65 Winter Nail Art Ideas

Spooky Disney Acrylic And Neon Christmas Nail

Winter is starting to peek and it is one of the most exciting seasons of the year for fashion. Standing out in the winter, you need decent nails and hair style. Winter nails could be eye-catching when applying right designs that suit the season. Even though most of your body is covered in layers of clothes, your hands will be visible from time to time. You will need to make sure that your nails are on point.

Be fashionable this season with beautiful winter nail art

Nail art gives color and accent to your everyday look and that is something that clothes can’t give you. This is why if you want to wear something fashionable that will last for a week or so, you should definitely try out beautiful winter nail art. It’s easy, affordable and all you need to have is a little creativity.

Accessories can be very costly which is why painting your own nail art doesn’t only showcase your fashion, but your creativity as well. Being fashionable is more fun when you have control over the designs that you wear on you and that includes nail art. There are plenty of winter nail references online that you can find online to fuel your creativity.

One of the most prominent designs on winter nail art is snowflakes. Of course, snow is unquestionably the most popular icon any winter nail art should have but it doesn’t mean that you need to stick to this design. You can be creative and bend it a little by using other styles like color combination, frost nail art techniques and even patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Below are some winter nail art ideas that you can apply on your own nails and the bonus is, you can even have fun when painting them on!

Winter Louboutin nail art

There have been a lot of trends when it comes to nail art, but one of the most fascinating is painting the underside of the nail. So, why is this nail art linked to Christian Louboutin? It’s because he made the trend of colored sole of the heels which up to now is being adored by lots of people. Louboutin has launched a new type of nail polish that specifically caters the underside of your nails. The underside nail polish package includes the iconic crimson polish as well as a classic black nail polish to go on top. It’s simply like putting the heel fashion onto your own hands, or nails in this matter.

Cracked metallic winter nail art

This is a really stylish and creative nail art where you get to try something new and more quirky than a simple painting on the nails. You can try a classic silver and black combination for the nails because these colors are generally neutral and can go from about any occasion. All you need is a simple black nail polish and a top coat of a glaze crackle metal nail polish to complete the effect.

Anti French winter nail art

You probably have heard about French manicure, but did you know that there was a reverse for that style? It’s leaving your cuticles nude and choosing another nail polish shade for the rest of the nails. To make it more of a Christmas color scheme you can use shades of gray and chrome, depicting the cold winter nights ahead. Simply paint a thin coat of the chrome nail polish at the tip of your nails where it will complement with the gray shade on the rest of the nails. You can experiment with styles and even use gradient techniques to make the nails look more interesting.

The gold and beads winter nail art

If you’re into classic and baroque style, this edgy golden nail art is perfect for the winter season. Not only does it give warmth to your fingers, but it can also jive well with the Christmas season coming up. The great thing about gold is that you can pair them up with just absolutely everything, beads, and embellishments and so on. They are also perfect no their own, so can just paint them on and add a minimum amount of embellishments and it will still be bold and a stand out. If you’re not too sure that the gold hue can work for you, you can always get a set of press on nails that you can remove whenever you like.

Of course there is all-white nail art that everyone loves. If you love basic and classic colors then this is your best choice. You can always amp up white polish with a bit of creativity on your nails. Try placing silver beads on the tip of the nails, or you can also create a quilted effect by making use of thin straight edges to push in the lines to the nail polish right after the final layer. This nail art will definitely look unique and out of this world.

More White winter nail design ideas

If you look hard enough you can find the perfect winter nail art ideas that you can paint yourself. There are no requirements when you pant your own nail art, you simply just need to be creative and willing to invest time and effort into making your nails look amazing in time for the winter season.

Beautiful flower nail art

Beautiful flower nail art for the white season

Combine glitter nail art with carnation flowers and beads on your nails.

preto + white noise . mixtape nails

Elegant nail art in black and white polish

You can also add clear glitter polish on top to add accent to the design.

Pretty winter flower nail art design. Paint on a variety of pretty flowers on your nails with a nude matte background and glitter polish.

Winter nail

Nude color with dots and lace nail art

Nude polish in polka dot and flower nail art design

Give statement to your nails by painting on flower and polka dot details in black polish.

Black and green glitter nail art

Black, blue and green glitter nail art. Give life to that matte black nails of yours by adding a half moon of blue and green glitter polish on top.

Generous nail art for winter

Wonderful French nail design

Partner this classic black and white French tip with a light blush color as the base.

Black and orange nail art

Orange and black combinations

Combine cute designs like polka dots, zigzags, hearts and gradient techniques to make your nail art stand out.

Nude color and black nail art

Geometric nails art for winter season

Play along with triangles in this interesting nails. Use black and nude polish for the base and details while adding sequins as accent.

Black and gold glitter nail art

Elegant black and gold ensemble

There’s nothing more classic than black matte nail polish with gold embellishments on top to make just about any winter outfit stand out.

Gary and glitter nail art

Colorful silver polish and neon sequins and glitter nail art

Unleash those bright colors on your nails by painting on a matte silver polish as base and simply splashing neon colored sequins and glitters on top.

Pretty gradient winter nail art design. Give more attitude to your nails by giving it the gradient design with violet and sky blue polish. Sprinkle glitter on top for effect.

Gary and white feather nail art

Perfect winter nail art design. Use winter hues such as black, gray and white to create tribal images and designs on your nails.

Brown nail art for winter

Elegant looking bronze glitter nail art. Add warmth to your nails this winter by painting on glitter polish sandwich designs on your nails.

Black and pink frech nail

Black and melon nail polish with accents of silver glitter polish and beads. Make your nails stand out with contrasting colors and embellishments on top for effect.

Black and purple with tribe nail art

Love matte colors> this winter nail art is perfect for you. Complete with tribal designs and embellishments, this nail art design will surely rock your nails.

Black nail art

Chick looking winter nail art design. Paint your nails in blue metallic nail polish with hints of gold metallic here and there. Add gold beads and a sexy lips detail for accent.

Blue and pink frech nail

Cute blue and pink French tip. Make your nails spring to life with this adorable blue French tip with pink glitter polish as base.

blue and white with lace nail art

Royal blue and white winter nail art design. Paint on adorable lace details with black polish on the white base and add black diamond embellishments on top for a perfect accent.

Brown and glitter nail art

Want a stand out and risqué polish? Why not try this chocolate and gold inspired winter nail art. Sprinkle gold glitter on top and add beads on top to finish the look.

Blue-green and black nail art

Neon blue and black winter nail art

There’s nothing like contrasting colors combined to make the nail art stand out more. You can also add beads on top to make it look even more beautiful.

Winter nail art-5

Combine these neutral tricolors for your winter nail art. Black, white and nude nail polish goes perfectly together in creating a really classy ensemble.

Witer nail art -3

Try out baby colors for your winter nail art. Check out this amazing combination of baby pink, baby blue, black and white colors with zigzag patterns on.

Brow and gary nail art

Mocha and gray inspired winter nail art

Paint your nails in matte mocha and gray polishes and add details in white polish and silver beads on top for accent.

Cute brown and gray with heart nail art

Wonderful looking white and mocha winter nail art design. The bold lines and the cute pink hearts complement each other giving a cute vibe from the design.

Cute nail art for winter

Really interesting looking winter nail art in black, white and pink polish. The variety of patterns makes the design look lively and interesting.

dots and lace nail art

Black, white and red lace and polka dot winter nail art design. A perfect combination of designs and colors that make your nails look absolutely stunning.

Elegant blue with sonw nail art

Midnight blue and white snowflake nail art design

Simple yet elegant winter nail art design that will surely match with the winter season.

every rose has its thorn

Red and violet glitter gradient winter nail art design

Gradient always gives your nails more depth, add accent by using glitter polish and a white streak in the middle of the nails.

Gary and brown glitter nail art

Chrome polishes and sequins winter nail art design

Give more sparkle to your nails by adding half moon sequins in pink and blue hues on top of your chrome base color.

Gary and lace nail art

Winter laces nail art design

Paint your nails in matte dark green colors and decorate the nails on the ring fingers with beautiful lace patterns.

Gary and white with flower frech nail art

Black and white rose French tips. Winter is all about white. Why not accentuate your nails with the white base colors and black polish for the details of the roses.

Generous black with metal nail art

Black and bronze winter nail art design

If you have short nails you can always go for the classic black matte polish. Add a stylish diagonal cut on the ring finger nail lined with chrome metallic polish.

Generous gray nail art

Nude, black and silver winter nail art design

A perfect combination with the use of glitter silver polish which makes the frost effect on the nails look amazing.

Gold glitter and black nail art for winter

Classic black and gold ensemble for the winter season. You can never go wrong with this combination, adding gold glitter helps make the design truly stand out.

Gray and lace nail art

Gray, nude and black polish winter nail art design

Give a wonderful accent on your gray themed nails by painting details of lace designs and flowers using the black nail polish.

Gray and nude color with metal decoration nail art

Multi colored matte and gold beaded winter nail art. Don’t hesitate to make your nails look amazing with a simple embellishment on top.

Gray and purple gradient nail art

Red violet and gray gradient winter nail art design

If you want a classy and elegant nail art design then going with gradient is always the best choice no matter what color you combine.

Gray and white nail art

Chocolate and white colored winter nail art design. Give some spice to a rather plain looking design by adding pearls and silver beads on top for accent.

Gray and white nail

Gray and white winter nail art design

Add embellishments on top of the nails to make it look even more festive than before, perfect for short or long nails.

Gray leopard nail art

Leopard print winter nail art design

Paint on leopard prints on your gray nail polish and add gold embellishments on top for accent.

Gray tribe nail art

Tribal designs in gray and sea green polish

Complete your winter nail look with these fu looking tribal designs in darker gray hues.

Green and black lace nail art

Elegant green and black winter nail polish with multi colored sequins. Variety is a good thing when it comes to nail designs and this nail art simply makes it come alive.

green and black nail art

Green and black combination perfect for your winter nail art design. Add details on top using black polish and complete the look with silver embellishments on top.

Green and gold glitter nail art

Blue and gold winter nail art design

Touch on the sift side of winter with this charming combination of nail polish and glitter polish.

Red, white and gold winter nail art design. Fill your nails with a variety of designs such as animal prints and glitter nail art to make it stand out from the rest. You can also add golden beads on top for accent.

Nail art design

Sometimes uniformity is the best way to make a statement with your winter nail art design. Use neon green, periwinkle, violet and black to paint out quirky details on your nails.

Blue, gold and white winter nail art combination. Design your nails in cute white stripes and golden colored starfish plus a glitter full of pinky nails.

Nude color and black with leopard nail art

Pink and black leopard nail art design

Simple and stunning winter nail art combination. Additional black beads have been added on top to complete the effect.

Nude color and lace nail art

Nude and white nail art combination

The beautiful thing about nude is you can pair almost anything with it. Go classy and choose white with a sprinkle of gold glitter everywhere.

Nude color with black lace nail art

Lace inspired winter nail art French tips

Be creative and stand out with these simple yet astounding lace French tips in violet polish.

Orange with flower nail art for winter

Bright and bold colors of orange and gray makes a perfect combination for your winter nail art collection. Paint on strong details of roses and polka dots to make the design look more vivid.

Pink and black nail for winter

Black and melon themed nail art

Nothing beats contrasting colors that complement each other when combined. The abstract designs also look amazing in this nail art.

Pink and black grid nail art design

Pretty intricate looking, but easy to paint on winter nail art. Simply collect different nail colors so that you can draw the zigzag lines in and add silver glitter nail polish on top for accent.

Pink and black with leopard nail art

Black, melon and gray nails

Prefect for just about any occasion. The nails are painted in matte black, melon and gray with leopard prints drawn on top as well as gold embellishments to complete the look.

Pink and black with leopard nail

Hot pink and black winter nail art design

You can steer clear from the regular designs since this one is really on the edge and easy enough to recreate on your own.

Purple and gold glitter nail art

Cute violet and gold inspired winter nail art

Nothing better than to top off your nails with awesome looking gold sequins.

Red and black nail art

Red and black comical winter nail art. Bring some attitude into your nails by adding big, bold black lines to emphasize details.

Amazing and intricate nail art details

Fill your nails with these pretty designs using white and sky blue nail polish, perfect for the winter season ahead.

romantica assumida. mixtape nails

Periwinkle and silver inspired winter nail art. Bring life into your nails by adding silver glitter polish on top along with silver sequins.

Black and white nail art. Give a twist to the classic black and white polishes by adding silver glitter polish on top.

Baby colors are perfect for the winter season. You can definitely give more life to the style by throwing silver glitter polish and gold sequins into the combination.

Winter nail art design

Simple yet very cute short winter nail art design

Combine clear polish with blue green, sky blue and white colors to create this soft and pretty floral nail art design with embellishments.

winter nail art

Tribal inspired winter nail art design. Play along with black and orange hues in this intricate and fun looking nail art design you should try this winter season.

Winter nail art-4

Bloody red and brown winter nail art combination with floral details. If you want to be elegant but keep it subtle then this is the perfect nail art that you should try on.

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