85 Virgo Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Tattoos are more than just art; they’re expressions of our innermost thoughts, passions, and in many cases, a tribute to the stars under which we were born. For the meticulous and ever-analytical Virgo, a tattoo is not a mere impulse but a well-thought-out choice that reflects their essence. Let’s dive into the world of Virgo tattoos and explore how these symbols of the Zodiac can be transformed into personal masterpieces.

The Virgo Vibe: Understanding the Maiden

Black and grey Virgo woman with flowers tattoo

Before we ink, let’s talk about what makes Virgo tick. Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are known for their precision, attention to detail, and a deep sense of humanity. Ruled by Mercury, they are communicators at heart, often expressing themselves through practical actions rather than words. A Virgo tattoo, then, is more than a symbol; it’s a statement of identity.

Diverse Virgo Tattoo Designs

The world of Virgo tattoos is as diverse as the individuals who bear them. These designs can range from the bold and graphic to the subtle and understated. Each one fits their own personal style. You can find a Virgo tattoo that fits your personality in every way, whether you like the classic beauty of symbols or the modern, dynamic appeal of art.

Virgo Glyph Stone Tattoo

The Virgo glyph, an “M” with a twist, can be inked to mimic stone. This 3D effect gives the impression of the glyph as a timeless carving, much like the steadfast Virgo personality.

Virgo glyph stone tattoo for male

Virgo glyph stone tattoo on cracked skin tattoo for male

Male Virgo Tattoo

For the gents, a Virgo tattoo can be a bold statement of their earthy and resilient nature. Think of a glyph or symbol that looks chiseled from stone. These tattoos are typically in black or gray, embodying the Virgo’s strong, unwavering qualities.

Virgo symbol tattoo on upper back for men

Earth Virgo tattoo above elbow for male

Virgo Meets Butterfly

A Virgo and butterfly tattoo is a dance of detail and beauty. It’s perfect for those who embrace change with finesse. The butterfly adds a splash of color and a hint of playfulness to the disciplined Virgo sign.

Virgo and blue butterfly tattoo behind ear

Butterfly and Virgo tattoo

Virgo and Mercury

Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, symbolizing intelligence and communication. Tattoos combining Virgo with Mercury highlight the wearer’s sharp wit. They can be literal with the planet Mercury or abstract with its astrological symbol.

Virgo and Mercury glyph back tattoo

Virgo Maiden with constellation and Mercury tattoo

Mercury glyph with mountain and Virgo constellation tattoo

Virgo and Morning Glory Tattoo

The morning glory, Virgo’s birth flower, stands for love and the fleeting nature of life. When paired with Virgo symbols in a tattoo, it brings a soft touch to the sign’s analytical side. It’s a reminder to savor life’s small wonders.

Virgo glyph with realistic daisy and morning glory tattoo

Virgo Mercury Earth glyph and morning glory tattoo

Virgo constellation and Morning glory tattoo for grandma

Virgo constellation and Morning glory tattoo

Virgo glyph and morning glory tattoo

Virgo Constellation Tattoos

For a minimalist approach, the Virgo constellation is a go-to. Simple lines and dots map out the stars on the skin. This design is versatile, timeless, and a subtle nod to the sign’s love for simplicity.

Virgo Constellation tattoo on inner forearm

Virgo Constellation tattoo on outer forearm

Virgo female face and constellation tattoo

Botanical Virgo constellation tattoo

Floral Virgo constellation upper arm tattoo

Floral Virgo Constellation with name tattoo

Virgo constellation tattoo behind the ear

Virgo Lettering Tattoo

Choosing the word “Virgo” in a striking font is a direct way to express zodiac pride. Fonts vary from elegant to bold, each telling a different story. The trick is to pick one that echoes your personal style.

Virgo lettering tattoo

Virgo lettering with wheat wreath tattoo

Virgo Matching Tattoo

Matching tattoos are a unique way to connect with someone who shares your sign or simply cherishes it. Think of designs that link together, like puzzle pieces or vines that intertwine. It’s a shared symbol that bonds people together.

Virgo and Taurus constellation matching tattoo

Virgo glyoh matching foot tattoo

Aquarius and Virgo wrist matching tattoo

Matching couple zodiac tattoos by carvalhobe jpg

Virgo with Crescent Moon Tattoo

This design depicts the crisp Virgo symbol nestled against the soft curve of a crescent moon. It’s a contrast that’s downright magnetic. This design marries the mystery of the night sky with the precision of Virgo, creating an emblem that’s both dreamy and grounded. It’s perfect for the Virgo who revels in their analytical mind but also has a taste for the ethereal.

Virgo constellation with crescent moon tattoo

Virgo glyph and crescent moon tattoo on upper back

Virgo with crescent moon and book tattoo

Dainty Virgo constellation and crescent moon tattoo

Floral crescent moon with Virgo constellation tattoo

Virgo Constellation with crescent moon and holding hand tattoo

Virgo with Daisy Tattoo

Daisies are symbols of purity, innocence, and true love—traits often associated with the nurturing Virgo soul. A Virgo symbol with a daisy is a tattoo choice that’s as fresh as it is timeless. It speaks to the heart of Virgo’s nature, straightforward yet deeply caring.

Virgo constellation and daisy flower tattoo

Virgo constellation with daisy flower tattoo

Virgo with Date Tattoo

Virgos cherish significant dates—their own or of ones they love. Inscribe that special date alongside the Virgo sign, and you’ve got a tattoo that’s not only personal but also tells a story. Whether it’s a birthdate, an anniversary, or a milestone, this tattoo is a constant reminder of moments that have shaped your life’s journey.

Two Virgo zodiac signs with date tattoo

Virgo constellation with date forearm tattoo

Virgo with Earth Glyph Tattoo

The glyph for Earth aligns seamlessly with the Virgo personality, realistic, and grounded. Combining the Earth symbol with the Virgo sign in a tattoo underscores your connection to this planet we call home. It’s a design that’s as solid as the ground beneath your feet. And it’s perfect for the Virgo who stands firm in their convictions.

Virgo Earth Mercury glyph with Constellation tattoo

Virgo Earth Mercury glyph with crescent moon tattoo on outer forearm

Earth glyph and Virgo Constellation tattoo

Earth Virgo Mercury glyph tattoo

Virgo with Flowers Tattoo

Flowers and Virgos go together like bees and honey. A tattoo that incorporates the Virgo sign with a bouquet of your favorite florals celebrates both beauty and growth. This choice is as versatile as it is vibrant—pick flowers that reflect your personal story or simply ones that you find stunning.

Virgo lotus flower tattoo

Virgo with halo bird and flowers tattoo

Virgo glyph with flower and stars tattoo

Virgo with Rose Tattoo

The rose, with its intricate layers and classic elegance, is a fitting floral emblem for Virgo. A Virgo symbol entwined with a rose tattoo represents complexity and discretion. It’s a nod to the Virgo’s ability to navigate life’s thorns with grace and to bloom in even the toughest of conditions.

Virgo woman with constellation and roses half sleeve tattoo

Virgo constellation and roses calf tattoo

Virgo Maiden with constellation and rose tattoo

Virgo Woman Tattoo

The Virgo is often depicted as a woman, representing fertility, harvest, and the nurturing aspects of this earth sign. A Virgo woman tattoo is a tribute to the divine feminine within, showcasing the strength, wisdom, and tenderness of Virgoan energy. Whether it’s a simple outline or a detailed portrait, this design is a powerful statement of identity.

Virgo woman with bird thigh tattoo

Virgo woman with constellation tattoo on upper arm

Virgo woman with flower and moth tattoo

Virgo woman with snake and flowers thigh tattoo

The Virgo woman with sword crescent moon and constellation tattoo

Virgo woman with cat tattoo

Watercolor Virgo Tattoo

Virgos, you’re known for your meticulous nature, but there’s a creative side waiting to burst forth. A watercolor Virgo tattoo is the perfect way to showcase this. The fluidity and blend of colors add a whimsical touch to the precise Virgo symbol. It’s like a burst of creativity splashed onto the canvas of your skin.

Watercolor Virgo Maiden with Constellation thigh tattoo

Watercolor Virgo sign shoulder tattoo

Virgo constellation on watercolor backdrop

Virgo glyph on watercolor backdrop tattoo

Virgo with Wheat Tattoo

Wheat, a symbol of abundance and nourishment, resonates with Virgo’s role as the zodiac’s harvest bringer. A Virgo sign with wheat stalks tattooed alongside it speaks to personal growth, hard work, and the fruits of your labor. It’s a tattoo that’s both symbolic and stylish, ideal for the Virgo who values the rewards of their toil.

Galaxy virgo woman with wheat tattoo

Virgo constellation and wheat tattoo

Virgo constellation with earth moon and stars tattoo

Virgo constellation with earth moon and stars tattoo

Imagine capturing the essence of the cosmos on your skin. A Virgo constellation tattoo, intertwined with the Earth, the moon, and stars, is not just a tattoo—it’s a universe. This design tells a story of interconnectedness, grounding the wearer in the vast expanse of the night sky. It’s a grand gesture for the Virgo who always has their eyes on the stars but their feet firmly on the ground.

Virgo glyph and semicolon tattoo behind ear

Virgo glyph and semicolon tattoo behind ear

For something subtle yet impactful, consider the Virgo glyph partnered with a semicolon, tucked discreetly behind the ear. This combination is not just aesthetically pleasing but also rich in meaning. The glyph represents your zodiac identity, while the semicolon is a symbol of continuation, a reminder that your story isn’t over yet. It’s a powerful message that’s as personal as a whispered secret.

Virgo goddess with wings tattoo

Virgo goddess with wings tattoo

Who says you can’t wear your divinity on your sleeve—or your back, for that matter? A tattoo of the Virgo goddess adorned with wings is a bold testament to the Virgo’s ability to overcome and rise above. It’s an emblem of freedom, strength, and the ethereal nature of the Virgo soul. The wings add a touch of the divine, perfect for the Virgo who sees themselves as a guardian angel of sorts.

Virgo Maiden with Constellation thigh tattoo

Virgo Maiden with Constellation thigh tattoo

Looking for something that’s both intimate and show-stopping? The Virgo maiden intertwined with her constellation on the thigh is a design that’s as personal as it is pronounced. This tattoo celebrates the Virgo’s feminine energy, wisdom, and connection to the celestial. It’s like a piece of the night sky, a private celestial map that guides you through life’s journey.

Feminine Virgo glyph with earth moon and stars tattoo

Feminine Virgo glyph with earth moon and stars tattoo

Blend the Virgo glyph with the celestial trio of Earth, moon, and stars. And you’ve got a tattoo that’s both dainty and deep. This design is perfect for the Virgo who revels in their femininity and has a love for all things cosmic. It’s a delicate dance between zodiac identity and the wonders of the universe, creating a harmonious balance on the skin.

Geometric and mandala landscape with Virdo constellation tattoo

Geometric and mandala landscape with Virdo constellation tattoo

It’s like heaven for a Virgo who loves the beauty of structure and symmetry. A geometric and mandala scenery with the Virgo constellation mixed in. This design is a feast for the eyes, a complex pattern that speaks to the Virgo’s love for order and the beauty found within it. It’s a tattoo that’s both a visual puzzle and a statement of the Virgo’s intricate nature.

Mandala flower with a Virgo glyph tattoo

Mandala flower with a Virgo glyph tattoo

A mandala flower is a symbol of balance and harmony. On the other hand, the Virgo glyph stands for the analytical and practical traits of this sign. Combine the two in a tattoo, and you craft a narrative of personal growth and self-reflection. It’s a design that invites you to look closer, to find the order in chaos, and to appreciate the complexity of the Virgo spirit.

Virgo with Other Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Ever thought about getting a tattoo that screams “star-studded friendship”? If you’re a Virgo, pairing up with other zodiac signs in ink form might just be your next big statement. Let’s dive into some cool tattoo ideas that reflect the unique vibes of Virgo and its celestial counterparts.

Virgo Meets Cancer

Virgo and cancer tattoo behind ear

Cancer and Virgo? That’s a combo that spells intuitive vibes and thoughtful actions. Picture a tiny Virgo symbol hugging a Cancer crab or moon right behind your ear. It’s like a secret nod to that deep connection between heart and mind, hidden just for those who really get to see the real you.

Virgo and Leo tattoo

Virgo and leo tattoo

A Leo’s bold lion meets the humble Virgo maiden or glyph, and bam. You’ve got a tattoo that’s all about balance. It’s like saying, “I’ve got the power of a king but the heart of a helper.” It’s for those who want to show off their confident side while staying true to their grounded nature.

Virgo and Sagittarius tattoo

Virgo and Sagittarius tattoo on lower leg

Imagine Virgo’s precision meets Sagittarius’s free spirit, right there on your lower leg. This tattoo is perfect for the Virgo who’s ready to explore and the Sagittarius who appreciates a good plan. It’s about embarking on life’s journey with enthusiasm and direction.

Virgo constellation and Sagittarius arrow forearm tattoo

Virgo constellation and Sagittarius arrow forearm tattoo

Fancy something that tells a story? The Virgo constellation with a Sagittarius arrow across the forearm is like a personal tale of aiming for the stars with precision. It’s a daily reminder to keep your goals in sight and go after them with all you’ve got.

Virgo and Pisces tattoo

Pisces and virgo constellation tattoo

Mix Pisces’ dreamy constellation with Virgo’s star pattern, and you’ve got a cosmic blend that celebrates the beauty of dreams grounded in reality. It’s a design for those who believe in the power of their imagination but also have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

The high Priestess

The high Priestess with moon phase and Virgo Taurus and Aquarius Zodiac signs tattoo

Think of wisdom, mystery, and the moon. Now, add in Virgo, Taurus, and Aquarius signs. This tattoo is like a secret club for those who value knowledge, change, and the unseen ties that bind us. The High Priestess is all-knowing, and with the moon phases, it’s a tattoo that speaks to the endless cycle of life and the unique qualities these signs bring to the table.

Virgo Tattoo Placement Ideas

If you’re a Virgo, finding the perfect spot for your celestial ink can be as critical as the design itself. Let’s walk through the constellation of body parts to pinpoint where your Virgo tattoo will feel most at home.


An ankle tattoo is like a secret you carry around — it’s there, but only revealed on your own terms. For Virgos, who often prefer not to be the center of attention, an ankle tattoo is the perfect whisper of personality. It’s easy to conceal, yet when it peeks out from a hemline. It speaks volumes about your grounded nature and connection to the earth element of your sign.

Small Virgo ankle tattoo


Virgos are all about the details, and what better way to honor that than with a delicate finger tattoo? A small Virgo symbol on the your finger is discreet but powerful. It serves a miniature reminder of your analytical and caring attributes. It’s also a conversation starter that only shows itself during a handshake or a tiny emblem of your intricate nature.

A tiny Virgo gluph thumb finger tattoo


The shoulder is a prime spot for a tattoo that’s both visible and concealable. For the supportive and reliable Virgo, it’s a fitting placement that allows for a larger design while still maintaining a professional look when needed. A Virgo constellation draped over the shoulder blade can symbolize the strength and dependability that Virgos are known for.

Virgo glyph shoulder tattoo

Virgo Maiden across crescent moon and with constellation tattoo on shoulder

Cute Virgo glyph shoulder blade tattoo

Behind the Ear

Behind the ear is a sensual and somewhat secretive location, ideal for a Virgo who values privacy and introspection. The tattoo here is like a quiet whisper of wisdom, reflective of Virgo’s intellectual nature. A tiny glyph tucked behind the ear can be your personal talisman, heard loud and clear without a shout.

Cute Virgo glyph tattoo behind ear


The clavicle area is a canvas of elegance, perfect for a Virgo tattoo that’s meant to be seen yet not overbearing. A delicate Virgo symbol or a neat script along the collarbone showcases a balance of grace and precision — much like the Virgo personality. It’s a placement that’s often associated with femininity and poise, complementing the nurturing aspects of the sign.

Dotted Virgo constellation clavicle tattoo


Thigh tattoos offer a larger space for creativity and can be as bold or as subtle as you wish. For a Virgo, this placement represents inner strength and personal power, only revealed in moments of intimacy or leisure. A sprawling maiden or a detailed Virgo constellation here is a powerful statement of self-awareness and personal growth.

Fine line floral Virgo tattoo on thigh

Virgo woman thigh tattoo


Virgos are known for being hands-on and practical. And what better way to represent that than with a forearm tattoo? Visible and bold, a Virgo design here says you’re not afraid to wear your traits on your sleeve — quite literally. Whether it’s a line of Virgo stars or a delicate maiden wrapped around the arm, this placement is all about embracing your identity and sharing it with the world.

Floral Virgo glyph tattoo on forearm


Neck tattoos are for the Virgos who don’t shy away from making a statement, yet still want to keep it understated. A small Virgo sign at the nape of the neck or on the side can be a bold whisper, a nod to the communicative and thoughtful nature of Virgos. It’s a placement that balances visibility and discretion brilliantly.

Mercury glyph neck tattoo


The back is a vast canvas — perfect for a statement Virgo tattoo that’s for your eyes only or for those you choose to show. A large maiden symbol or a detailed zodiac map spread across the shoulder blades or lower back is a personal mural of your analytical and observant qualities. It’s a private expression of your sign, hidden from view but grand in its symbolism.

Virgo glyph back tattoo


Wrist tattoos are for those daily reminders, and for a Virgo, it’s about staying grounded and remembering one’s purpose. A small glyph or an element that symbolizes Virgo’s earthy nature can grace the wrist as a constant companion, guiding you through your well-organized life with a touch of celestial guidance.

Virgo glyph wrist tattoo

Half Sleeve

For those who want to go all out, a half sleeve offers a narrative space. Virgos can tell their story through a series of interconnected designs that represent their complexity and depth. From the harvest maiden to the constellation, a half sleeve is a commitment to wearing your Virgo identity with pride.

Virgo Maiden half sleeve tattoo


Virgo tattoos are more than just a trend; they’re a personal emblem for those who wear them, depicting their alignment with the cosmos and their own nature. These tattoos offer a medium for Virgos to express their identity, their strengths, and their connection to the ancient stories written in the stars. Choose a design that resonates on a personal level is crucial. It is not just an image, but a companion through life’s journey.

In the intricate dance of ink and skin, every line, every curve holds significance. The decision to etch a Virgo tattoo is a bold statement of who you are and what you stand for. Whether it’s a simple glyph hidden away or a grand celestial scene on display, a Virgo tattoo is a mark of pride, and the unique qualities you bring to the world.

In this vast universe, where every individual is searching for a way to show their uniqueness, Virgo tattoos offer a chance to shine. They are a mirror to the soul of a Virgo, reflecting the purity, the meticulousness. So, when you choose your Virgo tattoo, think of it as a piece of the cosmos that you carry with you—a guide, a protector, and a testament to the eternal bond between the heavens and the human heart.

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