45 Purple Nail Art Designs

Slowly but surely summer is coming and with it, except good days, good mood too. Flower and playful colors conquer the streets. There aren’t anymore dark coats, on the contrary, they have been replaced by pink, turquoise, gentle green, purple, yellow and orange colors of spring jacket, shirt, dresses… And smiles are bigger with stronger sunlight which warms our both – soul and body to the bone.

The purple color is a combination of red and blue. Red is a powerful and strong color, full of energy and blue is cold, so the purple as a combination of this two has properties of both. It has always been a symbol of magic, extravagance and even secrecy. In fairy tales, the princess and sorceress often have purple dresses. This color is always in fashion, and for many people is one of the favorite to wear. Many people associate this color with spirituality and nobility. It stimulates creativity, and especially loved it queen Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt. The room where Richard Wagner composed his works was painted in purple because it encouraged his creativity and gave him inspiration. Purple is the color of ambition.

Groomed appearance is always in fashion, and hands are something that attracts the most attention. Nice nails are very important decoration of hands. In our gallery this time you’ll be able to see how you can manicure your nails in this royal and magical violet color. Your manicure can be whole only in violet, but also that color can be combined with a white color, with lighter and darker shades of purple, I really like it in the combination of nude and brown. This color is nicely combined with black, pink and green. Very often combination is purple with white because it seems fresh and playful.

You can always enrich manicure and even in this case with rhinestones or a variety of stickers. Also, you can not go wrong if you put on your nails some summer detail, a trademark of the year such as ice cream. Floral motifs are generally reserved for hot summer days so there is no mistakes with them.
When we speak about the length of the nails, like when it comes to all of life as well as in the case manicure select the one length that best suits your lifestyle, work, personality… Oval nails are classic as the square nails.

If you have naturally strong nails and aren’t always in a race with time paint your nails with quality nail polishes, and if you have a lack of time, you’re often in a hurry and do not have time to be varnished every two or three days just choose to apply gel nails using UV gel that will give your nails rigidity and durability so you will be spared of frequent painting. I need to mention that you will have the length you always wanted. It will be enough to work a correction every third, fourth week.

Visit your favorite salon and decide for purple manicure this month. Let your days be magical like this magical color!

Purple Nail Art Designs 1

Real spring manicure in gentle color and with even more gentle shape and length.

Purple Nail Art Designs 2

Adequate length of the nail is very important for every working woman. Nobody need nails so long that it is impossible doing daily activities!

Purple Nail Art Designs 3

Extravagant purple color is a common choice of young and seductive ladies who know what they want.

Purple Nail Art Designs 4

This spring, beautifully combined purple and white color will be a delightful choice. Let purple be dominate and white to have function of refilling and making whole manicure much more interesting!

Purple Nail Art Designs 5

Floral motifs are reserved for this time of year so that one nail on both hands be free to decorate with these motifs.

Purple Nail Art Designs 6

Bright shades of purple color are very easy for combining and you can take it on any occasion!

Purple Nail Art Designs 7

Shiny rhinestones are almost always in fashion and never stopped to be a decoration of manicure.

Purple Nail Art Designs 8

Black is always in fashion. Black can be easily combined so that professionals from the world of manicures and this time black color perfectly have interwoven in the spring.

Purple Nail Art Designs 9

Diamond shine on the fingernails, clothing or jewelry will make your every combination more glamorous.

Purple Nail Art Designs 10

Nails may be a small canvas on which the professionals from the world of manicures will show their skills.

Purple Nail Art Designs 11

If nails you arrange alone in your home, you often forget to treat the cuticle. Do not neglect them, because tidy cuticles will only contribute to better appearance of your hands.

Purple Nail Art Designs 12

On the ring finger nail white color is used as a nice background for a small vase full of spring flowers. There are no strict lines of the frame so that you can own and very easy paint it.

Purple Nail Art Designs 13

Inconspicuous shades of purple that I would even ranked in the nude color, will be a good selection of ladies with refined style.

Purple Nail Art Designs 14

Although in this manicure dominates purple, the biggest attention attracts yellow color in the middle of flower and blue butterfly wings. That proves that the life is made of details, and they are very important for good luck!

Purple Nail Art Designs 15

Cute stickers you can buy and decorate your nails like these shown (Eiffel Tower, Big Ben …). Add to that dewy drops and a few discreet rhinestones in the corner of the nail.

Purple Nail Art Designs 16

This lady also have chosen royal purple shade and complement it with the various rhinestones!

Purple Nail Art Designs 17

Sequins are a nice touch. You do not have the entire nail sprinkle with them, you can do it in some form such as these arrows on the photo.

Purple Nail Art Designs 18

I do not remember the year in which people didn’t wear polka dots, they are always interesting and engaging in hot days!

Purple Nail Art Designs 19

In perfumeries you can find special creams for the care of the cuticle and prevent their occurrence. These creams often contain vitamins that will encourage the rapid growth of your nails.

Purple Nail Art Designs 20

The golden color that is popular in all seasons, even if in small quantities is used will enrich your manicure.

Purple Nail Art Designs 21

Silver zircons are equally effective detail as drawn details on the other three nail.

Purple Nail Art Designs 22

The purple color is the least represented in nature, and it signifies the unity and uniqueness.

Purple Nail Art Designs 23

Matte colors are still popular, and can be beautifully combined with colors that contain high gloss.

Purple Nail Art Designs 24

For the decoration of this manicure is selected embossed elegant patterns in a very bright purple color like the one on the little finger. Rhinestones are a supplement in this combination.

Purple Nail Art Designs 25

Ombre is still a good choice, especially professionally expressed with smooth transitions between darker and lighter colors.

Purple Nail Art Designs 26

For well cared hands constantly use cream that suits your skin, because the hands are trademark of real ladies.

Purple Nail Art Designs 27

Be real trendsetters and wear beautiful spring manicure in purple color proudly this spring.

Purple Nail Art Designs 28

If in life we wait for the big things to enjoy them, then perhaps we will never enjoy. Life is consisted of small things, they give a special touch to our daily lives just like these black bouquet in this manicure.

Purple Nail Art Designs 29

Another combination of matte color and sparkling rhinestones which ennobled it.

Purple Nail Art Designs 30

The sophistication and elegance… With it a woman should shine always.

Purple Nail Art Designs 31

What are those spring color combinations without even the small details in green.

Purple Nail Art Designs 32

This manicure is often choice of the fairer sex, the root of the nail is in darker shade that slowly becomes brighter and brighter until the top of the nail.

Purple Nail Art Designs 33

For whatever the length of the nails you decide, purple color will suit them.

Purple Nail Art Designs 34

Gentle ombre with white motifs for the irresistible hands.

Purple Nail Art Designs 35

Metallic colors are modern for seasons so you can very wise fit it into this year’s spring manicure.

Purple Nail Art Designs 36

Gray, black, white, pink color will complement your purple manicure very nicely.

Purple Nail Art Designs 37

When you are choosing your manicure choose it according to your lifestyle, just so you will shine in all your glory.

Purple Nail Art Designs 38

Draw on the occasional nails design that is interesting, add a silver line and silver rhinestones. It will refresh it.

Purple Nail Art Designs 39

If you have weak nails, and you love long nails, it is best to upgrade them. On that way you will get the strength and length and you will be more satisfied.

Purple Nail Art Designs 40

Nails in a matte color will give a stylish look to your hands, and a dose of elegance.

Purple Nail Art Designs 41

If you are unsure in what color to paint the nails, look meaning of colors, you could find yourself in some of it.

Purple Nail Art Designs 42

Black and white can be nicely combined with every other color, as well as with the purple color!

Purple Nail Art Designs 43

The trademark of the summer is the ice cream. Why, in that case, would not be found as a decoration on your nails?

Purple Nail Art Designs 44

Great rhinestones like these in the picture will give your nails a gorgeous glamorous look.

Purple Nail Art Designs 45

The elegant patterns in an elegant black color will be a beautiful decoration of your purple manicure and silver details will give an additional touch of elegance!

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