100 Broken Heart Tattoos and Their Meanings

Heartbreak is as much a part of life as breathing, loving, and laughing. It shapes us, defines our experiences, and often leaves us with lessons that last a lifetime. For some, these stories are best told through ink on skin—a broken heart tattoo. But let’s not dwell in the past. Let’s dive into the diverse ways a broken heart can be etched into art, shall we?

Unique Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

Stitched broken heart with bandage and safety pin tattoo on forearm

No two broken heart designs are the same. Some show a heart torn roughly in two, others depict it as a puzzle with missing pieces. Some are encased in thorns, hinting at the pain of trying to hold on, while others might be mended with stitches or band-aids, symbolizing the process of healing. The design variations are boundless, each unique to the story it tells.

Broken Heart with Wings Tattoo

A broken heart with wings tattoo is about freedom—freedom from a love that was once confining, or perhaps the liberation that comes after a period of mourning. It’s a beautiful paradox, a heart that’s grounded in pain but has the power to soar. It’s a reminder that even when broken, our hearts have the capacity to rise above.

Broken heart with wings tattoo on arm

Wings broken heart tattoo

Broken heart with wings and stitched by iron wire tattoo

Broken heart with wings arm tattoo

Broken heart with wings neck tattoo

Three hearts with a broken one in the middle

Three hearts with a broken one in the middle

Three hearts with the center one shattered is a visual story of being torn apart from within. This design can represent a personal betrayal or a love that disrupted the harmony in your life. It’s a simple yet powerful design, with the broken heart at the center stage, emphasizing its impact.

withered broken heart tattoo

withered broken heart tattoo

A withered heart, at the edges or disintegrating, takes the broken heart concept to a new level of visual storytelling. It’s not just broken but weathered by time and trials. This tattoo is for those who have felt the weariness of heartache and emerged wiser, if a bit worn.

Fingerprint tattoo

Broken heart fingerprint tattoo

Here’s a design that’s as unique as you are: a broken heart shaped by fingerprints. It’s intensely personal, a statement that the love you lost was as individual as your DNA. This design can be a reminder that the experiences that break us also contribute to our unique identity.

Outline Tattoo

Sometimes simplicity speaks loudest. A broken heart outline tattoo is minimalist and versatile—it’s the sketch of a story, leaving the details up to the imagination. It’s like saying, “Yes, I’ve been through it,” without having to spell out the saga. And the best part? It’s a design that can evolve over time, just like you do.

broken heart outline with eye and dripping tears tattoo

Broken heart outline with stars tattoo

Broken heart bold outline tattoo

Broken Heart and Heartbeat Tattoo

Pair a broken heart with the rhythm of a heartbeat, and you’ve got a design that’s alive with meaning. It’s as if you’re showing that despite the break, the beat goes on. It’s a declaration of survival, a nod to the life that pulses on despite the cracks. This tattoo is a reminder that heartbreak isn’t the end—it’s just a part of your story.

broken heart and heartbeat neck tattoo

Stitched broken heart wrist tattoo with heartbeat and the word Survivor

Broken Heart Face Tattoo

For the bold and the brave, a broken heart face design is a visible and vulnerable statement. It’s a design that says, “I face my pain head-on,” quite literally. This isn’t a choice for the faint of heart; it’s for those who wear their experiences openly and aren’t afraid of the conversations they might start.

Female face broken heart tattoo

Realistic broken heart face tattoo

Tearful broken heart face tattoo

Tearful face broken heart tattoo

broken heart with face tattoo

Broken heart with sad face tattoo

Face broken heart tattoo

Broken Heart with Arrow

An arrow through a broken heart can symbolize a love that was once piercing and powerful. It’s Cupid’s shot gone awry, the love that was supposed to be everlasting, now ended. Yet, an arrow can also mean direction and movement—perhaps pointing you toward healing and new beginnings.

Broken heart with arrow through it tattoo on side

broken heart with arrow through it tattoo

Broken heart with an arrow through it tattoo

Broken Heart with Bandage Tattoo

What’s more hopeful than a broken heart being tended to with care? A broken heart with a bandage is about self-care, healing, and the time it takes to patch things up. It’s a beautiful visual metaphor for the healing process, a sign that you’re working on mending the wounds, even if they’re still tender.

bandaged broken heart tattoo black and grey

Broken Heart with Bandaid Tattoo

Similar to the bandage, a broken heart with a Band-Aid design adds a touch of whimsy to the concept of recovery. It’s like saying, “I’m hurt, but I’ve got this.” It’s a playful take on the healing process, suggesting that sometimes, all you need is a little patch to help you along the way.

Dark broken heart with bandaid tattoo

Stitched broken heart with bandaid neck tattoo

broken heart with bandaid and barbed wire tattoo

broken heart with bandaid and flower tattoo

broken heart with bandaid line work tattoo

broken heart with rose and bandaid hand tattoo

Broken Heart with Blood Tattoo

For a more graphic and intense representation, a broken heart seeping with blood can be both jarring and deeply moving. This design doesn’t shy away from the rawness of pain. It’s an outpouring of emotion, a visual representation of just how much heartbreak can hurt.

broken black heart and blood splatter tattoo

Broken heart with dripping blood tattoo

Broken Heart with Dagger Tattoo

Daggers are often associated with betrayal and danger. When paired with a broken heart, the message is clear: this is a wound inflicted by another. But daggers can also represent courage and bravery. A broken heart with a dagger design can mean you’re no stranger to pain, but you’re also fierce and ready to fight for your recovery.

broken heart with dagger tattoo

Dagger through dripping heart tattoo

A dagger though a heart tattoo

Broken Heart with Money Bag Tattoo

Mixing love and money can be complicated, which is exactly what a broken heart with a money bag encapsulates. It could represent a relationship where finances played a pivotal role or the idea that money can’t fix a broken heart. It’s a nod to the things we value and the realization that not all riches are made of gold.

Broken heart with money bag tattoo

Broken heart with money tattoo

Broken Heart with Rose Tattoo

The rose is a classic tattoo symbol, representing both beauty and pain with its delicate petals and sharp thorns. A broken heart with a rose design is a balance of softness and sorrow, a testament to the beauty of love and the sting of its loss. It’s a reminder that even the loveliest experiences can come with their share of pain.

broken heart with rose tattoo

Heart broken with rose tattoo

Rose broken heart tattoo

Broken heart and roses shoulder tattoo

Broken heart with rose and stars tattoo

Broken Heart with Safety Pin Tattoo

A safety pin holding together the halves of a broken heart is an unconventional twist on the theme of healing. Safety pins are about piecing things back together, albeit temporarily. This tattoo signifies that you’re holding things together the best way you can, and sometimes, that’s enough.

Stitched broken heart with broken heart safety pin tattoo

Minimalist broken heart with safety pin tattoo

Broken Heart with Skull Tattoo

Merge the eternal with the emotional, and you’ve got yourself a broken heart with skull tattoo. This edgy design speaks of love that’s lived past its life, a romance that’s now part of history. It’s a nod to the ’till death’ part of the vow, whether kept or broken. It’s not just about loss; it’s about what endures – memories, lessons, and sometimes, a bit of dark humor.

Broken heart skull tattoo

Broken heart with skull tattoo

Broken Heart with Stitches Tattoo

Oh, the stories our scars can tell! A broken heart with stitches is a testament to survival. It says, “I’ve been torn apart, and I’ve put myself back together.” Each stitch is a victory, a day you made it through, a battle you’ve won. This tattoo doesn’t just speak; it roars with resilience.

Broken heart with stitches tattoo

Stitched broken heart tattoo

Broken heart with stitches and words Never Again

Broken Heart with Words Tattoo

Quote lovers, unite! A broken heart with words tattoo is a canvas for the phrases that resonate with your soul. It could be a line from a poem, a lyric from a song that was on repeat through the tough times, or a simple word that encapsulates your journey—like “survivor,” “warrior,” or “free.” Words carry power, and when paired with a broken heart, they speak volumes.

Broken heart with words Never Heb 13 5

Broken heart with words Show No Love Caution

Dripping broken black heart tattoo with words Its okay to not be okay

Broken heart with arrows and words I may be broken But I still work

broken heart with bandaid tattoo with words Stroger than ever

Broken Sacred Heart Tattoos

The sacred heart, often aflame and encased in thorns, is a symbol of divine love and suffering. When broken, this symbol takes on a new depth—it’s about faith tested by heartache. A broken sacred heart tattoo reflects a spiritual journey, a soul searching for light amid the shadows of lost love. It’s not just skin deep; it’s soul deep.

Shattered broken sacred heart tattoo

Shattered sacred heart hand tattoo

Broken sacred heart forearm tattoo

Broken sacred heart with cross tattoo

Shattered broken sacred heart chest tattoo

Colorful Broken Heart Tattoo

Who says heartbreak has to be all black and gray? A colorful broken heart tattoo brings vibrancy to the narrative. It’s a celebration of all the emotions that come with love and its loss—the passion, the warmth, the blues, and yes, even the hope. Life, like your tattoo, is a spectrum of colors, and heartbreak is but one hue.

Colorful broken heart with stitches tattoo

Colorful stitched broken heart tattoo

Heartless Broken Heart Tattoo

Talk about a visual oxymoron—a heartless broken heart tattoo. It’s about feeling numb, about protecting yourself, about the times when you’ve felt empty. But it’s also a conversation starter, a way to explore the complexities of our emotional armor. It’s vulnerability in its most ironic form.

Heartless broken heart forearm tattoo

Heartless broken heart tattoo on chest

Simple Broken Heart Tattoos

A simple broken heart design is for the minimalist, the one who understands that a single crack can say it all. It’s discreet, it’s elegant, and it’s poignant. It’s a brave declaration that you’ve faced heartbreak.

Shattered broken heart tattoo

Simple broken heart face tattoo

Broken heart outline wrist tattoo

Heart and broken heart outline tattoo

Smile and Cry Broken Heart Tattoo

Life is a mix of the good times and the bad, the smiles and the tears. A smile and cry broken heart captures this duality. It’s about the bittersweet nature of love—the joy it brings and the sorrow it often leaves in its wake. This tattoo is about embracing the full spectrum of love’s impact on our lives.

Crying broken heart face tattoo

Smile and cry broken heart tattoo

Broken heart laugh and cry tattoo

Traditional Broken Heart Tattoo

There’s something about the classics—they have a timeless appeal. A traditional broken heart design, with its bold lines and solid colors, is a nod to the old-school style of tattooing. It’s straightforward, it’s iconic, and it’s as enduring as the tales of love and loss themselves.

Stitched broken heart tattoo traditional

Traditional broken heart 2 faces tattoo above elbow

Broken heart with nails tattoo traditional

Spliting broken heart tearful face tattoo traditional

Two Hands Holding Broken Heart Tattoo

Sometimes, what we need most is a helping hand—or two. A tattoo of two hands holding a broken heart is a powerful image of support and companionship. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone, that there are hands willing to hold us together when we’re falling apart. It’s about community, friendship, and the human connection that helps us heal.

Hands holding stitched broken heart tattoo with words going through emotions

Two hands holding a broken heart tattoo

lightning bolt broken heart tattoo

lightning bolt broken heart tattoo

Picture this: a heart cleaved in two by a jagged lightning bolt. It’s electric, dramatic, and oh-so expressive. The lightning bolt adds a dynamic energy to the classic broken heart, symbolizing the suddenness of a love that was there one moment and gone the next. It’s a design that’s as striking as the experience it represents.

teddy bear holding a broken heart tattoo

teddy bear holding a broken heart tattoo

Now, for a touch of tender nostalgia, imagine a forlorn teddy bear clutching a broken heart. It’s a design that tugs at the heartstrings, combining innocence with the pain of loss. This tattoo could signify the loss of a first love or a childhood that had its share of emotional bruises. It’s cute, but with a depth that’s undeniably touching.

broken heart skeleton tattoo

broken heart skeleton tattoo

A heart with skeletal fractures adds a touch of the macabre to the broken heart theme. It’s a little edgy, a little dark, and entirely captivating. This tattoo might appeal to those who have a gothic flair. It is also for those who appreciate the reminder that even things we think are unbreakable, like bones, can shatter.

Broken Heart tattoo with quote God Only Know

Broken Heart tattoo with quote God Only Know

The quote “God Only Knows” with a broken heart tattoo infuses the design with a sense of faith and mystery. It’s a reflection of the idea that the reasons behind heartbreak are sometimes beyond human understanding. It’s introspective and suggests a trust in a greater plan amidst the chaos of lost love.

broken heart with flower tattoo

broken heart with flower tattoo

This piece depicts the fragility of a broken heart with the beauty of a flower. It represents growth and rebirth, the blossoming that comes from the cracks in our armor. It’s a hopeful take on the broken heart, emphasizing the possibility of new beginnings and the beauty that can come from broken places.

Broken heart with halo and crescent moon with tears tattoo

Broken heart with halo and crescent moon with tears tattoo

Broken heart with lettering tattoo

Broken heart with lettering tattoo

Words have power—the power to harm and to heal. Coupled with a broken heart, lettering can turn your tattoo into a personal manifesto. Choose a phrase that resonates deeply, whether it’s a quote, a single word, or a date. The script itself can be as simple or as elaborate as the emotion it represents. This design is your heart speaking directly, unfiltered and raw.

broken heart with snake tattoo

broken heart with snake tattoo

Now, for a twist on the theme, wrap a snake around that broken heart. It’s edgy and primal, a symbol of both temptation and wisdom. In many cultures, snakes represent rebirth, as they shed their skin for a fresh start. A snake entwined with a broken heart can signify the transformative power of pain—how it can change us, teach us, and ultimately, lead us to a new beginning.

burst heart tattoo black and grey

burst heart tattoo black and grey

Picture a heart mid-explosion, pieces flying, all captured in stark black and grey. This design takes the broken heart motif to a dramatic high, depicting the moment of shattering. It’s a raw, visceral representation of an emotional rupture. The absence of color only adds to the intensity, making it a timeless expression of an all-too-familiar human experience.

Chain wrapped broken heart tattoo

Chain wrapped broken heart tattoo

Chains can mean a lot of things—bondage, strength, connection. Wrap them around a broken heart, and you’ve got a design that speaks to the weight of heartache. It suggests something about the love that was—perhaps it was confining, or maybe it was strong but ultimately unsustainable. This tattoo can be a reminder of the ties that bind us, even when the center can’t hold.

Geometric broken heart tattoo black and white

Geometric broken heart tattoo black and white

For the lovers of clean lines and sharp angles, a geometric broken heart is an abstract take on an age-old theme. Black and white geometry brings a modern, almost clinical precision to the chaos of emotions. It speaks to the paradox of heartbreak: how something so messy can be broken down into patterns and shapes. This design is for the thinkers, the analyzers, and those who find comfort in the order within disorder.

Half broken heart half spider web tattoo

Half broken heart half spider web tattoo

This design captures the idea of being trapped in the feelings of a lost love. But remember, spider webs are also about creation and the meticulous work of crafting something beautiful. A half broken heart, half spider web tattoo can symbolize the complex interplay between being caught in the past and the patient work of building a future.

Broken Heart Tattoo Placement Ideas

A broken heart tattoo is a powerful emblem of vulnerability and resilience. But where to place it? The location of your tattoo can be just as meaningful as the design itself. Let’s dive into some prime real estate on your body for that poignant tattoo design.

Behind the Ear

For something intimate and slightly hidden, consider the space behind the ear. This spot is perfect for those who prefer their tattoos to whisper rather than shout. It’s a small canvas, which means the tattoo will be compact, but it also offers a sense of privacy. A broken heart here can symbolize the personal nature of your emotional journey, heard only by those who come close enough.

Black and red broken heart tattoo behind the ear

Broken heart outline tattoo behind the ear


Inking a broken heart on your chest places the symbol near your actual heart, creating a powerful connection between the art and its meaning. It’s a bold statement, visible when you choose, and hidden when you don’t. For men, a chest tattoo can be a grand gesture, while for women, it can be a subtle emblem nestled under clothing, revealed only in moments of intimacy.

broken heart with wings chest tattoo black and grey

Cracked red heart chest tattoo

Broken heart chest tattoo


Finger tattoos are trendy and eye-catching. A small broken heart on the side of your finger is a modern way to wear your heart on your… well, finger. It’s a constant reminder of the lessons learned and the strength gained from past relationships. But remember, finger tattoos can fade faster due to frequent washing and use of your hands.

Broken heart finger tattoo


Inking a broken heart on your neck is a bold move. It’s visible, it’s statement-making, and it speaks of a person who isn’t afraid to show their scars. Whether it’s at the nape of the neck or on the side, this placement is for those who wear their heartbreak like armor.

Broken heart line work tattoo on neck

Thenar Web Space

The thenar web space — the fleshy part between your thumb and forefinger — is a unique and less common spot for a tattoo. A broken heart here is for those who cherish subtlety. It’s a tattoo that you can conceal or reveal as you wish, a personal reminder that’s there when you need it but not on constant display.

Broken heart thenar web space tattoo

Upper Arm

The upper arm is a classic tattoo location. It’s versatile, easily covered up, or shown off. A broken heart tattoo here can be a part of a larger piece or stand alone. It’s a place that can handle a design with a little more detail, allowing you to elaborate on the story behind the broken heart if you wish.

Broken heart upper arm tattoo

Above Ankle

Tattoos above the ankle are perfect for those who want to commemorate their journey in a discreet way. This placement is especially poignant for a broken heart tattoo, symbolizing moving forward with every step you take. It’s a place that’s easy to cover but also cute and quirky when revealed with shorts or a skirt.

broken heart with eyes tattoo above ankle


The wrist is a popular spot for a reason. It’s at the pulse point, a place of vulnerability and life force. A broken heart tattoo here is a constant reminder of your journey and the healing process. It’s also a spot that you’ll see every day, a personal note of resilience that’s as much for you as it is for the world.

broken heart wrist tattoo


Your forearm is like an open book, and a broken heart tattoo here is a chapter of your life that you’re willing to share. It’s visible, but it can also be a conversation starter, an invitation to discuss the stories that shape us. The forearm offers enough space for a more detailed design, or to integrate the broken heart into a larger, more complex piece.

shattered heart forearm tattoo


For those who prefer to keep their tattoos more private, the thigh is an excellent choice. It’s a spot that you choose when to reveal. A broken heart tattoo here can be larger and more intricate, a secret work of art that’s shared on your own terms.

Tearful broken heart face tattoo on thigh


An arm tattoo is classic. It’s a showcase of strength, a place where your broken heart tattoo can be as bold or as subtle as you wish. It’s for those who have taken their breaks and come back stronger, ready to flex their resilience.

Vintage broken heart tattoo on arm


The broken heart isn’t just a symbol of loss; it’s a canvas for the full spectrum of emotions that come with it. Each idea offers a unique perspective on what it means to love, to lose, and to learn. They’re conversation starters, thought provokers, and most importantly, personal emblems of your own narrative.

When you choose a broken heart tattoo, you’re not just marking your skin; you’re reclaiming your story. Each stroke of the needle, each line of ink, adds to the tale of who you are and what you’ve overcome. So whether you’re drawn to the celestial drama of a heart with a halo, the sharp bite of a snake, or the tangled paths of a spider web, let your chosen design be a testament to your strength.

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