60 Awesome Music Tattoo Designs

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Music Crazy Micro TaT

A lot of people love music, so do they love tattoo. What are the tattoo ideas for music fans? In this post you will enjoy a list of lovely music tattoo designs. Every music element, music note, microphone, etc., could become the tattoo subject for an artist.

Tattoo is a good way to extend the love of the sound art in the new medium. For an instrument player, a tattoo of stylish guitar is already a good signage about one’s experience or the love. A line of music note could represent one’s emotion revealed in the music. Music notes are often used to infuse other tattoos to embellish the subject of the designs. Music is so popular that music tattoos are easily identified by these music symbols.

A lot of people get their music tattoos on their limbs, e.g., music sleeve tattoos. In terms of placement of the music tattoo, it’s very flexible in designs. We have collected all the examples, tattoos on arms, legs, foot, back, and even ears, they are cute!

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Music tattoo 2

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Music is what feelings sound Like

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spiral pentagram music tattoo

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Guitar Tattoo

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Blackbird Singing

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music note tattoo

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sleeve music tattoo

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music notes tattoo on ribs

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music tattoo arm

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stairway to heaven

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Steve Martin – Black 13 Tattoo

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Imagine your life full of the colorful music notes and stars. The music themed tattoo is the signage of a optimistic future.

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Some musical stuff

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music back

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Music Pierce

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guitar tattoo

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Music Tattoo

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Music anyone

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Tattoo on my forearm

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chest tattoo

55 Music tattoo behind the earPin It

56 Small music note tattooPin It

57 Music microphone tattooPin It

58 Music note tattooPin It

59 Music tap tattooPin It

60 Music tattooPin It

26 Music tattoo on sleevePin It

27 Guitar tattooPin It

28 Music tattooPin It

29 Music tattooPin It

30 Music tattooPin It

31 Music tattooPin It

32 Music bird tattooPin It

33 Finger music tattooPin It

34 Music tattoo on fingerPin It

35 Music notes tattoo on sidePin It

36 Music notes on earPin It

37 Music tattoo on sidePin It

38 Music  notes on backPin It

39 Another nice tree tattooPin It

40 Music tattoo on footPin It

41 Music tattoo on sleevePin It

42 Music tattoo on sidePin It

43 Music tattoo on backPin It

44 Music tattooPin It

45 Infinity music tattooPin It

46 Personal Music TattoosPin It

47 Music tattoo on wirstPin It

48 Music note and butterfly tattooPin It

49 Music tattooPin It

50 Music tattooPin It

51 Music tattooPin It

52 Music note tattooPin It

The unique music for the tattoo wearer.

53 Microphone and rose tattooPin It

Sing the heart

The music themed tattoo signifies the song you sing every day, the love and the colorful life.

54 Music bird tattooPin It

Creative design making the flying bird with all the music notes.

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water color music tattoo

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