100 Leo tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

In the grand tapestry of the zodiac, Leo’s presence is as unmissable as the majestic lion that represents it. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are believed to embody the regal, brave, and theatrical characteristics of the king of the jungle. Leo tattoos aren’t just about flaunting your astrological pride; they’re about embodying the lion’s fierce spirit. So, let’s dive into some creative design ideas that can roar as loudly as your personality.

The Meaning of Leo Tattoo

Before we plunge into the world of Leo tattoos, let’s get up close and personal with what Leo stands for. Ruled by the sun, the center of our solar system, Leos are said to radiate confidence, charisma, and warmth. They are natural-born leaders, creatives at heart, and their generous spirits are as infectious as their laughter.

When someone chooses a Leo tattoo, they’re not just capturing the essence of their sun sign; they’re embracing a piece of the cosmos, a spark of celestial magic that’s uniquely theirs. It’s a bold statement: “Here I am, powerful and proud!”

Leo Tattoo Design Ideas

Ready to ink your zodiac passion on your skin? From the majestic lion to the blaze of fire, your Leo tattoo can be as bold or as subtle as you are. Let’s explore some roaring design ideas that will make your Leo heart skip a beat.

Leo Lion with Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflowers follow the sun, much like how Leos thrive on positivity and light. A tattoo design that marries the lion with the sunflower speaks volumes about optimism and the pursuit of happiness. It can be a playful lion cub nestled in a field of sunflowers, or an elegant lion with a sunflower mane – this tattoo is for the Leo who sees the sunny side of life.

Half sunflower half Leo lion thigh tattoo

Leo glyph and sunflower thigh tattoo

Leo sign with sunflower tattoo

Sunflower Leo thigh tattoo

Sunflower lion and leo glyph thigh tattoo

Half lion face half Leo constellation sunflower and glyph tattoo

Half sunflower half Leo lion calf tattoo

Leo Constellation Tattoos

For the star-gazing Leo, constellation tattoos are a match in the heavens. You can ink the beautiful pattern of the Leo constellation as a simple line design or jazz it up with stars and dots. It can stretch across your forearm, cascade down your back, or even wrap around your wrist – a celestial representation of your zodiac sign that’s as timeless as the night sky.

Leo constellation with earth moon and stars tattoo

Leo constellation with moon and stars tattoo on upper arm

Leo constellation with planets tattoo

Leo constellation with sunflower tattoo

Leo lion with constellation arm tattoo

Brush stroke with Leo constellation tattoo

Floral Leo constellation arm tattoo

Leo constellation tattoo on inner forearm

Geometric Leo Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are all the rage, and for good reason. They take your lion’s roar and turn it into a symphony of shapes and lines. Think sharp angles, crisp edges, and a lion’s face or body crafted from an intricate web of geometry. These tattoos are not just visually striking. They’re a nod to the order and precision of a Leo’s natural leadership qualities.

Geometric Leo lion back tattoo

Geometric Leo lion forearm tattoo

Geometric leo lion with sun tattoo

Half lion and half geometric with gears tattoo

Leo and Fire Tattoos

Leos are ruled by the sun, making fire an element that truly resonates with your fiery soul. How about a tattoo that combines the fierceness of a lion with the untamed blaze of flames? Picture a lion’s mane transforming into a dance of fire, or the Leo glyph set ablaze. These tattoos scream passion and intensity – just like every Leo’s personality.

Leo lion and fire tattoo

Leo sun constellation and fire tatoo watercolor

Leo and Paw Print Tattoos

Sometimes, you want to showcase your Leo identity without the full roar. Paw print tattoos are a great way to do that. They’re subtle, sweet, and can be placed practically anywhere. A tiny paw print behind the ear, on the wrist, or even on the ankle – it’s your little secret, a silent nod to your inner lion.

Leo and paw print wrist tattoo

Leo glyph and leaves with paw print tattoo

Leo Heart Tattoos

Combine the warmth of your Leo heart with the symbol that universally speaks of love. Leo heart tattoos can blend the Leo glyph or a lion’s face within a heart shape. It’s a tattoo that radiates love, strength, and the generosity that Leos are known for. Wear it over your actual heart, or let it beat proudly on your sleeve; this design is all about the love you carry within.

Leo lion and glyph heart tattoo on shoulder

Lion head and Leo glyph heart tattoo

Lions in heart matching tattoo

Half Leo lion and half sun heart foot tattoo

Leo Lion Tattoos

The lion tattoo is a classic for Leos, and you can design it in countless ways. From a full-bodied lion in mid-roar to a serene lioness at rest, the tattoo can capture every facet of your dynamic personality. Whether it’s a realistic portrait or a stylized version, a lion tattoo is a regal tribute to your zodiac sign that makes a powerful statement.

Lion king and cub with Leo constellation tattoo

Lion king and Leo constellation tattoo

Lion king with stars and Leo constellation tattoo

Negative space lion with Leo constellation tattoo

Realistic lion head and Leo constellation tattoo

Black and grey half lion with planets and Leo constellation tattoo

Leo lion armband tattoo

Leo lion with constellation and planets tattoo

Lion head with Leo constellation and glyph thigh tattoo

Leo Matching Tattoos

A matching Leo tattoo that you share with someone special! It can be a sibling, a best friend, or a partner – anyone who shares your Leo connection. Go for a pair of matching lion cubs, twin Leo glyphs, or even halves of a constellation that only become whole when you’re together. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate a relationship that’s as strong as your zodiac sign.

Leo king lion and lioness with arrow matching tattoo

Lion king and lioness matching tattoo

Lion king and qween matching tattoo

Fine line leo with crowns matching tattoo

Floral Leo sign matching tattoo for friends

Leo and cancer constellation matching tattoo

Leo with Crown Tattoos

Leos, you’re the kings and queens of the zodiac, and what better way to flaunt that than with a crown? A Leo tattoo crowned with glory isn’t just a piece of art—it’s a statement. Imagine a stately lion, mane flowing with regal grace, topped with a crown that shines with the lustre of leadership and nobility. Whether etched on your arm, or even adorning your finger, this tattoo is your claim to the throne of self-expression.

Leo sign with queen crown wrist tattoo

Leo with crown shoulder tattoo

Leo glyph with queen crown tattoo

Leo lion king with crown tattoo

Leo with Flower Tattoo

Combine the strength of the lion with the delicate beauty of flowers. And you have a tattoo that’s both fierce and tender. A lion entwined with roses or peonies symbolizes the balance of power with grace, the ferocity with compassion that defines a Leo’s spirit. Whether you choose the bold hues of a full-color design or the understated elegance of black and grey, a Leo-flower tattoo melds the best of nature’s beauty with the lion’s indomitable spirit.

Leo with flowers shoulder blade tattoo

Tulip leo sign tattoo

Leo constellation with roses tattoo

Leo sigh with flowers tattoo

Leo with Sun Tattoo

The sun is your ruling planet, and what’s a sun without its Leo? A tattoo that pairs the lion with its celestial counterpart is pure solar energy etched on skin. It can be a lion basking in the glow of a rising sun or a face within the sun’s fiery circle. It can even be an abstract representation of sunbeams radiating from the Leo glyph. This design is not just a tattoo. It’s a tribute to the life-giving force of the sun and the luminous soul of every Leo.

Leo and sun tattoo

Leo constellation with sun and moon tattoo

Fire Leo and Sun Circled dot tattoo

Mandala Leo Tattoo

Mandalas are intricate, symbolic, and meditative – qualities that can also describe the complexity of a Leo’s heart. A mandala Leo tattoo uses geometric patterns to create a sense of unity and wholeness. Imagine a lion’s face at the center of a mandala, its mane extending into intricate patterns that represent the universe and self. This tattoo is a spiritual nod to the Leo’s quest for meaning and truth, a cosmic connection inked in circles and lines.

Mandala Leo tattoo

Mandala lion Leo back tattoo

Tribal Leo Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have a raw, primal energy that’s perfect for a sign as ancient and noble as Leo. These designs use bold black lines and patterns that can be traced back to the warriors and chiefs of old. A tribal Leo tattoo might feature a lion’s head with traditional tribal markings, or the zodiac sign itself stylized with tribal flair. It’s a nod to the ancestral roar within every Leo, a connection to the past that empowers the present.

Lion Leo tribal armband tattoo

Tribal leo lion tattoo

Watercolor Leo Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are like a burst of creativity on your skin. And for the artistic Leo, they’re an ideal canvas for self-expression. A watercolor Leo tattoo uses splashes of color and brushstrokes to create a design that is fluid and bright. It could be a lion’s mane painted with the spectrum of a sunset or a Leo glyph dissolving into a rainbow of hues. These tattoos are for those who live life in vivid color, unafraid to show their true shades.

Watercolor leo glyph forearm tattoo

Watercolor Leo glyph with rose calf tattoo

Watercolor Leo and constellation tattoo

Leo glyph with shooting star

Leo glyph with shooting star tattoo

A Leo glyph paired with a shooting star tattoo is a powerhouse of symbolism. Picture this: the sleek, simple lines of the Leo glyph, representing the lion’s mane or tail, are suddenly set ablaze with a trail of a shooting star. This design is not just a nod to your astrological sign; it’s about your boundless ambition and the flair to chase your dreams with gusto. It’s perfect for those who aim high and love to leave a little sparkle wherever they roam.

Leo sign with date tattoo

Leo sign with date tattoo

Now, how about immortalizing a date that means the world to you? We’re talking about a tattoo that marries the Leo sign with a significant date—be it your birthday, an anniversary, or a milestone. It’s a subtle yet profound way to mark a moment in time that has shaped your lion-hearted journey. The Leo sign can be rendered in bold strokes, with the date etched as though it’s the foundation of your strength. A constant reminder of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

Leo with sun and moon tattoo

Leo with sun and moon tattoo

The sun and the moon—the celestial bodies that dictate the rhythm of life. A Leo tattoo that incorporates the sun speaks to your ruling planet’s vitality and life-giving energy. Add the moon, and you’ve got a balanced narrative; a representation of your inner world, your intuition, and the quieter strength that complements your sunny disposition. Whether it’s a detailed sun with a crescent moon nestled within the mane, or a more abstract interpretation, this tattoo idea is a tribute to the cosmic dance you lead.

Yin yang Leo tattoo

Yin yang leo tattoo

Speaking of balance, the yin yang is a classic symbol representing harmony and duality. Now, infuse that with a Leo twist—think one half of the yin yang symbol seamlessly transitioning into a lion’s face. This tattoo idea is not just visually striking; it’s a profound acknowledgment of your multifaceted nature. It’s the perfect emblem for a Leo who recognizes the power in softness and the courage in vulnerability.

Eye with lion and Leo constellation tattoo

Eye with lion and leo constellation tattoo

For those who love a touch of mystique, an eye with a lion and the Leo constellation tattoo is bound to turn heads. Imagine an intricately inked eye—the window to the soul—cradling the image of a lion and the stars of the Leo constellation. It’s a design that’s both protective and revealing, a testament to your insight and the fierce guardian of your deepest truths. Plus, it just looks incredibly cool.

Galaxy lion with Leo constellation

Galaxy lion with Leo constellation tattoo on the side of neck

Want to wear the universe around your neck? A galaxy-themed lion with the Leo constellation tattooed on the side of the neck is a bold choice. We’re talking about a majestic lion’s head, its mane a swirl of cosmic stars, galaxies, and nebulae, with the Leo constellation etched across it like a map of your very essence. This tattoo is a statement piece, a declaration of your expansive spirit and star-studded soul.

Leo butterfly tattoo

Leo butterfly tattoo

Why not transform the lion’s mane into a kaleidoscope of butterflies? It’s a design that celebrates transformation and the beauty of evolution. Each butterfly can carry the colors of the sun—yellows, oranges, and reds—tying back to Leo’s fiery nature. This tattoo is for the Leo who recognizes growth as a part of their story, always ready to spread their wings and soar.

Leo constellation with moon and stars tattoo

Leo constellation with moon and stars tattoo

This design is like a snippet of the night sky, a miniature universe that captures the essence of Leo among the heavens. The constellation—a series of stars connected in the shape of a lion—can be accompanied by a crescent moon and a dusting of tiny stars. It’s a tattoo that’s both dreamy and personal, for those who gaze up at the night sky and see their own reflections.

Leo and the Zodiac Ensemble

Leos, the zodiac’s vivacious lions, are known for their dynamic presence and warm hearts. Pairing up with other signs can showcase not only personal astrological pride but also the connections that bind us. Whether it’s the love for a partner, the bond with a friend, or the kinship in a family, blending Leo with other zodiac signs in a tattoo can symbolize the harmony of these celestial relationships. Here are some of the striking examples.

Leo and Aquarius

When fiery Leo meets airy Aquarius, you have the makings of a tattoo that speaks to the balance of warmth and coolness. Picture a design where the lion basks in the sunlight while the water-bearer gently pours a stream that becomes the lion’s mane. It’s an inked depiction of contrast and complementarity, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty in their differences and the growth they inspire in each other.

Aquarius water bearer and Leo lion with constellation side tattoo

Scorpio Leo and Aquarius sign and constellation tattoo

Leo and Aries

Pairing Leo with Aries, two fire signs, is like capturing a wildfire in a tattoo. The ram’s horns can be artistically intertwined with the lion’s mane, creating a design that’s bursting with energy and assertiveness. This tattoo could symbolize a passionate relationship or a friendship that thrives on action and adventure.

Half Aries ram half Leo lion side tattoo

Half Leo lion half Aries Ram skull tattoo

Leo and Cancer

A tattoo can beautifully render the lion protecting the crab, showcasing Leo’s strength alongside Cancer’s nurturing spirit. This design can highlight the protective and caring aspects of both signs, making it a great choice for family tattoos or for commemorating a relationship built on mutual support and emotional security.

Cancer and Leo

Cancer crab with Leo sign shoulder tatoo

Cancer and Leo glyph tattoo

Leo and Capricorn

When the ambitious goat joins forces with the charismatic lion, you get a tattoo design that’s all about achieving greatness. Envision a mountain peak (Capricorn’s symbol) with a lion proudly standing at its summit, or the goat and lion facing each other in a stance that says they’re ready to take on the world together. It’s a design for those who share goals and the determination to reach them.

Astrological signs Capricorn and Leo gladiolus flower tattoo

Leo and Capricorn neck tattoo

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini can create a tattoo that’s as playful and versatile as their personalities. This design could represent the lively conversations and intellectual exchanges these signs enjoy. It’s a tattoo that celebrates communication, laughter, and the joy of being understood.

Gemini glyph on Leo constellation wrist tattoo

Leo and gemini glyph tattoo

Gemini and leo glyph tattoo

Leo and Pisces

Combine Leo’s fire with Pisces’ water, and you get a tattoo that’s deeply imaginative. This tattoo honors the depth of emotion and creativity inherent in both signs.

Leo and Pisces sign neck tattoo

Leo and Pisces tattoo watercolor

Leo and Sagittarius

The archer and the lion are natural explorers, making their tattoo collaboration one of shared wanderlust. A design that features the lion and the archer’s arrow can capture the essence of their shared desire. This tattoo is ideal for those who view life as a grand adventure to be experienced side by side.

Leo glyph and sagittarius arrow tattoo

Leo lion and Sagittarius arrow thigh tattoo

Leo and Taurus

Taurus, represented by the bull, and Leo can form a tattoo that’s a testament to strength and endurance. Pairing of the two signs could symbolizes stability and the appreciation of life’s finer things. This tattoo can signify a relationship that’s as enduring as it is passionate.

Leo and Taurus Constellation on watercolor galaxy tattoo

Mountain and night sky with Leo and Taurus constellation tattoo

Leo and Virgo

When meticulous Virgo meets the broad-brush Leo, you get a tattoo that pays homage to the beauty of details and the grandeur of vision. A lion with a perfectly patterned mane could represent the combination of their traits – where precision meets passion.

Virgo girl and Leo Lion with Constellation tattoo

Virgo Maiden holding Leo lion cub with sun and sunflower tattoo

Leo sun and virgo Maiden tattoo

Leo, Libra, and Cancer

Incorporating Leo, Libra’s scales, and Cancer into a single tattoo can create a complex and meaningful design. Libra scales weighing Cancer and Leo symbolizes the delicate balance between strength, fairness, and care that defines these signs together. This trio tattoo is a celebration of diverse energies working in unity. It is ideal for those who value the synergy of different but complementary qualities.

Libra scales with Leo and cancer tattoo

Leo tattoo Placement Ideas

Tattoo placement is just as important as the design itself. It’s the canvas for your astrological pride. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, there’s a perfect spot for every Leo to wear their sign with pride. Here’s your guide to the most compelling Leo tattoo placements that will let your lionhearted spirit shine.


The ankle is a discreet yet stylish place for a Leo tattoo. It’s that sweet spot for those who prefer a touch of mystery with their personal expression. Picture a small lion’s head or simply the Leo zodiac symbol wrapped gently around the ankle bone. It’s a location that whispers rather than shouts, making it an ideal choice for the understated Leo with a deep sense of self.

Leo sign with flower ankle tattoo

Leo glyph ankle tattoo


For the Leo that loves to make a statement in the most unexpected ways, the finger is your stage. It’s bold, it’s direct, and it definitely turns heads. A tiny lion’s mane on your pinky or the Leo glyph on the side of your finger could be just the right amount of fierce for your daily interactions. Just remember, finger tattoos can fade faster due to exposure and frequent use of the hands, so your commitment to this placement speaks volumes.

Leo finger tattoo

Leo glyph finger tattoo


The neck is a placement that resonates with power and confidence, qualities every Leo has in abundance. A Leo tattoo here is for those who are unafraid to show their true colors and lead with their identity. A slender, vertical design that follows the nape of the neck or a small, horizontal motif at the base of the throat can be both elegant and commanding.

Leo glyph neck tattoo


Your hands are tools of expression and action, making a Leo tattoo on the hand a testament to your hands-on approach to life. Whether it’s a detailed lion on the back of the hand or a small zodiac sign nestled between your thumb and index finger, this placement screams leadership and initiative.

Leo lion hand tattoo

Low Back

The low back is a sensual and private area, perfect for a Leo tattoo that’s meant for select eyes only. It’s the canvas for a larger, more intricate design that can be concealed or revealed according to your mood. Think of a majestic lion sprawling across your lower back, its mane flowing like flames—a secret source of strength and pride.

Leo low back tattoo

Behind the Ear

For a Leo that prefers subtlety but still wants to make an impact, behind the ear is an intimate placement. It’s like a whispered secret, a small lion’s paw print or the astrological symbol that can be easily hidden or shown off with a sweep of your hair. It’s the perfect blend of personal and public, a tiny roar that speaks volumes about your inner courage.

Leo tattoo behind the ear


The clavicle area is a front-and-center stage for a Leo tattoo, offering a balance between visibility and decorum. This placement is particularly flattering and can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. A minimalist Leo constellation tracing the line of your clavicle, or a small lion’s head perched gracefully on one side, makes for a tattoo that’s both beautiful and bold.

Leo with moon and stars clavicle tattoo


The wrist is not just a placement; it’s a statement. It’s a constant reminder of who you are and what you stand for. For Leos, a wrist tattoo could be a daily source of inspiration, a lion’s eye or the zodiac glyph that catches your attention with every flick of the wrist. It’s a placement that’s both personal and public, a fusion of self-expression and openness.

Leo sign wrist tattoo

Leo wrist tattoo

Lion head wrist tattoo

Leo glyph and lettering wrist tattoo


Lastly, the forearm is a canvas that’s hard to miss—a declaration of your Leo pride. It’s the ideal spot for a piece that demands attention-roar, or an intricate zodiac sign that showcases your artistic side. This placement is for the Leo who wears their heart on their sleeve, quite literally, and isn’t afraid to broadcast their bravery to the world.

Lion king forearm tattoo


Leos, your tattoo is more than ink; it’s a piece of your soul displayed to the world. Whether you choose the regal touch of a crown, the natural beauty of a flower, the radiant energy of the sun, the spiritual symmetry of a mandala, the ancestral power of tribal art, or the creative splash of watercolor, your design should resonate with your inner royalty.

Remember, the choice of a tattoo is deeply personal. It’s your story to tell and your art to wear. So go ahead, consult with your tattoo artist, and let the lion within guide your decision. With these ideas, your Leo tattoo will not just be a mark on your skin but a declaration of your vibrant spirit. Now, let’s get inking and let the world hear your roar!

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