45 Chic Classy Nail Designs

Always modern nude color on almond shape of the nails will look beautiful on every hand.

In this article we will talk about the most modern nails and what kind of manicure will not pass unnoticed in the near future. Colors, sparkles, current shape of the nails – these are all facts on what you need to pay attention if you are the right trendsetters and strictly take care of your overall appearance. Women are created to look nice and neat. Always dedicate time to yourself at least two hours during the week and you will see a change.

The black color is back in a big way in the fashion world. Black eye shadow,dark lipstick and even a black, or black lacquer on the nails are details which are an absolute hit. You do not have all your nails to paint in black, for example, only a few, two or four black nails will be enough or simply put on your nails black details like black rhinestones, black dots, black stickers… For nails that you have colored with colorless nail polish it will be sufficient black line or rhinestone to look modern.

The trendy look of the nails you will achieve if the root of your nails paint in a different color than the color that is dominant in your manicure. Golden glitter varnish or gel on the nail will make any combination better and more attractive.

French manicure is evergreen and classic in the world of manicures. With it, your hands will always look nice and neat, and you will be able to combine it with almost any outfits. This spring you can your manicure to refresh with some cheerful colors that you can, instead of white color, to put on top of your nails. Add more after that rhinestones, silver line between the upper and lower manicure colors…

Neutral colors and nude colors are gentle. Your hands will look very gently and cared with this manicure so be free to make decision for this colors. These soft shades are simply always modern, easy to combine with any outfit with no errors. It is evergreen in fashion world as French manicure.

This spring you can feel free to wear more effective colors and to combining those several different colors into various geometric shapes or on some similar way. As for metallic shades in manicure, they remain to dominate on the fashion scene, to attract attention, to every outfit make more effective and more glamorous, but at the same time and rebellious.

The choices we make in our lives are a reflection of our character and tell a lot about us. Maybe to someone it sounds funny, but it how we are dressed, how we combine the colors, what makeup we have chosen, is connected with our characters and describes it. Psychologists from those our choices can see a lot about us. Therefore, it is important to look after our appearance. When you get up in the morning, put powder or mascara and fix your hair. You will be full of confidence and all day will be painted with the most beautiful colors.

Combinations of white and pink is always feminine. Mirror effect on the nails can be achieved by using Chrome Mirror Nail Magic Powder.Your nails will shine and you will be delighted.

Clean gray color is a little bit cold for my taste, however, if a slightly you refresh it with sequins it will seem much better.

These nails will be good choice for employed woman who loves elegance and wears clothes of different colors. Beige is easy to combine.

French manicure done by applying ombre technique and enriched with sticker of roses and sparkling sequins on ring finger’s nail. Very classy.

Black manicure enriched with silver pyramids on the middle of the nail is a good example how to combine black with other colors.

A lot of beauticians select manicure in which one nail is painted in different color. That color must, of course nice to be combined with color which dominates.

Eternal French manicure with beautiful painted detail on two fingers of both hands. This manicure you can take with every outfit, at any time of day.

Two cold and somehow boring colors give something quite the opposite – an interesting and modern combination that will gladly take all the fans of these two completely opposite colors.

If you are not sure how to decorate your manicure in one color, easily adorn it with rhinestones and immediately it will look different.

Stripes are modern when we talk about wardrobe, but also and when we talk about manicure. If you have a wide nails stripes need to be drawn straight – that will visually narrow the nail, and if you have a narrow nails horizontal lines will be the right choice.

If you are planning to visit a nice and warm place by the sea, choose this manicure. White and blue colors remind me on the sea waves.

On the matte color of the nail always will nicely stand some shiny detail. In this case, that is the rhinestones on the ring finger!

Darker or brighter purple color can be nicely combined with silver glittery nail polish.

Very gentle ombre made of nude colors to white with a very mild and imperceptible transition. Gold line in the middle of the nail is responsible for luxurious look of manicure.

Opposites attract each other. This is the main rule what is respected in this manicure definitely.

Blue and pink colors are always beautiful combination. Somehow this combination can compete with the black and white combination. The transition from pink to blue is a gentle and subtle and the two colors are literally spilling over into each other.

Spring is characterized by pastel colors so if you decide for pastel tones like these in the last two pictures you will for sure be a style icon.

This form of nail visually lengthened fingers and it will stand nice on people with short fingers. If it doesn’t interfere with everyday activities freely choose this length.

Marble nail appearance is increasingly popular choice of ladies all over the world.

If you decide to use a neutral color for nails, gently and discreet add her some black detail – a triangle, a line, a point and your nails will not be boring at all .

To ladies who have an elongated nail plate will stand nice square shape of nails while to those ladies with wide nail plate we recommend rounder shape because it will visually narrow a little bit nail plate.

When we arrange nails alone in our home, we often forget the cuticles. Professionals in salons cuticles mandatory treat with adequate resources, push with sticks, and nicely sharpened nail plate. This part of hand care we often ignore but it is very important if we want our hands to look nice.

Short nails are especially practical for women who work on computers a lot and need a fast beat. The arms will seem neat and length enough.

Soft pink color in combination with this shape of the nail, is choice of ladies with style who likes to be feminine at all times.

Moderate length of nails. Earth tones are popular for several seasons in a row – so that when we talk about the manicure.

Matte red color is extravagant, and her extravagance even more coming to the fore when it comes to this length of nails.

There are special oils for the care of the cuticle that will make your cuticles softer, and with continued use prevent their formation. It is very important to nurture this area because without it’s care, beautiful nails can never come to the fore.

Winter is slowly passing so dark blue color we combined with a light beige shade. For this transition period this will be a great manicure.

If your nails are weak do not color them with ordinary nail polish. Instead of it put gel on your nails. Your nails will be stronger, and the color will last a long time, until you decide that you need to do correction.

Geometric shapes and lines – vertical and horizontal are advice of many professionals. A black manicure for beautiful spring days I do not like very much, but it is good to be refreshed with some light color. It will be more appropriate.

Pure elegance on the nails. Most stable technique is gel on your nails, so it is best to decide for it. You’ll be spared the full three weeks of painting the nails.

Two techniques wisely embedded – the root of the nail in a different color and black details on the nails. Gel or nail polish with diamond brilliance will contribute to the overall appearance a lot.

Royal blue color enriched with disco look on some nails. The dark colors of winter slowly being replaced with joyful summer colors.

If you are a fan of black nail polish, add a little tinsel and rhinestones and you will get immediately more festive look.

Almond nail design is good because it lengthened fingers but this form of nails is more susceptible to breaking.

If you have nails of medium length or long nails this form will nicely stand to your hands. This form is very popular when the ladies are doing a French manicure.

Gentle ombre from gray through pink to white color enriched with pink rhinestones.

French manicure doesn’t always need to be a combination of light pink and white color. Here is on top of nail instead of white exploited black color and the effect is great.

OPI nail polishes have excellent quality, they are long-lasting nail polishes and do not lose their shine. They belong to the world-famous brand. If you are a good drawer, draw the pattern on your nails, and for those a little worse drawers there are stickers for this purpose.

Oval nails in light pink color enriched with parts in the natural color of the nail. Excellent for those who have a little elongated nail plate.

One nail full with rhinestones will be enough for festive and glamorous look of manicure.

Beige color on forefinger with golden detail, has nice influence on other matte red nails. Royal red color is evergreen, and it will always be a choice of ladies with style.

Forms of nails and colors of the nails that are popular are changing constantly, however, there are some classics like this shape which has been since ever popular.

This shallow French manicure will visually elongate your fingers and nails. At the same time it is very fashionable and good for every occasion.

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