65+ Beautiful Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers are widely used in tattoo designs, especially for women. Not only are they beautiful in nature but also associated with symbolic meanings. Whether you want to decorate your body or express your love and feelings, you will always find plenty of ideas and inspirations among flower tattoos. Before we make the choice, let’s appreciate the gifts of nature as there are so many flower species in the planet.

Flower tattoos and their meanings

There are millions of species of flowers in the world. The diversity makes it possible for everyone to be able to find the best flower for their tattoo designs. The flowers with meanings are those having roles in cultures, religion or history. So let’s go through them to find one suitable for you.

Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

Chrysanthemums prevail in eastern Asia countries such as Japan, China and Korea. Along with plum, bamboo and orchid blossoms, it is renowned as one of the Four Gentlemen among flowers in China. People climb mountain, drink chrysanthemum liquor or tea to celebrate Double Ninth Festival (Chrysanthemum Day in Japan) for elder members of family. As the word “nine” has the same pronunciation as “long” in Chinese, chrysanthemum is the symbol of longevity. In Japan, chrysanthemum, or Kiku in Japanese, is the national flower along with cherry blossom. Royal family use 16 petal chrysanthemum as Imperial Seal of Japan. While red chrysanthemums send the direct message “I love you”, white and yellow ones are also flowers for funerals.

Tiny daisy tattoo for girl

Daisy flower tattoo

Daisy is a large family of flowers ranging variety of species and colors. The flower actually consists of two flowers in circular symmetry. According to Celtic legend, daisy had mysterious function to ease one’s sorrow when they lose their baby. So daisy represents cheerfulness and gratefulness for the life. Daisy is also one of the best flowers for children. White daisy is the symbol of innocence and purity.

Red Rose blossom tattoo on the back of woman

Rose flower tattoo

The rose flower is the epitome of beauty, the source of romance and the symbol of true love. There are at least 50 species of this flower on earth. Their meanings could differ from different colors. A rose flower tattoo in deep red color conveys the sentiment of romantic love while a yellow one reminds of the feeling of joy, happiness. So it’s the best to express friendship or mature love. Pink rose tattoo looks sweet and elegant, which often appears on tattoos for girls. If you want to express your sympathy, gentleness or admiration, this flower will be the best to match the meaning.

Red gladiolus tattoo on chest


The word gladiolus is from Latin, which means small sword or sword lily. Most species of the flower are endemic to Africa, and a few are native to Europe and Asia. Gladiolus is the fortieth wedding anniversary flower and August birth flower. Gladiolus tattoos express the meaning of strength, integrity and remembrance.

calla lily tattoo on thigh

Calla lily flower tattoo

Calla lily, also known as arum lily, is native to southern Africa. It features arrow shaped spathe and a stalk in the center. It is actually not a single flower but an inflorescence of tiny flowers centered on the stalk. The spathe is actually not a petal but a deformed leaf. The English word calla is a derivative of Greek word κάλλος, kallos, which means beauty or beautiful. So a calla lily tattoo could signify the meaning of beauty and purity. Calla lily is also the 6th wedding anniversary flower.

Carnation tattoo on shoulder for mother


Carnation, aka clove pink, is native to the Mediterranean region. While it is one of the most popular cut flowers, it also possesses rich meanings in cultures. A carnation tattoo can express love, fascination and distinction. In modern days, it could also be a signage to send specific meanings. On May 10, 1908, carnation was selected as the symbol for the first Mother’s Day. Therefore, a tattoo of this flower is also be used express tribute to mother.

Iris tattoo on forearm


The word iris derived from Greek, which means rainbow, the name of the Greek goddess. The majority of irises grow in the purple and blue colors with some in yellow, pink, orange and white. The meanings of the irises differ from different colors. Purple iris signifies royalty and wisdom while blue one represents hope and faith.

Lily Flower and butterfly Tattoo on back

Chastity and purity – Lily Flower Tattoo

Lilies are flowers native to the temperate zone of Northern Hemisphere. Lily flowers grow in different colors, white, pink or yellow. Not only are they born with nutritious values, but also held a role in different cultures. So lilies are often used as motif in tattoo designs. White lilies were associated with the purity of the Virgin Mary, representing chastity and virtue. Lily is also the 30th anniversary flower, representing everlasting bond with spouse.

Pink orchid tattoo on shoulder

Orchid Flower Tattoo

Orchids are a large group of flowers which grow on every continent except Antarctica. One of the most popular orchids is the moth orchid with its petals in bilateral symmetry like moth. Most orchid tattoos are found using moth orchid as their reference. Orchid flower gained its reputation in various cultures, especially in China. The rustic flower is the representation of quiet, modest, noble and unsullied, which quite conforms to aesthetic standard of oriental culture.

blue lily of the valley tattoo on arm

Lily of the valley Flower Tattoo

Despite a lily in its name, lily of the valley is actually not among flowers of lily family. Native to the cool temperate of Northern Hemisphere, the flower is very popular flower in gardening with its pendent petals borne in sprays. In Christianity, lily of the valley represents Eve’s tears when she was exiled from Paradise. In modern world, this flower is favorite choice for royal bridals. It is the 2nd year wedding anniversary flower. Taking a tattoo with lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness.

Poinsettia tattoo in black and white on forearm

Poinsettia Tattoo

As native flower in Mexico, poinsettia was the symbol of purity by the ancient Aztecs people. Since early Christians celebrated Jesus’ birthday with this flower, poinsettia has become one of the most popular flowers for Christmas flowers. Together with Christmas cactus, ivy, holly and other flowers, it is widely used for Christmas decorations. Traditionally, the leaf of the flower symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, which is regarded as miraculous symbol of the birth of Jesus. The red color represents the blood sacrifice by Jesus Christ. Today, poinsettia represents good luck and success. Take a poinsettia tattoo, brings good luck.

Black and white peony tattoo

Although peony grow in many areas of Asia, Europe and Western North America, it held significant role in the eastern cultures. Peony has long been the floral symbol of China and the state flower of Indiana. The red peony is considered as the king of flowers. Purple one speaks of shyness and embarrassment. The white peony represents integrity, noble and unsullied. In Japanese tattoos, peony often appears along with koi-fish, wave or cloud, representing good fortune, bravery, and honor. Peony is the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

Colorful violet tattoo on arm


The English word Violet sprang from the Latin name ‘Viola’. The genus of the flower grows in the areas such as Hawaii, Australasia and temperate Northern Hemisphere. The flowers are featured with five petals mostly in purple and blue colors. The purple color has long been a symbol of royalty, nobility and majesty in history. Violet tattoos remind people of luxury, wealth, and mysterious feelings.

Poppy flower

Poppies have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death. Red poppies have become a symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime.

3D red Roses Tattoo

Hibiscus flower tattoo on side

Just Love – sunflower tattoo with script on back

flowers butterflies tribal tat

An excellent integration of flower, butterflies, which rendered in the style of tribal tattoo.

Poppy tattoo on shoulder and arm

Flower and butterfly tattoo in watercolor style

Red Rose Tattoo

A red rose, being the queen of roses, conveys warmth, affection and love. It symbolize the true love.

Lily Tattoo

Lily and butterfly tattoo

Poppy Flower Camera ready

Magnolia tattoo

Magnolia tattoo

tulips tattoo

Tulips used to be one of the most popular flowers in Europe in 17th century. Different tulip colors carry distinct meanings – yellow tulips symbolizing cheerful thoughts, white conveying forgiveness and purple representing royalty. Red tulip symbolizes true love.

Hibiscus tattoo

Hibiscus is a plant of around 250 flowers, grown in warm climates for its large brightly colored flowers. This flower has been the representation of many nations. For example, Hibiscus Syriacus is the national flower of South Korea. And Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia. The hibiscus is the national flower of the Republic of Haiti. The red hibiscus is the flower of the Hindu goddess Kali.

Gladioli tattoo

The Gladioli is a flower that grows in the Mediterranean area of Europe, it is also found in tropical Africa, Asia, and South Africa. Gladiolus flowers represent sincerity and strength of character.

Poppys tattoo

Magnolia Flowers added

Dogrose Flower

peony tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Magnolia Flowers tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Cherry blossoms tattoo

Black Lily Flower Tattoo

Phalaenopsis tattoo

Lily Flower Tattoo

Phalaenopsis Flower tattoo

Magnolia Flower tattoo

Hibiscus Flower tattoo

chrysanthemum tattoo

Black Lily Flower Tattoo

chicano calla lily tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower

Bryn’s Tattoo

Morning glory tattoo

Lilly Flowers Tattoo

Bird and flower

chicano calla Flower tattoo

Morning glory flower and skull tattoo

Enjoy the little things

3D rose tattoo

Wattercolor poppies tattoo

Rose 3D tattoo

Rose tattoo on forearm

Lotus flower

Pony and rose floral tattoo

Peony and rose Floral tattoo

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