline with a mushroom

Abstract human face outline tattoo

Ancient Scripts on Skin

Hieroglyphics outline arm tattoo

This design depicts a band of ancient hieroglyphics wrapping around your arm. Each symbol represents a mysterious piece of a long-lost language. An outline tattoo of hieroglyphics is not just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a nod to history, to the civilizations that came before us, and perhaps to a personal connection you feel to the past. It’s a conversation starter, an artifact on your own body, telling tales of old in the modern world.

Globe map outline tattoo

Globe map outline tattoo

For the travelers at heart, a globe map outline tattoo is the epitome of wanderlust. It’s a declaration of a love for travel, an open invitation to conversation about your adventures, or the places you dream of visiting. The intricate lines of continents and oceans etched onto your skin are a constant reminder that the world is vast and waiting to be explored.

Electric guitar outline with watercolor backdrop tattoo

Electric guitar outline with watercolor backdrop tattoo

Music lovers, here’s one for you—an electric guitar outline set against a vibrant watercolor backdrop. The contrast between the sharp lines of the guitar and the free-flowing colors behind it creates a tattoo that’s as much a piece of art as it is a tribute to the music that moves you. It’s a symbol of passion, creativity, and the rock and roll spirit that perhaps resonates within.

The Storm Within

Cloud and lightning bolt outline tattoo

There’s a raw power in the image of a cloud with a lightning bolt, and as an outline tattoo, it’s both dramatic and subtle. It could represent the storms you’ve weathered in life, the electric charge of your own energy, or simply a fascination with the forces of nature. Either way, it’s a design that’s as impactful as the natural phenomenon it represents.

Macabre Melody

Skeleton band outline tattoo

Why not bring the Day of the Dead to life on your skin with a skeleton band outline tattoo? It’s an offbeat and whimsical choice, a little bit gothic, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a whole lot of fun. It’s a celebration of life and death, and of music as a force that transcends both.

Divine Feline

Bastet outline upper arm tattoo

The Egyptian goddess Bastet, depicted as a lioness or a woman with the head of a lioness, is a symbol of protection, fertility, and motherhood. An outline tattoo of Bastet on the upper arm can be a powerful symbol of your own strength and femininity, or a protective talisman to carry with you.

Skeleton Adam hands with sun outline tattoo

Skeleton Adam hands with sun outline tattoo

Inspired by Michelangelo’s iconic “The Creation of Adam,” a tattoo of two skeleton hands reaching towards each other with a sun outline in the background is a striking image. It’s a blend of art history, spirituality, and a touch of the macabre. This tattoo could signify a personal renaissance or a connection to something greater than yourself.

Simple family outline tattoo on watercolor backdrop

Simple family outline tattoo on watercolor backdrop

Family is often at the heart of who we are, and a simple family outline tattoo on a watercolor backdrop is a beautiful way to honor those bonds. It could be as straightforward as the classic stick figure representation of your family, or a more abstract representation. The watercolor element adds a softness and depth, symbolizing the complexity and beauty of familial relationships.

Shamrock outline tattoo on the back of neck

Shamrock outline tattoo on the back of neck

In search of a bit of good fortune? A shamrock outline tattoo on the back of your neck is a discreet yet powerful symbol of luck. It’s a little charm, hidden away, but ever-present. Whether you have Irish roots or just a belief in the power of luck, this tattoo is a small token of faith that good things are coming.

Outline snowflake tattoo

Outline snowflake tattoo

No two snowflakes are the same, and an outline snowflake tattoo is a celebration of individuality and the beauty of asymmetry. It’s a reminder of the winter’s chill, of the uniqueness of nature’s designs, and perhaps of a cold season in your life that has shaped who you are. Delicate and detailed, a snowflake tattoo is a whisper of nature in ink form.

The Process of Getting an Outline Tattoo

Getting an outline tattoo is a dance of precision. The artist’s needle moves with the meticulousness of a calligrapher, etching a continuous line with unwavering focus. It’s a skill that demands not just a steady hand, but also an intimate understanding of the design’s flow and the skin’s response. The artist must be a master of control, as there is no shading or color to hide behind—only the purity of an unbroken line.

Placement Considerations

The placement of an outline tattoo is as crucial as the design itself. Popular spots include the wrist, forearm, back, and ankle—each offering a different canvas for the tattoo’s statement. Visibility is key; areas that allow for the full appreciation of the tattoo’s simplicity are often chosen. Pain is also a factor—the thinner the skin, the greater the discomfort, but that’s a small price to pay for art that speaks without shouting.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist

In the world of outline tattoos, the artist is your guide. Their portfolio is your roadmap, showcasing their journey through lines and curves. When hunting for the perfect tattooist, scrutinize their work for clean, crisp lines and a confident stroke. An experienced artist in outline tattoos will display a gallery where simplicity sings and complexity takes a bow. They should have a keen eye for detail and a portfolio that boasts of designs similar to the one you desire.


Outline tattoos are more than just a trend; they’re a testament to the timeless allure of simplicity. They remind us that sometimes, less is truly more, and that a single line can speak volumes. As you embark on your journey to ink your skin with an outline tattoo, remember to choose a design that resonates with your inner narrative and an artist whose skill can do justice to your vision. In the world of outline tattoos, you’re not just wearing art—you’re carrying a piece of the eternal, one line at a time.

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