35 Breathtaking Wings Tattoo Designs

Despite of the fact that humans are ground-based animals, ancient people never stopped dreaming of flying like birds. Human with wings therefore appeared in the religions, legends and folklore of many places in the world. There are many symbolic meanings associated with the wings. That’s why wings Tattoos are getting popular, especially for women.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Hermes, aka Mercury is a god wearing winged shoes (talaria) and a winged hat (petasos) to transit quickly and freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. In the bible, Angels are depicted as spiritual beings with wings and acted as divine messengers of God. So Angel wing tattoo is one of popular tattoo ideas to express the love of God and belief of Christianity. A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country.

Most wings tattoos are beautiful large wings inked on the back. Some people love smaller ones inked one the wrist, ears, which look cute and cool. Here is the collection of the best breathtaking wings tattoo designs for your inspiration. Of course, you will not be able to fly with the wings. Should they lift a human, the size of the wings could be 6 meters long.


Wing tattoo on sleeve

Wing side tattoo

Wing sleeve tattoo for man

Wing sleeve tattoo

Wing sleeve tattoo

Wing sleeve tattoo

Wings back tattoo

Wings with flower wrist tattoo

3D wing sleeve tattoo

Amazing watercolor wing wrist tattoo

Amazing wings full back tattoo for women

Beautiful watercolor wing tattoo

Watercolor wing tattoo

Watercolor wing tattoo

Wing ankle tattoo

Wing back tattoo for man

Wing forearm tattoo

Wing forearm tattoo

Wing full sleeve tattoo


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  1. I love wing tattoos. :) These look so good, I really want to have one too.

  2. They are so gorgeous ❤️! I always tell my Grandbaby I can see her wings and they are a different color each day, she says she sees mine too we know that’s a lie! I love the wings I want some too!

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