20 Holy Jesus tattoos

Tattooing has been becoming popular nowadays and people get tattoos to express their beliefs, parental values, or simply stylish statement of body adornment and beautification. Tattoo ideas range from ordinary objects with symbolic meanings, to religious figures whoever adored and believed of. Jesus tattoo is one of popular choices for those who are the followers of Jesus Christ.

Although debates exist on whether or not Christians should get tattoo, a lot of Christians do get their tattoos. Today it’s widely accepted that tattoos are a form of body art and each person or Christian is free to choose what he or she should do in this matter.

As to express religious beliefs in tattoos, we have seen many inspiring examples on cross tattoos, dove tattoos, faith tattoos, etc. In this post, I would show your the collection of tattoos of Jesus Chris.


Holy Jesus sleeve tattoo

Jesus sleeve tattoo

Holy Jesus tattoo





















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