70 Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo Ideas: Design and Meaning

There’s something undeniably magnetic about the ancient Egyptian pyramids. These grand structures have stood the test of time, encapsulating the mystery, majesty, and ingenuity of a bygone era. It’s no surprise that their iconic silhouettes have become a sought-after design in the world of body art. Egyptian pyramid tattoos are more than just a nod to ancient glory; they’re a canvas for cultural storytelling and personal symbolism.

The Lure of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt captivates us with tales of gods walking among men, of pharaohs entombed in grand pyramids, and of hieroglyphics that whisper secrets from millennia past. The pyramids, in particular, are emblematic of this fascination—their very shapes suggest stability, eternity, and the human quest for immortality. As tombs, they safeguarded the journey of pharaohs into the afterlife, standing as monuments to their power and divine lineage.

Symbolism of Egyptian Pyramid Tattoos

Delving into the symbolism, an Egyptian pyramid tattoo is a profound emblem of life’s continuum. It connects the terrestrial to the celestial, a bridge between earth and the heavens. These tattoos often express power and enduring strength, akin to the divine right of pharaohs. The Eye of Horus, frequently paired with the pyramid, is a protective symbol, warding off evil and bringing good health. Together, these elements pay homage to the rich tapestry of Egyptian civilization and its timeless allure.

Popular Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo Designs

The Great Pyramid of Giza with the Sphinx

The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, when paired with the mythical Sphinx, creates a tattoo that’s nothing short of epic. Artists often render these pieces with a level of detail that can bring the Sahara’s sands to life on your skin.

Pyramid and eye with flower of life tattoo

Pyramid and eye with flower of life tattoo

Merge the earthly with the spiritual with a Pyramid and Eye with Flower of Life tattoo. This design weaves the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life with the all-seeing eye perched atop a pyramid. It’s a cosmic dance of enlightenment, vision, and the interconnectedness of all beings. Those who choose this tattoo often seek a deeper understanding of the universe and their place within it.

Pyramids and Anubis with Eye of Horus tattoo

Pyramids and Anubis with Eye of Horus tattoo

Embrace the gaze of the guardian with a Pyramids and Anubis with Eye of Horus tattoo. This triad of symbols brings forth the vigilant stare of the Eye of Horus, the steadfast silhouette of the pyramids, and the watchful presence of Anubis. It’s a triple threat of protection, power, and perseverance, a perfect choice for those who resonate with the stoic strength and oversight of the gods.

pyramid and eye tattoo

The pyramid and eye tattoo is steeped in symbolism. Often associated with the all-seeing eye or the Eye of Providence, this design suggests enlightenment and a higher perspective. It’s a favorite among those who value insight and oversight, a visual representation of the quest for truth.

Pyramid all seeing eye with clock tattoo

Pyramid with eye hand tattoo

Eye in pyramid hand tattoo

Pyramid all seeing eye hand tattoo

The Great Pyramid of Giza with the Sphinx Tattoos

the Great Pyramid of Giza alongside the enigmatic Sphinx. This duo, the Great Pyramid of Giza with the Sphinx tattoo, is a love letter to architectural and mythological grandeur. It’s a conversation piece, an artwork that brings together two of Egypt’s most spellbinding wonders. This tattoo is a fit for history enthusiasts and admirers of monumental achievements. It’s about legacy, guarding the secrets of the past while watching over the present.

Pyramid and Sphinx tattoo

Sphinx and Pyramid half sleeve tattoo

Pyramid and Sphinx and camel forearm tattoo

Pyramid and Sphinx back tattoo

Pyramid with Anubis tattoos

Imagine the stark silhouette of an Egyptian pyramid on skin, its ancient stones whispering tales of old. Now, pair that with the jackal-headed god Anubis, guardian of the afterlife, and you have a tattoo that’s not just art—it’s a story. An Egyptian Pyramid with Anubis tattoo brings together the earthly majesty of pharaonic tombs and the divine mystery of the afterlife. This design often represents protection, guidance, and the transition from life to eternity.

Anubis and Pyramids tattoo

Colored Anubis and Pyramids tattoo

Anubis and Pyramids with Ankh tattoo on inner forearm

Anubis with Ankh and Pyramids forearm tattoo

Egyptian Pyramid with hieroglyphics tattoo

There’s a deep fascination with the cryptic beauty of hieroglyphics, and when inked alongside a pyramid, they transform skin into a papyrus of personal mythos. An Egyptian Pyramid with hieroglyphics tattoo is more than just decoration; it’s a narrative. Whether it’s your name etched in cartouche form or a phrase that resonates with your soul, this design connects you to the ancient scribes who once chronicled the glory of pharaohs.

Anubis and Pyramids with Hieroglyphics tattoo

Egyptian Pyramids with hieroglyphics and Eye of Ra 3d chest tattoo

Eye of horus and Pyramid tattoo

The Eye of Horus is a potent symbol of protection and healing. Combined with the steadfast form of a pyramid, the Eye of Horus and Pyramid tattoo becomes a talisman, a shield against misfortune. This tattoo is often chosen by those seeking to channel resilience and health, with the eye watching over them as the pyramids have watched over Egypt for millennia.

Horus eye and Pyramid with the earth tattoo

Realistic Eye of horus and Pyramid tattoo

Traditional Eye of horus and Pyramid tattoo

Traditional Eye of horus and Pyramid tattoo

Eye of Ra and Pyramids tattoos

The Eye of Ra, a counterpart to the Eye of Horus, embodies the fierceness of the sun god. Eye of Ra and Pyramids tattoos are a homage to power, radiance, and creation. When rendered on skin, this design is a testament to one’s inner fire, a reminder of the unfaltering light that can guide through life’s darkness, much like the pyramids once guided the pharaohs to the stars.

Blackwork pyramid and Eye of Ra tattoo

Eye of ra Pyramid tattoo on hand

Eye of Ra in starry sky and Pyramids tattoo

Eye of Ra and Pyramids tattoo

King Tut and Pyramid tattoos

King Tutankhamun, the boy king whose tomb was found nearly intact, has become a symbol of the mysteries of ancient Egypt. A Pyramid tattoo with King Tut is a nod to discovery, to the treasures hidden beneath sands and within ourselves. This design speaks of the eternal youth and the curiosity that drives us to explore the unknown.

King tut and Pyramid with constellation map tattoo

Golden King Tut and Pyramids thigh tattoo

King Tut and Pyramids with a helicopter

Pyramid and clock tattoos

A Pyramid and clock tattoo combines the timeless with the temporal. It’s a reflection on mortality and the legacy we leave behind. The steady tick of the clock and the ageless pyramids remind us that time is both fleeting and infinite—a paradox as old as civilization itself.

Pyramid with clock tattoo

silhouette birds flying over pyramid with clock tattoo

Pyramid with clock and birds tattoo

Pyramid with clock forearm tattoo

Pyramid tattoo with words Novus Ordo SecloRuM tattoos

For a touch of intrigue, some choose to weave in the phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” Latin for “New Order of the Ages,” often associated with the concept of a new era of enlightenment. A Pyramid tattoo with these words is about vision, about those who set their sights on the horizon of a new dawn, much like the pharaohs who looked to the afterlife as a new beginning.

Blackwork pyramid tattoo with words Novus Ordo SecloRuM tattoo

Pyramid with all seeing eye and words Novus Ordo SecloRuM tattoo

Black and grey pyramid tattoo with words words Novus Ordo SecloRuM tattoo

Pyramid with UFO tattoo

The Pyramid with UFO tattoo taps into the otherworldly. It’s a playful yet profound nod to theories that link the pyramids to celestial visitors. Whether it’s a belief or a fascination with the extraterrestrial, this tattoo design suggests that there are always mysteries beyond our understanding, waiting to be explored.

King Tut and Pyramid with UFO and eye of Ra tattoo

Pyramid and UFO with palm tree tattoo traditional

Blackwork Pyramid with eye and UFO tattoo

Horus and Pyramids Tattoos

The God Horus, with his falcon head, symbolizes the sky, war, and protection. When Horus takes flight over the iconic pyramids in a tattoo, the design is not just visually stunning—it’s packed with power. Horus and Pyramids tattoos merge human aspiration with celestial might, ideal for those who identify with the resilience and the protective spirit of Horus. It’s a bold statement – you’re under the falcon’s wing, ready to conquer your battles with the wisdom of the ancients.

Horus and Pyramids dotwork tattoo

Horus and Pyramids with Eye of Ra tattoo

Realistic Horus and Pyramid tattoo

Scarab Beetle and Pyramids Tattoo

Now, if you’re about transformation and new beginnings, let’s talk about the scarab beetle. This little bug was sacred to the Egyptians, representing the cycle of life and rebirth. A Scarab Beetle and Pyramids tattoo is a profound emblem of personal growth and eternal life, with the timeless pyramids as a backdrop. This tattoo is a favorite among those who see every sunrise as a chance to start anew, with the steadfastness of the pyramids to back them up.

Egyptian Pyramids Scarab Beetle and lotus tattoo

Small Pyramid Tattoos

Not all statements need to shout. Small pyramid tattoos are for the minimalists, the understated philosophers who find depth in simplicity. These tattoos can be tucked anywhere, serving as a private nod to the enigmas of Egypt. They’re perfect for a first tattoo or for those who prefer their ink to whisper rather than roar. Don’t be fooled by their size; these tiny pyramids pack the same ancient punch as their colossal counterparts.

Small pyramids tattoo

Three pyramids tattoo

Minimalist pyramids tattoo

Small pyramids tattoo with moon

Three Pyramid Tattoos

Why settle for one when you can have three? Three Pyramid tattoos represent the Giza pyramid complex in its entirety. It’s a broader canvas, capturing the essence of ancient Egyptian civilization. This design often symbolizes the trio of past, present, and future, an eternal cycle that the wearer is intimately part of. It’s for those who see life as a grand, interconnected adventure.

Three pyramids with constellation map tattoo

Three Pyramids with palm tree tattoo

Three pyramids with planets tattoo

Blackwork three pyramids below elbow

Pyramids with sun and moon tattoo

Traditional Pyramid Tattoos

To honor the old-school, Traditional pyramid tattoos hark back to the bold lines and unshakable foundations of classic tattoo artistry. These designs stand out with their stark contrasts and time-tested styles. They’re a salute to the traditions of both tattooing and ancient Egyptian culture. This choice is for the purists, the ones who appreciate the enduring appeal of traditional tattoos and the perennial wisdom of ancient Egypt.

Traditional pyramid with eye tattoo

Traditional style Egyptian Pyramid with Cartouche Hieroglyphics tattoo on bicep

American traditional pyramid and palm tree tattoo

Anubis and Horus guarding Pyramid tattoo

Anubis and Horus guarding Pyramid tattoo

Imagine the might of the gods as your perpetual shield. An Anubis and Horus guarding Pyramid tattoo combines the fierce loyalty of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the afterlife, with the soaring dominance of Horus, the falcon god of the sky. This tattoo is more than a piece of art. It’s a dual sentinel inked into your skin, a balance of wisdom and protection. For those who want to carry the weight of the divine and the dead, this tattoo is a profound statement of eternal vigilance.

Black and grey Anubis Pyramids and Hieroglyphics tattoo

Black and grey Anubis Pyramids and Hieroglyphics tattoo

For the lovers of classics, a Black and Grey Anubis Pyramids and Hieroglyphics tattoo speaks in hushed tones of grey scale with the elegance of a bygone epoch. The subtlety of black and grey gives depth and emotion to the silent stories told by hieroglyphics, while the stoic Anubis stands guard. This design is a favorite among those who prefer their history rich and their statements understated, yet powerful.

Scarab beetle and Pyramids with Egyptian Hieroglyphics full back tattoo

Scarab beetle and Pyramids with Egyptian Hieroglyphics full back tattoo

A full-back tattoo featuring a Scarab Beetle and Pyramids with Egyptian Hieroglyphics is a canvas that screams legacy. The scarab beetle, a symbol of rebirth and the rising sun, coupled with the pyramids—a testament to the eternal—creates a living, breathing tapestry of life and immortality. This tattoo is an epic narrative sprawled across your back, a bold declaration of your own personal renaissance.

Pyramids dotwork tattoo

Pyramids dotwork tattoo

Sometimes, the simplest forms speak the loudest. A Pyramids tattoo uses the technique of dotwork to create the image , producing a textured, almost ethereal appearance. This tattoo celebrates virtues of patience and precision, resonating deeply with individuals who revel in the intricacies of fine detail. It’s crafted for those who recognize and value the meticulous effort required to bring a touch of magic to life.

Pyramids with moon and stars tattoo

Pyramids with moon and stars tattoo

Bring the night sky to your skin with a Pyramids with Moon and Stars tattoo. This design captures the romance of ancient Egyptian astronomy, a culture that found guidance in the celestial bodies. This tattoo, depicting pyramids beneath the moon and stars’ vigilant gaze, serves as a symbol of guidance through life’s mysteries. It evokes the enchantment of a night sky brimming with stars, a vision of dreamlike wonder and clarity.

Horus and Pyramids with Hieroglyphics tattoo

Horus and Pyramids with Hieroglyphics tattoo

Horus, with his piercing gaze, stands sentinel over the pyramids, while hieroglyphics whisper tales of old. This tattoo is for the storytellers, the keepers of lore, and those who feel a kinship with the god who sees all.

Placement Considerations

The placement of an Egyptian pyramid tattoo is crucial, as it can affect both the design’s impact and its interpretation.


The back is like the open desert sands – vast, expansive, and ready for something monumental. A pyramid tattoo here? It’s a no-brainer. Imagine a large-scale piece dominating your back, from the nape of your neck down to your waistline. The back offers a flat, wide canvas, perfect for an intricate design or a scene straight out of ancient Egypt, complete with all the majesty of the Giza plateau.

Anubis and Pyramids with planet back tattoo

Small Pyramid upper back tattoo


Now, the hand is a bold choice. It’s not just a tattoo; it’s a handshake, a conversation starter, and a declaration. A pyramid design on the hand makes for a striking visual. Go for a smaller, minimalist pyramid on your finger, or let a larger one cover the back of your hand. It’s a daily reminder of the permanence and durability of what you value, constantly in your line of sight.

Pyramid and flower of life tattoo on hand


Got something meaningful to say? Place it on the chest, right over your heart. A pyramid tattoo here is intimate and personal. Whether it’s a small emblem nestled between the pecs or a full-chest piece that commands attention, the chest placement adds a layer of gravitas to your ink. Plus, it’s easy to conceal and reveal as you please, making it a versatile choice for different settings.

Pyramid and ISIS chest tattoo


Ankle tattoos are subtle, yet they carry a certain charm. A pyramid tattoo wrapping around your ankle or sitting neatly above the heel can be a small, elegant nod to your aesthetic. It’s the kind of tattoo that peeks out from your pants or plays coy beneath your socks, a personal secret or a public emblem as the situation demands.

Pyramid ankle tattoo


The forearm is classic real estate for a tattoo, offering visibility and space for something truly eye-catching. A pyramid design here gets plenty of sunlight – it’s out there for the world to see, turning with your every move. It’s a great spot for a piece that’s designed to be seen, to start dialogues, and perhaps even to inspire.

Pyramid with clock and eye forearm tattoo

Half Sleeve

Half sleeves tell a story, and what better narrative than one that includes a pyramid? From elbow to wrist, you’ve got room to play with – add in some Egyptian gods, the Nile, or a starry night sky. A half sleeve is a commitment, a sleeve of honor that shows dedication to your design.

Pyramid with clouds half sleeve tattoo


Biceps are for the bold – they’re about strength and presence. A pyramid tattoo on the bicep becomes part of your every gesture, a symbol of solidity and structure. When you flex, it flexes; it’s dynamic, changing with the shape of your muscle. And let’s be honest, there’s something inherently cool about rolling up your sleeve to reveal a piece of ancient mystery.

Pyramids bicep tattoo

Full Sleeve

Now, the full sleeve – a mural from shoulder to wrist. Weaving a pyramid into a full sleeve is like creating your own Sistine Chapel of ink. It’s a journey, a progression of imagery that can incorporate countless elements to complement the pyramid. It takes time, sure, but the result is a sleeve that is nothing short of a masterpiece, a testament to your passion for the art of tattoos.

Realistic eye with Pyramid and Anubis tattoo sleeve

Design Elements and Styles

Egyptian tattoos are a vibrant palette of traditional colors—gold, blue, and black dominate, with patterns that echo ancient jewelry and royal garb. Scarabs, ankhs, and pharaoh’s masks are powerful adjuncts to the central pyramid, each adding a layer of meaning. The artistry can range from hyper-realistic renditions to stylized, almost abstract interpretations, all while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic that resonates with the wearer.


Egyptian pyramid tattoos are more than just decorative—they’re an homage to a civilization that has long stirred our collective imagination. They offer a unique opportunity for personal expression, serving as a reminder of where humanity has been and the timeless nature of our aspirations. As you carry this ancient symbol on your skin, you become a living testament to the enduring legacy of Egypt’s pyramids, a personal monument to history’s enduring echo.

In the end, whether you choose to ink your skin with the likeness of Anubis, the serene gaze of the Sphinx, or the intricate weave of hieroglyphs, an Egyptian pyramid tattoo is a profound statement. It’s a blend of personal identity and an eternal tribute to the mystique of a culture that continues to inspire awe and wonder in our modern hearts. So, when you walk out of the tattoo parlor with a piece of ancient Egypt etched into your skin, you’re not just carrying art—you’re carrying history.

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