135 Joker Tattoo Designs with Meaning

When you think of a joker, what springs to mind? A wild card, a comic relief, or perhaps the sinister villain from Gotham City? The joker is a complex character, one that has seeped its way into the inky depths of tattoo culture. With a rich history and a broad array of meanings, the joker tattoo stands out as one of the most intriguing and provocative designs out there. It’s not just a tattoo; it’s a statement, a piece of art that carries depth and personality. Let’s dive into the world of joker tattoos, where symbolism is rich and design ideas are endless.

Origins of the Joker Symbol

The joker’s journey commenced in the 15th century, when it was used as a trump card in the card game Euchre. Over time, this enigmatic figure transitioned into the role of a wild card within the modern playing deck. But its origins are not just confined to leisurely games. Literature and folklore around the world have painted the joker as the trickster, a rogue who defies the conventional, often in service of a greater good or just for its own amusement.

Black and grey Joker and city with moon tattoo

This archetype transcends cultures, manifesting in tales from Native American stories to Norse mythology. Fast forward to the present, and the joker has taken on new life in modern media, becoming an icon in comic books and blockbuster movies. Each reincarnation adds layers to the joker’s persona, making it a rich source of inspiration for tattoos.

Symbolism of the Joker Tattoo

The joker tattoo is a canvas of meanings. It’s about capturing the essence of duality—where humor meets tragedy, and order collides with chaos. For many, it represents life’s unpredictability and the ability to find laughter in the dark or to be the wild card in a sea of uniformity.

Joker with cards in flame tattoo thigh

The joker also stands as a symbol of anarchy and rebellion. It’s a nod to those who question authority and play by their own rules. And let’s not forget its appeal as the outsider. The figure who doesn’t quite fit in and yet, in that very exclusion, finds a unique identity. In tattoo art, the joker allows individuals to connect with their mischievous side. It also showcases their resilience in the face of adversity.

Joker Tattoo Designs

The designs for joker tattoos are as varied as the symbol’s history. These tattoos are not just marks on the skin; they’re profound expressions of identity. So, let’s paint a vivid picture of the most spellbinding Joker tattoo designs fore your inspiration.

Batman And Joker

The Batman and Joker tattoo is the embodiment of the yin and yang of Gotham City, a representation of the thin line between heroism and madness. Place this epic showdown on your back or chest, and carry the weight of their timeless battle with every step.

Half batman half joker tattoo watercolor

Half batman half Joker tattoo

Batman And Joker Tattoo

Batman joker tattoo forearm

Don’t Forget to Smile

Life’s a game, and the “Don’t forget to smile” Joker design is your reminder to play it with a grin, even when the chips are down. This design often features the Joker’s twisted smile, accompanied by the playful yet menacing reminder. It’s a badge of honor for those who face life’s absurdity with a laugh, a whisper to keep dancing even when the music stops. Let this tattoo be a flash of humor on your forearm, a permanent nudge to embrace life’s ironies.

dont forget to smile joker tattoo

Joker and city with words Dont forget to smile

dont forget to smile joker tattoo on upper arm

Gemini Joker

Calling all Geminis, or anyone fascinated by duality! The Gemini Joker tattoo captures the essence of two faces, both tricksters in their own right. This design is a perfect marriage of astrology and anarchy. It’s a design that speaks to the multifaceted nature of those who don a mask for the world and keep another hidden. Emblazon your calf with this design, and walk with the complexity of the twins mirrored by Gotham’s agent of chaos.

Gemini joker with glyph tattoo

Gemini joker with roses tattoo

Gemini joker forearm tattoo

Happy and Sad Joker Tattoo

Life is a roller coaster, and the happy and sad Joker tattoo encapsulates the highs and lows with poignant clarity. This design features the iconic comedy and tragedy masks reimagined through the Joker’s lens. It’s a tattoo for those who have tasted both the sweetness of joy and the bitterness of sorrow. Inking this design on your shoulder, carry the full spectrum of human emotion with you as a testament to your journey.

Happy and sad joker tattoo

Half smile and half sad joker half sleeve tattoo

Harley Quinn and Joker Tattoo

For the romantics who are drawn to love’s wild side, the Harley Quinn and Joker tattoo is a declaration of passion without bounds. This tattoo often depicts the duo in an embrace, a chaotic dance of love and lunacy. It’s not just a couple’s tattoo; it’s a narrative of devotion and madness, an inked homage to love that defies convention. Envision this emblem on your side, a place close to the heart and ripe for storytelling.

Harley Quinn and joker matching tattoo

Harley Quinn and Joker thigh tattoo

Joker and harley quinn tattoo sleeve

Joker and harley quinn with money dice and rose tattoo sleeve

Mad love harley quinn and joker tattoo realistic

Mark Hamill joker holding Harley Quinn tattoo on upper arm

Half Joker and half Harley Quinn tattoo

Harley Quinn and joker card tattoo

Harley Quinn and joker couple tattoo realistic

Harley Quinn and joker Hahaha tattoo

Joker and City Tattoo

The Joker doesn’t just exist; he thrives in the concrete jungle of Gotham. And the Joker and city tattoo brings this urban madness to life. Skyscrapers and alleyways form the backdrop to his sinister silhouette, a stark reminder that the city is his playground. This tattoo is for the urban warriors, the night owls who find beauty in the chaos of the streets. Let this sprawling scene adorn your back, a canvas large enough to capture the complexity of the metropolis.

Joker and city leg tattoo

Joker and city lower leg tattoo

Joker and city tattoo black and white

Jared Leto joker and city tattoo

Joker and Clown Mask Tattoo

The Joker and clown mask tattoo peels back the layers of the enigma that is the Joker. This design is often a representation of the masks we all wear, a commentary on the façade of normalcy. It’s a bold statement, a revelation that behind the laughter, there may lie something more profound, or perhaps, more sinister. A bicep or thigh would be an ideal stage for this masquerade. Every flex or stride reveals a glimpse of the madness within.

Joker and clown mask tattoo

Joker clown with gun tattoo sleeve

Heath Ledger joker and clown mask tattoo sleeve

Joker Burning Money Tattoo

In a world obsessed with wealth and status, the Joker burning money tattoo is a powerful emblem of defiance. This tattoo captures the famous moment when the Joker sets fire to a cash stack, making a strong statement about the value of life beyond money. It’s a graphic protest against how much money people seem to care about, showing that the most valuable things can’t be bought. It’s a tattoo for free spirits that value experiences over goods and find life’s ultimate riches in the intangible. Imagine this fiery scene on your rib cage, a hidden manifesto against materialism.

Joker burning money tattoo

Joker holding money half sleeve tattoo

Ante Up Your Body Art Game

The Joker card, often the wildcard in games, symbolizes the unexpected twists in life’s grand game. A full-color Joker card tattoo, rich with detail, can transform your skin into a tableau of life’s unpredictability. It’s a statement piece—a gamble that showcases your readiness to play the hand you’re dealt with a confident smile.

Joker with card tattoo forearm

Joker with cards and words hahaha tattoo

Realistic Joker and cards tattoo

Batman Joker with cards tattoo

Joker and card thigh tattoo

Joker card surrounded by words hahaha sketch tattoo

Joker Outline Tattoo

Sometimes, less is more, and the Joker outline design is all about that minimalist edge. It’s sleek, it’s subtle, and it speaks volumes. Just the bare bones of the Joker card etched onto your skin, this design can be a small nod to the larger-than-life character that the Joker represents, perfect for an understated yet poignant statement.

Joker card with bat outline shoulder blade tattoo

Joker outline tattoo

Joker card outline tattoo

Joker Eyes and Mouth Tattoo

the eyes and mouth. The windows to a chaotic soul and the grin that chills to the bone, this tattoo is hauntingly beautiful. Whether peeking out from behind a shirt sleeve or boldly displayed on a forearm, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Joker eyes and mouth tattoo

Why so serious Joker eyes and mouth tattoo

Joker “HaHaHa” Tattoo

Embody the Joker’s iconic laughter with a “HaHaHa” tattoo. It’s a playful yet eerie reminder not to take life too seriously—or perhaps to acknowledge the madness of it all. Scatter the laughter across your skin, let it wrap around an arm or leg, and wear the Joker’s mirth like a badge of honor.

Hahaha Joker tattoo sleeve

Joker Hahaha upper arm tattoo

Bats and hahaha tattoo

Damaged Joker hahaha thigh tattoo

Joker Hand Tattoo

A Joker hand design is as personal as it gets—a constant reminder that life’s a wild ride, right in the palm of your hand. Whether you choose the classic playing card Joker or a more stylized version of the character, this tattoo puts the essence of the Joker’s spirit at your fingertips—quite literally.

Joker with a cigarette hand tattoo

Mark Hamill joker tattoo hand

Joker hand tattoo black and grey

Joker portrait hand tattoo

Joker smile with words hahaha hand tattoo

Joker Skull Tattoo

The Joker skull tattoo marries the mortality of the skull with the twisted humor of the Joker. It’s a design that represents the duality of life and death, laughter in the face of the inevitable. Placed on a shoulder or thigh, it stands as a stark reminder to live fully, laugh loudly, and never forget that the end is part of the journey.

Joker skull with cards tattoo

Skull joker cardtattoo

Half Joker half skull king with crown tattoo

Joker Smile Tattoo

A Joker smile tattoo can be as unsettling as it is compelling. It’s the Joker’s calling card, that bone-chilling grin that’s impossible to forget. Inked on the wrist or the curve of a cheek, it speaks of enduring through pain with a smile—a permanent mark of resilience.

Joker smile teeth tattoo with word hahaha

Joker smile with words Why so serious and hahaha foot tattoo

Joker smile teeth forearm tattoo

Why So Serious Tattoo

Incorporate the Joker’s infamous phrase “Why so serious?” alongside the “HaHaHa” for a tattoo that’s both a question and a challenge. It’s a prompt to confront the seriousness of life with a dash of dark humor, a reminder to find the lightness amidst the dark. This phrase, tattooed in a whimsical script or bold lettering, can be a powerful personal manifesto.

Heath Ledger joker forearm tattoo with quote why so serious

Heath Ledger joker sleeve tattoo with quote why so serious

Joker with a card tattoo phrases Why so serious hahaha

Batman joker tattoo why so serious

Heath Ledger joker calf tattoo with quote why so serious

Joker with Rose Tattoo

Combine the darkness of the Joker with the beauty of a rose, and you have a tattoo that speaks of love, pain, and the beauty in the macabre. The Joker with a rose tattoo is a complex piece, blending themes of romance and chaos. It’s a design that can bloom across your chest or wind up your arm, a symbol of passion entwined with madness.

Black and grey Joker with rose tattoo sleeve

Joker with red and blue rose half sleeve tattoo

Killing Joke Joker Tattoo

The “Killing Joke” Joker tattoo is a profound nod to one of the darkest and most influential Batman stories ever penned. It’s the Joker at his most iconic, with that haunting visage and sinister grin. When inked on your canvas, it’s not just a tattoo—it’s a narrative, a striking image that tells of the fine line between sanity and madness.

The killing joke joker forearm tattoo forearm

The killing joke joker tattoo

Colored killing joke joker tattoo forearm

Killing joke Joker forearm tattoo

Sad Joker Tattoo

There’s a poignant beauty in the tragedy of the Sad Joker tattoo. It’s the other side of the coin, a reflection of the pain behind the laughter. This design, often featuring the Joker’s downcast eyes and melancholic expression, is a testament to the complexity of the human psyche and the duality of joy and sorrow.

Sad Joker leg tattoo

Sad Joker tattoo

Small Joker Tattoo

Not all statements have to be loud. A small Joker tattoo is a whisper of anarchy, a subtle but sharp reminder of the chaos that lurks within. Whether it’s a tiny symbol, a playing card, or just the iconic “J,” it’s a small mark of a large legacy, perfect for an ankle, wrist, or behind the ear placement.

Small Heath Ledger joker tattoo on forearm

Small joker rectangular tattoo

Smiling Joker Side Tattoo

The Smiling Joker side tattoo is all about perspective—literally and figuratively. Placed on the ribcage or cascading down one’s side, this design captures the Joker’s infamous grin in a way that seems to emerge from the very shadows of the wearer’s body. It’s a design that’s as enigmatic as it is striking.

Smiling joker half sleeve tattoo

Smiling Joker side tattoo

Mark Hamill joker tattoo with quote The Joker Smiling like a killer

Smoking Joker Tattoo

A Smoking Joker tattoo adds a layer of nonchalance to the character’s already unsettling demeanor. There’s something about the curling smoke and the casual hold of a cigarette that speaks of the Joker’s cool indifference to the world’s rules. It’s a design that’s as cool as it is disconcerting, perfect for an arm or leg placement.

Smoking Joker sketch tattoo with phrase thats life

Watercolor Joker smoking tattoo

Joker smoking with card tattoo

Smoking Joker forearm tattoo

Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo

The Suicide Squad Joker tattoo is for those who appreciate the modern, gritty reimagining of the character. It’s a commitment to ink that’s as intense as the Joker’s own dedication to chaos. With its bold, graphic style and neon-green hair, this tattoo design is a hit for fans of the film and the character’s latest incarnation.

Suicide squad joker forearm tattoo

Suicide squad Joker thigh tattoo

Suicide squad joker and Harley Quinn tattoo sleeve

Suicide squad joker and Harley Quinn tattoo

Two-Face Joker Tattoo

Why choose one when you can have both? The Two-Face Joker tattoo is a blend of Harvey Dent’s disfigured visage and the Joker’s chaotic grin. It’s a conversation starter, a piece that delves into the nature of duality—good and evil, order and anarchy, all in one. This design is a striking choice for a larger canvas like the back or chest.

Two face joker sketch tattoo

Two face joker tattoo forearm

Two face joker forearm tattoo

Watercolor Joker Tattoo

Add a touch of the avant-garde with a Watercolor Joker tattoo. This style uses vibrant, flowing colors to bring the Joker’s erratic nature to life. It’s abstract art meets comic book chaos, a tattoo that’s as much a piece of fine art as it is a tribute to a character. It’s perfect for those who want to wear their love for the Joker in a more artistic, less literal way.

Watercolor Joker forearm tattoo

Watercolor joker inner forearm tattoo

Watercolor half Joker face tattoo

Zombie Joker Tattoo

What’s more unsettling than the Joker? A Zombie Joker tattoo. This design takes the Joker’s already disturbing persona to a new level of macabre. It’s a nod to the undying nature of legends—the idea that some characters, like the Joker, become immortal in the minds of those who adore them. This tattoo is a bold choice, perhaps reserved for an area like the thigh or shoulder, where its detail can truly shine.

Zombie half sleeve joker tattoo

Zombie joker with a knife tattoo sleeve

Joker Tattoos of Different Actors

Various actors immortalized the Clown Prince of Crime . Each leaves their unique mark on the role. For those looking to capture a slice of cinematic history, Joker tattoos of different actors offer a way to honor their favorite portrayal.

Cesar Romero Joker

Cesar Romero brought the Joker to life with a campy flair that defined the character in the 60s “Batman” television series. A Cesar Romero Joker tattoo is a tribute to the original on-screen Joker, complete with the painted-over mustache that Romero famously refused to shave. This tattoo is for the lovers of the classic Batman era who appreciate the light-hearted villainy of days gone by.

Cesar Romero joker tattoo

Cesar Romero joker thigh tattoo

Heath Ledger Joker

Heath Ledger’s portrayal in “The Dark Knight” is nothing short of legendary. A Heath Ledger Joker tattoo captures the raw, chaotic energy of a character on the edge. With smudged makeup and that unsettling grin, this tattoo is a favorite among fans. It serves as a constant reminder to smile, even when the world is falling apart around you.

Heath Ledger joker holding a card thigh tattoo

Heath Ledger joker playing cards tattoo

Heath Ledger joker with a card tattoo

Joker and Heath Ledger tattoo realistic

Half Joaquin Phoenix half heath ledger joker tattoo watercolor

Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix Jokes tattoo with quote Put on a Happy Face

Jack Nicholson Joker

Jack Nicholson gave us a Joker who was equal parts mobster and prankster in Tim Burton’s “Batman.” A Jack Nicholson Joker tattoo often features the character’s devilish grin and 1989’s signature purple suit. This type of tattoo is perfect for those who like a hint of old-school cool with their chaos.

Jack Nicholson joker portrait tattoo

Jack Nicholson joker tattoo black and white

Batman with jack nicholson and Mark Hamill joker tattoo

Jared Leto Joker

Jared Leto’s take on the Joker in “Suicide Squad” divided fans, but there’s no denying the edginess he brought to the role. A Jared Leto Joker tattoo often includes the modern, tattooed version of the character, with slicked-back green hair and metal teeth. It’s a tattoo for the bold, the ones who embrace the new wave of Joker madness.

Jared Leto Joker with lock forearm tattoo

Realistic Jared Leto Joker tattoo

Jared Leto damaged Joker tattoo

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Joaquin Phoenix’s Academy Award-winning performance in “Joker” gave us a deeply human and troubled character. Tattoos of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker capture the heart of his rough and vulnerable performance. They often show the character’s haunting dance or his truly sad face, which makes the scene more moving. This is a tattoo for those who see the art in the character’s pain and the beauty in his struggle.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker tattoo realistic

Joaquin Phoenix joker with a card forearm tattoo

Joaquin Phoenix joker with cards forearm tattoo

Joaquin Phoenix joker with cards tattoo

Black ink Joaquin Phoenix joker tattoo

Joaquin Phoenix joker card tattoo on forearm

Joaquin Phoenix joker forearm tattoo black and white

Mark Hamill Joker Tattoo

While Mark Hamill may be synonymous with Luke Sky walker for many, his voice work as the animated Joker is iconic in its own right. A Mark Hamill Joker tattoo brings to life the character’s maniacal joy and devious schemes. It often features the exaggerated expressions and colorful chaos of the animated series. It’s a tattoo for those who grew up with the Joker as their favorite cartoon villain.

Mark Hamill joker with a card tattoo

Mark Hamill joker with gun tattoo

Mark Hamill Joker cartoon tattoo

Mark Hamill Joker with a card calf tattoo

Joker tattoo Placement Ideas

The Joker, an icon of chaos and complexity, has long been a compelling subject for tattoos. His enigmatic persona and striking visual imagery make him a versatile choice for those looking to make a statement with ink. The placement of such a tattoo is crucial, as it can affect the impact and interpretation of the design. Here’s where you can place your Joker tattoo for maximum effect.

Full Sleeve

A Joker full sleeve tattoo is like a graphic novel unfolding on your skin. It’s immersive, allowing for a narrative to be told from shoulder to wrist. This placement is not just a tattoo. It’s a commitment to a story, your story, intertwined with the dark allure of the Joker’s legacy.

Batman and Joker full sleeve tattoo

Joker tattoo sleeve


The bicep is the perfect stage for a single, powerful image of the Joker. Every time you flex, it’s as if the Joker is cackling at the effort. It also serves as a constant reminder to find humor in strength and struggle. This smaller canvas is great for people who want a personality punch without the full story of a sleeve.

Hahaha joker bicep tattoo


Inking the Joker over your heart is a declaration that resonates with the character’s chaotic heartbeat. The chest area, with its expansive space, allows for a larger-than-life portrait of the Joker’s manic grin or a scene depicting his twisted love affair with Gotham (or Harley Quinn). It’s an intimate choice, reserved for those who feel an affinity for the madness and brilliance of the Joker’s ethos.

Joker Chest Tattoo


Turning your back into a tribute to the Joker is like carrying a masterpiece with you at all times. Think of a full-back tattoo as a mural to madness, a space where the Joker reigns supreme, surrounded by the gothic architecture of Gotham or the faces of his numerous nemeses. This is your personal gallery of villainy, a statement as bold and unrestrained as the Joker himself.

Joker full back tattoo

Joker tattoo on one side of back

Half Sleeve

Half sleeve tattoos offer a balance between the extensive commitment of a full sleeve and the snapshot style of smaller tattoos. It’s a canvas ripe for a collage of Joker moments—perhaps a blend of his many cinematic faces, or a series of haunting laughs that fade into inked oblivion. A half sleeve is a versatile choice that allows the wearer to engage observers with a visual feast.

Joker half sleeve tattoo


The forearm is a versatile spot for a Joker tattoo, offering visibility and flexibility. A detailed image of the Joker’s face, with his sinister smile and piercing eyes, can become an extension of your own gestures and expressions. It’s an ever-present reminder to embrace the unpredictability of life, with the Joker’s gaze following you through every twist and turn.

Joker inner forearm tattoo


Whether it’s a thigh piece or wrapping around the shin, the leg provides a lengthy canvas for storytelling. A leg tattoo might feature the Joker in stride, a visual metaphor for walking through life on your own terms, accompanied by the spirit of anarchy. It’s an often-overlooked placement that offers a dynamic and bold statement for those who dare to walk with the Joker.

Joker leg tattoo

Realistic Heath Ledger Joker leg tattoo


Your calf can serve as a pillar supporting the weight of the Joker’s iconic image. It’s a spot that can showcase the Joker in full regalia, perhaps with his signature purple suit and a hand of cards, ready to disrupt the status quo. For carefully showing your rebellious side, the calf is a great place to be. When you hike your pants, you can show the world that you are anarchist in a subtle but noticeable way.

Joker sketch calf tattoo

Heath Ledger Joker tattoo with quote Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos

Heath Ledger Joker tattoo with quote Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos

Imagine that every movement of your arm will reveal a truth that speaks to your inner rebel. The Joker quote, “Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos,” isn’t just a statement. It’s a battle cry for those who question the status quo. This tattoo, accompanied by the Joker’s wry smile, is not just a piece of art. It’s a conversation starter, a declaration of your worldview inked in perpetuity.

Joker cover up tattoo on upper arm

Joker cover up tattoo on upper arm

Tattoo regrets? No problem. The Joker is all about transformation, and what better way to embrace change than with a cover-up tattoo on your upper arm? The vivid colors and intricate designs of the Joker’s visage can easily mask an old, unwanted tattoo, giving it a new lease on life. As a cover-up, the Joker not only hides the past but also turns it into a powerful piece of art. It symbolizes the evolution of your personal tale.

Joker with gun card forearm tattoo

Joker with gun card forearm tattoo

The forearm is a prime canvas for showcasing the Joker’s unpredictable nature, and what better way to do it than with a tattoo of the trickster brandishing his infamous gun card? This design is a nod to the classic imagery of the Joker, a blend of humor and hazard. It’s a tattoo that says you’re not afraid to take a risk, to play the hand you’re dealt with a smirk and the confidence of a wild card.

Yes chef joker tattoo

Yes chef joker tattoo

For those who wield their kitchen knives with the same flair as the Joker does his schemes, the “Yes Chef” Joker tattoo is a quirky twist on the traditional. It merges the chaotic world of culinary arts with the anarchic essence of the Joker. Placed on the arm or wrist, this tattoo can be a tribute to your passion for cooking with a side of mischief, a reminder to always cook outside the lines.

Black ink joker tattoo

Black ink joker tattoo

Black ink tattoos are timeless, and a monochrome Joker design is the epitome of elegance in anarchy. Without the distraction of color, the focus is on the detail and shading, capturing the Joker’s features in stark contrast. The goal of this tattoo is to capture the character’s deep depth and range of emotions while equating the dark and light within. The striking representation of these opposing aspects is what gives it its eerie beauty. It’s a minimalist approach that makes a maximum impact.

Half Joker half Venom tattoo

Half Joker half Venom tattoo

Why settle for one iconic character when you can have two? The half Joker, half Venom tattoo is for those who thrive on the edge of heroism and villainy. This design merges the chaos of the Joker with the raw power of Venom, creating a visual spectacle of duality. It’s a bold choice, a statement piece that speaks to the complex nature of good and evil, order and chaos, laughter and rage.


In the inked world of symbols and stories, the joker tattoo stands out as a versatile and potent emblem. It’s a tribute to the multifaceted nature of life, a reflection of personal struggle, humor, and rebellion. Whether it’s through a classic design or cinematic portrayal, the joker resonates with individuals who see themselves in the chaos.

Choosing a joker tattoo is not just about picking a design. It’s about finding a piece of yourself in the image and wearing it with pride. As you consider joining the ranks of those who carry this symbol on their skin, take a moment to reflect on what the joker means to you. After all, in the ink of a joker tattoo lies a story, your story, etched in a language of symbols and shades that will endure as a testament to the joker’s timeless appeal in popular culture.

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