55 Amazing Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Hummingbirds may be among the most studied families of birds. They are species of birds known for their ability to hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings. The unique quality and ability of the birds makes them mysterious symbols in many folklore myths in culture and history of Native Americans, Aztecs. The symbolic qualities of the cute colorful bird make them favorite choice for tattoo design ideas.

Hummingbird is a bird with affinity for flowers and sweet life. They like to insert their special long bill into the bud of flowers and suck the nectar of blooms. Many of hummingbird tattoos are pictures of birds floating around colorful flowers. Native Americans saw hummingbirds as the symbol o signify peace, love and happiness. The beautiful hummingbird tattoos could be the representation of timeless joy and the Nectar of Life.

As a champion of migrators, some hummingbirds are known to fly as far as 2000 miles for their migrations. It is seen as a messenger, tirelessly seeking the good and beauty, persistent in the pursuit of dreams, and celebrate the joy in life. The ability for the hummingbirds to flutter their wings and move in the pattern of an infinity symbol reveals another symbolism of eternity for the bird. When we see a tattoo with a hummingbird connecting a symbol of infinity, we know its symbolic meaning.

Hummingbird infinity tattoo

Hummingbird tattoos could be designed as realistic style, watercolor or traditional tattooing styles. Hummingbird Tattoos are one of favorite tattoo ideas for women although they may also be for men, depending on the style.

In terms of placement, hummingbird tattoo could be inked on the arm as sleeve tattoo, or on the back, or even on a finger as a tiny tattoo. If you come up the idea to get a hummingbird tattoo, here is a collection of 55 amazing hummingbird tattoo designs for your inspiration.

Small hummingbird tattoo for girl

3D hummingbird poppy tattoo

charming hummingbird infinity tattoo on the rib for girls

hummingbird infinity tattoo on the rib for girls

Beautiful watercolo hummingbird tattoo

>Hummingbird and Trumpet Vine

3D hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird flower and boat thigh tattoo

Hummingbird cherry blossom back tattoo

Small hummingbird back tattoo

Hummingbird foot tattoo

Hummingbird sleeve tattoo

Hummingbird and cherry blossom tattoo for women

Beautiful hummingbird back tattoo for women

Hummingbird watercolor tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird back tattoo

Hummingbird watercolor tattoo

Hummingbird sleeve tattoo for men

Hummingbird leg tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird half sleeve tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird sleeve tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird forearm tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird sleeve tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird side tattoo

Lilly and Jasmine flowers, butterflies and hummingbird custom tattoo

Flowers with hummingbirds tattoo

3D hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbird and flower tattoo for girls

Hummingbird back tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird back tattoo

Hummingbird quarter sleeve tattoos

Hummingbird back tattoo

Hummingbird and flower thigh tattoo

Colored Hummingbird Tattoos

Colored Hummingbird thigh Tattoos

Beautiful hummingbird and flower tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo for girls

Hummingbird tattoo

Tattoos for women hummingbird

Black Gray Hummingbird

Hummingbird Back Tattoo

Hummingbird on branch tattoo

Hummingbird wrist tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird tattoos

Hummingbird forearm tattoo

Flower and hummingbird half sleeve tattoo

The Bird and the Hibiscus

Freehand hummingbird

Small hummingbird finger tattoo

Hummingbird and flower tattoo

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