35 Inspiring Love Tattoo Ideas

as i dream of our love

Love is the affinity which links and is expressed in variety ways as a feeling. Many people get tattoos to express their love in different styles. In this post, we present a collection of 35 inspiring love tattoo ideas to spark your inspiration.

Script or font tattoo is a very direct expression of love, mostly rendered in English love or in Chinese or with a script of love. Love tattoo could also be rendered as a love shape, or integrated with other subjects. In terms of placement, it’s very flexible to get love tattoo on arm, neck, wrist, finger, or foot, etc.

Love tattoo


Love tattoo



Love is a Fast Song

All you need is love


Infinite love…a closer look


luv hands


Love from the heart


Music Heart Tattoo


Infinite Love Tattoo Wrists


Love tattoo


Love tattoo


Bird love Tattoo

Love tattoo


Tattoo – True love


“Love” illustration, tattooed


amo muito tudo isso


love bow and tattoo


Love tattoo

Love Live Quote Tattoo


Love tattoo


Rose Love Tattoo On Arm


Love Tattoo Designs For Girl

love behind ear tattoo

Love Tattoo Ideas

Lovely Craft Tattoo On Arm

Love never fails


Love Tattoo


Love and flower Tattoo


Love tattoo

Love Birds

To Love Is To Lose

Love tattoo

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