50 Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

Probably one of the most popular tattoos of Chinese philosophy is the Yin Yang symbols. Basically they represent perfect balance in life. If you take a closer look into the Chinese way of life, they focus greatly on the concept of Yin and Yang. These are opposites that interact within people and are thought of as the cause of people’s inner conflicts within themselves. When a person has an imbalance in nature of the Yin and Yang, it is believed that they become more evil. A person retains his goodness when the Yin and Yang becomes in good balance.

Yin and Yang tattoos and their meaning

Simply speaking the Yin represents the dark and the Yang represents the light. Both mostly represent contrasting features such as Matter and Spirit, Earth and Sky, Female and Male, Passive and Active, North and South, Water and Fire, Shade and Sunlight, Moon and Sun, Death and Life and so on. You can’t just name the Yin and Yang as two forces alone since they both change depending on the context. They can be interpreted in a lot of ways.

The Yin and Yang symbol

It isn’t hard to miss that the most popular Yin and Yang symbol in a circle. The circle connotes a lot of meanings when it comes to people’s life and beliefs. The moon, the sun, and the planets, they are all in a circle that correlates with each other. So they are a sense of cosmic unity. There is something about the circular symbol that influences the human nature. It makes us see it as a very celestial and cosmic form that can bind together entities in an unending cycle of life.

Some of the more popular meanings of the circle include:

  • Unity
  • Wholeness
  • Cycles
  • Womb
  • Infinity

Circles have this definite meaning of being universal as well as sacred and divine. Even from a lot of ancient sculptures and drawings, the circle has been used for a lot of symbolism. The circle represents energy and the universe being an inclusive concept where everything operates in an infinite nature.

Chinese symbolism

In Chinese symbolism, the circle of the Yin and Yang represents the shape of heaven. When there is a square inside a circle it means the union of heaven and earth. Since the circle is deemed as infinite and inclusive, the use of the Yin and Yang symbol in the circle means the encompassing whole of the duality. In short, this means that the Yin and Yang symbol calls for unified balance between two elements.

The circle is seen to be the geometric model of a person’s psyche. If the circle is combined with the square it can explain the relationship or connection between the psyche and the body. The circle will always include you as a person, the circle is a shape that draws you in and be a part of the connections present within it. Hence comes the theory of being inclusive.

In connection with the Yin and Yang, it grants you the access of being in tune with your mind and body. The concept of the light and darkness represent your psyche as a person and the balance that you wish to attain in life.

Yin and Yang Lotus symbol

Another popular version of the Yin and Yang tattoo is the Lotus symbol. The lotus has become a sacred symbol as it deals with the element of water and fire. The lotus is seen to grow in the water which means that it has direct connection with concepts in tune with water such as purification, emotion, dreams, intuition and awareness.

Furthermore, another characteristic of the lotus is that it blooms each and every morning. This shows that the flower is blooming for the sun and establishes its connection with the morning sun. The sun is the link to fire that is the symbol of passion, life, vision, clarity, revelation and vitality.
Some popular meanings of the lotus:

  • Renewal
  • Light
  • Life
  • Balance
  • Illumination

With these wonderful and powerful symbols for the lotus, the flower makes a great and dynamic looking tattoo. Not only does the tattoo look great when you have it but it also carries within it a wonderful meaning and symbolism. The lotus is elegant and a gentle representation of nature, it also depicts that you are walking along a clear spiritual path.

Yin Yang Tattoo design ideas

The type of yin Yang tattoo you wish to get would depends on which concept you wish to believe in. there are plenty of ways where you can show your beliefs through Yin and Yang tattoos and the various types of these tattoos make it easier for you to choose the design that will perfectly fit your principles.

fish yinyang tattoo-2

Wonderful looking Yin Yang tattoo on the back

The tattoo is in blue color and shows the two elements rotating in a continuous loop towards each other.

Matching yin yang tattoos-19

Separate Yin Yang matching tattoos on each arm. You can be artistic and ink the two aspects of the Yin Yang on one arm and one on the other. The intricate details on the Yin Yang elements also look amazing.

Minimalistic Cat Tattoo-18

Cat inspired Yin Yang tattoo on the base of the neck. This is a very artistic way of recreating the Yin Yang tattoo and placing characters such as cats in the usual black and white spaces.

tribal designs ying yang tattoo -4

Yin Yang sleeve tattoo

This tattoo is accompanied by several tribal designs to highlight it forming a dragon like figure carrying the symbol in its feet.

Awesome watercolor Yin Yang-1

An orb like Yin Yang tattoo. The symbol is enveloped in an orb like structure with plasma effects floating around it.

couple ink love yin yang tattoo-32

Yin Yang Semicolon Tattoo Designs

Another separate Yin Yang tattoo designs inked on the wrist. It is small, subtle yet very meaningful when put together.

colored yin yang back tattoo-6

Colorful Yin Yang tattoo on the back. This Yin Yang symbol plays with the fire and water elements and incorporates them into the tattoo.

dreamcatcher yin yang forearm tattoo-26

Yin Yang tattoo in a dream catcher design. This design plays on the look of a dream catcher where there are feathers attached to it.

Feather sun Yin Yang-33

Another dream catcher inspired Yin Yang tattoo design on the back. This is a bigger design and even incorporates more feathers around it along with the webbed circular framework.

heart and yin yang tattoo-45

Heart and floral inspired Yin Yang tattoo

You can customize your own Yin Yang tattoo depending on the beliefs that you have and what you wish to convey on your tattoo.

mandala yin yang sleeve tattoo-36

Yin Yang tattoo showcasing the sun and the sea

There are many things that a Yin Yang can convey and one of the most popular concepts is the fire and water connection.

mandala yin yang tattoo-25

Another pretty looking Yin Yang tattoo. This tattoo is created with such intricate detail of flowers and tribal themes making it truly stand out.

Matching mandala yin yang tattoos-47

Separate Yin Yang tattoos. Each part of the Yin Yang is created in such beautiful detail that you can see the sun, flowers and the leaves drawn in precision on each side of the element.

Ocean Sky Tattoo by Phil Tworavens-20

A very artsy depiction of the Yin Yang tattoo. It shows the sky and the water relationship and how they coexist in harmony within the earth.

owl yin yang thingh tattoo-16

Owl themed Yin Yang tattoo. The tattoo show two owls in each other’s presence depicting the Yin Yang symbol while seemingly embracing each other.

small yin yang tattoo for girl-44

A sublet and minimalist Yin Yang tattoo. Created in colorful ink, the tattoo shows an all black side in contrast to a rainbow colored side of the element.

sun yin yang tattoo-34

Yin Yang tattoo that is inspired by the shape of the sun. This looks marvelous and elegant even in plain black ink.

Top Yin Yang Tattoo Designs-10

Red and black Yin Yang tattoo. This is a really great looking tattoo that stands out and gives a new meaning to the Yin Yang tattoo and its symbolism.

tribal designs ying yang tattoo designs masculine tattoos-11

Yin Yang tattoo in Tribal style

This style of Yin Yang tattoo looks amazing especially with the inclusion of the tribal patterns making it more interesting to look at.

watercolor yin yang sleeve tattoo-35

Watercolor inspired Yin Yang tattoo. The light colors of the ink seemingly splashed across the arms give a good illusion of the tattoo.

watercolor yin yang tattoo-43

Another watercolor inspired Yin Yang tattoo. The dripping paint looks very much realistic on the tattoo and the combination of colors is simply mesmerizing.

yin yang ankle tattoo-24

Classic Yin Yang tattoo on the wrist. Simple yet a favorite among the Yin Yang tattoo enthusiasts since it denotes simplicity and clarity of the mind.

yin yang back tattoo for men-41

Yin Yang tattoo with the I-Ching symbols. There are a lot of types of Yin Yang tattoo and this is one part where it combines with another element which is the I-Ching.

yin yang back tattoo for men-49

A very well detailed Yin Yang tattoo on the back. The Celtic look on the Yin Yang tattoo makes it look really medieval and ancient.

A simple and small Yin Yang tattoo on the back. The tattoo incorporates the day and night designs on each side of the Yin Yang.

yin yang back tattoo-15

An in detail and intricate looking Yin Yang tattoo on the back. The two sides are intricately designed with pretty looking patterns in contrasting color of the other side.

yin yang back tattoo-40

A simple yet very powerful Yin Yang tattoo design with a meaningful message. The symbol is shown as a whole and at the same time it is slowly broken down into its inner parts.

yin yang back tattoo-46

A pattern Yin Yang tattoo design

The amount of detail drawn into the Yin Yang tattoo is simply stunning and it clearly shows the beliefs of the person wearing the tattoo because of the amount of symbolism present within the patterns.

yin yang ear tattoo-38

A subtle and small Yin Yang tattoo on the neck, a really small sized Yin Yang tattoo that is perfect for those who love the classic design and want to keep it simple.

yin yang foot tattoo -42

Wonderful looking Yin Yang tattoo on the feet. When combined they form the harmonious Yin Yang.

yin yang forearm tattoo-5

A Yin Yang tattoo that offers visual confusion. It is very enthralling and at the same time the illusion tries to draw you in more and more.

yin yang leg tattoo-8

A simple yet beautiful looking Yin Yang tattoo. The elements are separated and on one side the mountains and land are depicted while the other half is filled with water and aquatic life forms.

yin yang mandala tattoo-30

A grand representation of the Yin Yang tattoo. Beautiful and astounding in design you will never get tired of looking at it.

yin yang nack tattoo for girl-29

A simple and classic Yin Yang tattoo inked on the base part of the neck. Perfect for those who love the original design and would want to put it in a place where they can conveniently cover it up.

yin yang nack tattoo-28

Beautiful rose patterned Yin Yang tattoo. As you can see the other side of the Yin Yang tattoo is filled with leaves and the flower stem extends to form the other half of the circle containing a single rosebud.

Yin Yang sleeve Tattoo-9

Amazing Yin Yang tattoo on the arm<

A very clean and neat tattoo design that highlights the Yin Yang symbol in the middle of the sun’s rays.

Yin Yang Tattoo Designs-13

A truly beautiful and work of art Yin Yang tattoo. In full color each side of the tattoo is depicted with a moon and a sun. This means night and day which are opposite concepts but work together to form harmony.

Yin Yang Tattoo-12

Black Yin Yang on the back

It depicts a Yin Yang symbol that apparently crashed on the person’s skin with all the skin cracks inked around it.

yin yang tattoo-27

Pretty and intricate Yin Yang tattoo on the arm. A simple but very eye catching tattoo that doesn’t only look nice but also has a deeper meaning into it.

yin yang tattoo-37

Leopard Yin Yang

Big cats can take part in the Yin Yang tattoos as well; in this tattoo the black and orange spotted leopards are placed beside each other to form a Yin Yang symbol.

yin yang tattoo-48

Another Yin Yang tattoo in Tribal Style

Very simple yet interesting to look at. A good tattoo to pace on someone’s wrists or arms.

yin yang tattoo-50

Another simple looking Yin Yang tattoo that gives you great impact. It is very beautiful especially with the combination of black and red ink against the skin.

yin yang tree of life tattoo-14

Artistically depicted Yin Yang tattoo on the back. On side shows the light with a dark silhouette of trees while the other side shows a highlighted tree amidst a darkened environment.

yin yang trible tattoo-51

Yin Yang tattoo symbol armed with tribal symbols. This is a wonderful way to make the simple Yin Yang tattoo stand out by adding intricate and amazing tribal patterns.

3D yin yang back tattoo for men-17

Truly beautiful Yin Yang tattoo that is well executed. It shows a wooden Yin Yang medallion buried under the skin and uncovered.

Black and Grey yin yang dragon tattoo-3

The Yin Yang tattoo carried by a dragon. Dragons are a sign of prosperity in Chinese belief which means, it carrying the Yin Yang symbol is of good sign.

cat yin yang side tattoo-41

Simple Yin Yang cat tattoo. A very cute and adorable take on the Yin Yang tattoo design.

Yin Yang tattoo complete with cherry blossom trees and Japanese text. It’s a good idea if you wish to complete the overall oriental look of your tattoos.

color yin yang tattoo-31

Colored Yin Yang tattoo. A small but very cute looking Yin Yang tattoo wherein the other side is completely colorless compared to the more neon and lively side of the Yin Yang.

colored mandala yin yang sleeve tattoo-20

An edgy looking Yin Yang tattoo. Filled with color and bold images, this tattoo is surely one of the stand outs.

colorful yin yang tattoo-39

Beautiful Yin Yang tattoo depicting the sun and moon. This is a very popular concept among Yin Yang tattoo and can be done in various styles and designs.

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