90 Elegant Lotus Tattoo Designs

The lotus tattoo represents purification and faithfulness. In Buddhism, lotus flower is one of Buddhist relics often appears with Buddha statues. It earns its characteristics also because lotus grows from a murky water, while rising and blooming above the murk. Lotus Tattoos may appear with other objects e.g., fish, skull or butterfly to extend their meanings. In this post, please enjoy the collection of 50 elegant lotus flower tattoo designs, which you may find out the connection to meanings of the sacred flower.

Tattoos in most diverse sizes, large and small, on the shoulder, upper arm, forearm, thigh, back, breasts, have become a modern form of body decoration. In modern world masterpieces are not only done on canvas but also on our bodies in tattoo salons of true professionals. What to tattoo is a fundamental question that concerns many people who decide to tattoo. There are a lot of ideas, and you can find them in photo albums where tattoo salons exposes their earlier works. Lotus, aka water lily in Asia, is one of perfect tattoo design ideas because it has rich meanings in Buddhism, Hinduism and the ancient Egyptians. Its symbolic meanings have been rooted in our cultures and lives.

The lotus is a flower that grows in the dirty water, but that doesn’t affect it’s beauty. Big importance has been given through the history to this flower. The ancient Egyptians believe that god Ra was born from this flower when the flower opened fully, and then he created the world and everything in it. This flower is a symbol of learning and the work required of man for getting himself better and better. The root of this plant is in the ground, stems in water, the leaf is in the air and flower of lotus facing the sun.

The lotus flower symbolizes purity. In China, the lotus flower is Buddha’s throne. The lotus is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom and sincerity in China. In India this flower is a symbol of life, beauty and eternal youth, although there are opinions that it means oddity and reservations. This tattoo could carry a meaning of open heart and hidden potential.

Lotus is a poisonous plant which when boiled can be healing, such as on the East used traditionally to treat bronchitis. White lotus many people consider sacred flower as it symbolizes the full spiritual focus, spiritual serenity, nobility … Red lotus flower is associated with feelings of love and heart. Pink lotus symbolizes the Buddha, and want to evoke the perfection of Buddhism. Blue Lotus is a victory, but not against other people but against ourselves.

Lotus is a plant that grows in warm waters of Asia, Africa and northeast of Australia. This plant has a thick sheet on a long stalk, and the fruit of the bush. According to mythology, the fruits of this plant was eaten by one old African nation. When somebody ate the fruit of this plant he would remain forever in the land of the old African nation from mythology.

Red lotus tattoo
Red lotus is associated with love, which is the purpose of existence. To have someone who loves you, love them with all your heart. And if this feeling is so strong in your life, present it symbolically with lotus tattoo on your body.

Shoulder lotus tattoo

Shoulder lotus tattoo

Red lotus on shoulder of some lady may look very seductive.

Great tattoo which extends in the middle of backs to the neck is very sexy, and also if is in the fiery colors – red and black, the effect is even better.

Lotus back tattoo

Lotus on water

The combination of pink and blue colors is timeless as if the lotus is floating on the water.

Lotus calf tattoo

Black watercolor Lotus

Lotus half sleeve tattoo

Lotus side tattoo

Lotus sleeve tattoo

Elegant Lotus tattoo

Elegant Lotus tattoo

Cute pink lotus tattoo

Cute pink lotus tattoo

Watercolor blue lotus tattoo

Lotus back tattoo in watercolor style

Watercolor lotus tattoo

Pendant chain

Thigh watercolor lotus thigh tattoo

Water lotus with blue splash tattoo

Water lotus with blue splash tattoo

Amazing watercolor lotus back tattoo

Beautiful lotus baclk tattoo for women

Beautiful lotus sleeve tattoo

Colored lotus side tattoo

Lotus and frog tattoo

Lotus and skull calf tattoo

Lotus back tattoo

Lotus back tattoo

A comprehensive and effective tattoo in one color – black, is challenging in any part of the body.

Lotus tattoo

Passionate fans of tattoos with pleasure choose tattoos which extend along the whole part of the body – here it is leg, it can also be arm, stomach…

Lotus tattoo

Blue lotus will be tattoo of some winner, and red or pink, of someone who loves or great admirer of Buddhism.

cat with kyoto lotus

Many people believe that black cats bring bad luck, but it really are just black cats, and they do not know the dark arts and the evil witch. It’s a great animal with big heart a little bit mysterious but there is no difference from other cats.

Lotus tattoo

The lotus is a symbol of purity, sincerity and loyalty …

Buddha head tattoo, lotus tattoo

For members of the Buddhist religion lotus flower is throne of the Buddha. Lotus is a miraculous plant that grows in dirty water but a flower is always clean and beautiful.

Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is one of the most beautiful specie of lotus. Leaves and flowers of this plant rises up to two meters above the water.

Hindu books say that the lotus played an important role in the creation of the world. Namely, in the beginning from the navel of god Vishnu has grown and spread lotus.From this lotus was born Brahma – the Hindu religion, the father of all gods and creator of the world.

lotus flower backpeice tattoo

Very beautiful and large tattoo on which dominates purple color but also behind it goes yellow!

Lotus tattoo

There aren’t a lot of little details on this tattoos, it is large, easily noticeable in two basic shades of red and black.

Lotus tattoo

The lotus flower on the ankle! You are a great seductress and with this tattoo you will certainly be noticed everywhere!

koi and lotus tattoo

The lotus plant grows out of the water so it can be easily connected with other symbols of water, such as fish. Fish are a bit mysterious and a lotus flower is somewhat related to the oddity so that it is possible to connect this two. Of course, if you pay any attention to these things, if not you can lotus flower connect with any other sign.

Lotus tattoo

There are no strict and straight lines but the flower is beautifully designed and highly visible!

Lotus tattoo

Tight tattoo along the spinal column is a common option of ladies who pays great attention to their sexy appearance!


Great tattoo in the lower part of back in a lot of different colors. I think that perhaps this whole picture in one color, preferably black, was much more attractive. Well, if you’re a fan of tattoos in various colors, do it, man should pamper to himself!

These darker shades even in different colors are much more challenging than bright and flashy colors!

Alessio Ricci Tattoo

Large tattoos that stretch all the way to the foot and end up on the top of the foot are appealing. These tattoos on upper side of the foot are choices of many famous ladies.

Lotus tattoo

Tattoos along the whole back require a professional arm of tattoo master who will nicely do them, because in the summer months when you’re in a bikini, tattoo will be your trademark!

Skull lotus

Skull lotus

Tattoos that contain skulls are often the choice of men, but of course it is not the principle!

When you tattoo names, dates and messages keep in mind that it will be always important in your life, because the tattoos last all life. Do not get a tattoo as soon as you fall in love, maybe the next day you experience true love of your life and previous sympathy you’ll hardly put off the skin!

Thigh Lotus Tattoo

Here’s a beautiful youthful tattoo on thigh.

Large tattoos are not much more effective than small, often one discrete can be more seductive and sexier.

lotus and waves

What is the lotus in the East, the lily and rose are on West of the world!

Lotus tattoo

Before tattooing Chinese characters, well inform yourself about their meaning, if you don’t want that someone who knows the Chinese language astonished you later with their meaning. It happens all the time!

Lotus tattoo in black shades

Colors overflow into each other as on the canvas.. No sharp crossings where they should not be. If this lotus flower was painted on canvas, it would have been a real work of art.

Low Back Lotus tattoo

Lotus in the east signifies spiritual development, and therefore is a common option of people who prefer yoga. Yoga returns spiritual peace and tranquility.

The petals of the lotus flower open when the sun rises and closes in the evening when the Sun goes. After a few days (about four), it becomes darker and darker, slowly wilt and fall off.

lotus tattoo color

The lotus grows in dirty water, and it could symbolize good man with all the spiritual virtues, who survives in this fast-paced, modern world, where we all often struggle with disturbed values.

Lotus tattoo

If you are doing tattoo in places where there is more ”meat” tattooing process will be less painful, and vice versa.

Lotus tattoo

Large or small tattoos in black are more attractive to most people, and most often for them they are deciding.

Erv’s New Lotus Tattoo

On the shoulder the process of tattooing is a little more painful because there is less meat. But it is not that bad of course, everyone has a different pain threshold!

Japanese lotus tattoo, coverup

Alpha male will choose a tattoo like this one, on all shoulder to the elbow, in the striking colors, and he will be irresistible to the opposite sex!

flor de lotus

Although this tattoo is in several colors, those different colors does not affect the vast surface of the skin, but somehow discrete and beautiful woven into the whole picture. Not at all intrusive.

Simple done nice tattoo on her shoulder in black color will stand nicely to every girl.

Lotus tattoo

Lotus tattoo

Tattoos are nice on the back especially if it is a beautiful and visible picture like this.

The finished tattoo

This tattoo would stand nicer on a canvas rather than on the body.

lotus ribs

Before you decide what you would like to tattoo consult with tattoo master what he advises you to do and what he could best do to you.

Before tattooing take care to inform yourself about the rules which you need to comply before tattooing.

Lotus tattoo

Tattoos on the inside of the arm below the elbow is also the choice of many people.

Lotus tattoo

Red lotus is associated with love, and the blue with a win, so this tattoo could mean that love conquers everything.

Bamboo & Lotus

A narrow elongated tattoos are very seductive.

lotus flower forearm tattoo

Petals and leaves look like plush. In the morning on those flowers collects dew and reminds in early morning on real pearls.

Pink lotus on the back is very nice contoured, and black details with which is framed look very interesting.

Lotus tattoo

The best known species of lotus is Indian lotus, which has large flowers in violet, white and pink color.

Lotus tattoo

Although at this tattoo there are several different colors they are beautiful incorporated and do not look distorted.

In any size you do this picture it will nicely stand on any part of your body.

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