20 Lovely Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid dream tattoo

Mermaid is a legendary creature which captured the imagination and dreams of many girls at their young ages. It has lovely woman’s body above the waist and fish like body from the waist down, with a spreading tail. Mermaid appears in various artworks as well as the folklore of many cultures worldwide. It has also become one of design subjects in tattoos, esp. for women.

In modern fantasy world, mermaid is one of popular design elements which is always depicted as sensual and seagoing. Most of mermaid tattoos reproduce the beautiful fairies on the canvas of human body. The human-animal hybrid conveys the meaning of love, enchantment, and beauty, etc. Being the femininity in nature, mermaid Tattoos are good choice for women’s tattoo idea.

Mermaid low back tattoo1

Mermaid lib tattoo

mermaid back tattoo

Mermaid anchor Tattoo

Mermaid wrist tattoo

Mermaid tattoo

mermaid tattoo watercolor

Mermaid tattoo for girls

Mermaid low back tattoo

Mermaid full back tattoo

Mermaid fantasy tattoo


fighting mermaid tattoo

amazing sleeping mermaid tatoo

watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

twin mermaid tattoo

Mermaid with skulls tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo thigh

Mermaid tattoo on back

Mermaid Tattoo back

Mermaid side tattoo


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