65 Winter Nail Art Ideas

Brow and gary nail art

Mocha and gray inspired winter nail art

Paint your nails in matte mocha and gray polishes and add details in white polish and silver beads on top for accent.

Cute brown and gray with heart nail art

Wonderful looking white and mocha winter nail art design. The bold lines and the cute pink hearts complement each other giving a cute vibe from the design.

Cute nail art for winter

Really interesting looking winter nail art in black, white and pink polish. The variety of patterns makes the design look lively and interesting.

dots and lace nail art

Black, white and red lace and polka dot winter nail art design. A perfect combination of designs and colors that make your nails look absolutely stunning.

Elegant blue with sonw nail art

Midnight blue and white snowflake nail art design

Simple yet elegant winter nail art design that will surely match with the winter season.

every rose has its thorn

Red and violet glitter gradient winter nail art design

Gradient always gives your nails more depth, add accent by using glitter polish and a white streak in the middle of the nails.

Gary and brown glitter nail art

Chrome polishes and sequins winter nail art design

Give more sparkle to your nails by adding half moon sequins in pink and blue hues on top of your chrome base color.

Gary and lace nail art

Winter laces nail art design

Paint your nails in matte dark green colors and decorate the nails on the ring fingers with beautiful lace patterns.

Gary and white with flower frech nail art

Black and white rose French tips. Winter is all about white. Why not accentuate your nails with the white base colors and black polish for the details of the roses.

Generous black with metal nail art

Black and bronze winter nail art design

If you have short nails you can always go for the classic black matte polish. Add a stylish diagonal cut on the ring finger nail lined with chrome metallic polish.

Generous gray nail art

Nude, black and silver winter nail art design

A perfect combination with the use of glitter silver polish which makes the frost effect on the nails look amazing.

Gold glitter and black nail art for winter

Classic black and gold ensemble for the winter season. You can never go wrong with this combination, adding gold glitter helps make the design truly stand out.

Gray and lace nail art

Gray, nude and black polish winter nail art design

Give a wonderful accent on your gray themed nails by painting details of lace designs and flowers using the black nail polish.

Gray and nude color with metal decoration nail art

Multi colored matte and gold beaded winter nail art. Don’t hesitate to make your nails look amazing with a simple embellishment on top.

Gray and purple gradient nail art

Red violet and gray gradient winter nail art design

If you want a classy and elegant nail art design then going with gradient is always the best choice no matter what color you combine.

Gray and white nail art

Chocolate and white colored winter nail art design. Give some spice to a rather plain looking design by adding pearls and silver beads on top for accent.

Gray and white nail

Gray and white winter nail art design

Add embellishments on top of the nails to make it look even more festive than before, perfect for short or long nails.

Gray leopard nail art

Leopard print winter nail art design

Paint on leopard prints on your gray nail polish and add gold embellishments on top for accent.

Gray tribe nail art

Tribal designs in gray and sea green polish

Complete your winter nail look with these fu looking tribal designs in darker gray hues.

Green and black lace nail art

Elegant green and black winter nail polish with multi colored sequins. Variety is a good thing when it comes to nail designs and this nail art simply makes it come alive.

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