50+ Awesome Animal Tattoo Designs

There is a natural affinity between animals and human being. A lot of people feel more comfortable around animals because animals have no expectations and it’s a complete relief to play with them. That’s why animal tattoos are loved by many people. Not only dogs, cats but also other wild mammals can be seen popular animal tattoo ideas.

Most of Animal tattoos are rendered in a realistic style although some fuse with watercolor or tribal styles. In terms of placement, animal tattoos could be inked on the back, chest, limbs, etc. Cuded has published posts to showcase tattoos of butterflies, birds, fishes. In this post, please enjoy the collection of 50 awesome mammal animal tattoo designs. Let us know reasons you like them in the comment.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings

3D Orangutan Tattoo

Lion whit punjabi writing tattoo

Elephant Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo

3D Wolf Tattoo

3D Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoo

kyoto wolf

Black and Grey Tiger Tattoo

Elephant Head

Deer with wings

Lion tattoo


fantasy dragon

elephant tattoo finished

Triple horse heads

Animal inspired Tattoo

A bit more done on Katherine’s deer today

panther on neck

Dise?o basado en una ilustración




tiger tattoo

Custom bad wolf, good wolf fight tattoo

Watercolor Rabbit tattoo


Koda portrait, session

3D Bear Tattoo

Horse tattoo

Giraffe, deer, zebra, lion and tiger tattoo

Giraffe, deer, zebra, lion and tiger tattoo

Fox and bird tattoo

Elephant Tattoo on back

Lion Tattoo on back

Dog tattoo

Cat Tattoo

Bear Tattoo

Watercolor Pegasus tattoo

Watercolor Pegasus tattoo

Tribal Lion Tattoo

Watercolor Fox Tattoo

Horse tattoo

Realistic Tiger Face Tattoo

Realistic Tiger Face Tattoo

Horse tattoo

Tiger and bird tattoo

Panther tattoo

3D lion tattoo

Lion Tattoo

Tiger tattoo

frannie the kitty

3D Elephant Tattoo

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    • I love cats and tattoos with cats also ^) here I’ve found some more great pictures with cats, and I loved this one!!!

  1. the pic at the top is clearly not an orangutan, it’s a gorilla.

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