30 Awesome Taurus Tattoos

Bull tattoo

As one of twelve Zodiac signs, Taurus becomes popular tattoo design idea just like any other Zodiac signs. A person who was born under Taurus, exhibits personality of cautious, practical and persistent.
Taurus tattoos could be rendered for both men and women.

Taurus, the image of the bull, can be expressed as a feminine sign or masculine style. Taurus tattoo designs could be more diversified. It can be inked as tribal Taurus tattoo, which is a strong statement of your strength. In this post, you will enjoy 30 awesome Taurus tattoos designed for both men and women. Do Pin It if you like any of them.

Taurus tattoos for men


Taurus tattoo for men


Taurus tattoos for women


Taurus tattoo


Taurus tattoo


Taurus tattoo


bull tattoo


taurus symbol tattoo


Taurus sleeve tattoo


TAURUS Font tattoo


Tribal taurus attoo for men


Tribal bull skull tattoo


Celtic taurus symbol tattoo on chest


bull tattoo design


taurus tattoo


tribal tautus tattoo


3D taurus symbol tattoo on arm


Taurus Sign tattoo on back neck

taurus symbol tattoo on the neck


taurus tattoo


Tribal arm taurus tattoo

bull back tattoo


3D bull tattoo


bull tattoo


taurus bull tattoo

bull head tattoo on back


Bull head


taurus zodiac tattoo design


bull skull tattoo by_strangeris

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