30+ Incredible Lizard Tattoos with Meanings

Lizard is a popular reptile that has culture significance in many civilizations. Lizard tattoos are not considered as one of popular tattoo ideas. Those who get the lizard tattoos love the unique meanings the creature represents.

Lizard is a cold-blooded animal which has been thought to be flexible and adaptive to extreme environment. In the legend of Rome, the lizard slept throughout the winter and symbolize death and resurrection. Lizard Tattoos are reminding to the meanings of adaptation, variation and flexibility.

There are two popular lizards that can be portrayed in different tattoo designs – the Gecko and Chameleon. The Gecko is known for its ability to stick to nearly anything in Polynesian culture. In the Pacific, the green Gecko is often treated as a symbol of bad omen or bad luck. The Chameleon is known for its ability to blend in the environment around it. The chameleon tattoos are often rendered in beautiful, colorful, and unique styles.

Like other animal tattoos, lizard Tattoos are portrayed as realistic 3D tattoos, or in other popular tattoo styles such as tribal or Celtic. Lizard Tattoos fit to both men and women. Large lizard tattoos could be inked on the back. A lot of them are inked on sleeves, foot in terms of placement. If you are looking for inspiration of your lizard tattoos, here’s a collection of 30+ incredible designs.


Lizard Dreams– Polynesian Tattoo



Colored Lizard Tattoo


Chameleon – Collaboration 12


Blindspot Gecko





3D Lizard tattoo



Tribal Lizard Tattoo on Back



Rose lizard tattoo







lizard tribal tattoo





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