40 Shell Tattoos Make You Wonder Sea Life

A shell is a hard, protective outer layer of some sea creatures, such as marine mollusks, bivalves, conch, scallop, nautilus, or other sea snails. The shell of these creatures is part of their skeletal system for muscle encase body and organisms, but also for protection from predators and scuffing of body. Shell tattoo is among the rare topics people used for tattooing. Seashell tattoo is one of marine inspired tattoos loved by people who are font of ocean and sea life.

The most of shell mollusks live in marine waters although some of them live in fresh water. Many sea shells could be found in the sandy beach. These animals could be our favorite sea food on the table. The shells of most species are spirally coiled and remains perfectly symmetric, which had long been used as the raw materials for making handcrafts or artwork. Some species are also found in the design of sea life tattoos. Let’s explore any symbolic meanings related to the shells.


Conch is a marine mollusk living in tropical waters with a spiral shell and cone shape at one end. The queen conch is known to be able to produce pink, oval-shape pearls, which are traded as luxurious jewelry because almost any attempt to culture conch is unsuccessful.

In Buddhism, the conch is taken as one of eight Auspicious Symbols, representing the voice of Buddha.


Scallops are type of molluscs in the family of bivalves. There are numerous scallop art pieces created in variety of art forms. Large sculpture of a scallop stands on the beach at Aldeburgh, England.

Scallop shell is also associated with fertility. In many paintings depicting the Roman goddess of love and fertility, she was often painted on her shell. The scallop is the symbol of baptism in Christianity. It is also considered to be the symbol of Saint James the Great.

Scallop shell tattoo are normally inked in small areas of the body, fingers, arm, foot.

Nautilus shell tattoo

The nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural logarithmic spirals in the nature, which makes it popular in art and literature. Nautilus shell tattoos are found in a cute, artistic fashion and geometrical style.

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shell tattoo-8

shell tattoo-15

shell tattoo-23

shell ray tattoo-1

shell tattoo-24

shell tattoo-25

shell tattoo-26

shell tattoo-27

shell tattoo-28

shell tattoo-29

shell tattoo-30

shell tattoo-31

shell tattoo-32

shell tattoo-33

shell tattoo-34

shell tattoo-35

shell tattoo-36

shell tattoo-37

shell tattoo-38

shell tattoo-39

shell tattoo-40

shell tattoo-41

shell tattoo-42

shell tattoo-43

shell ray tattoo-2

shell ray tattoo-3

shell ray tattoo-4

shell ray tattoo-5

shell ray tattoo-6

shell ray tattoo-7

shell tattoo-10

shell tattoo-11

shell tattoo-12

shell tattoo-13

shell tattoo-14

shell tattoo-16

shell tattoo-17

shell tattoo-18

shell tattoo-19

shell tattoo-20

shell tattoo-21

shell tattoo-22

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